RIP King Kigeli of Rwanda

ANOTHER KING IS DEAD. Kigeli V Ndahindurwa, the last ruling king of Rwanda =61 before the monarchy was overthrown in ‘61 has died on 10/16/16. Wales =1016, as in Prince of. His older brother became King in ’31 on 11/16. Royalty =116. [Princess Di =116. Kate =116.] King Kigeli V =116. Rwanda was officially declared an independent republic 11 months 6 days after its autonomy from  Belgium. King Kigeli V Ndahindurwa =116 was King for 1 year 6 months.

  • That’s 551 days. Royalty =551. Illuminati =551. Kingdom of Rwanda =155. He died 15 weeks 5 days after his birthday.
  • King Kigeli V Ndahindurwa =233. John Fitzgerald Kennedy =233. President Abraham Lincoln =233, the 51st prime. Regicide =51. Romulus & Remus =51.

In very similiar circumstances to that of King Rama IX of Thailand (who died on 10/13), Kigeli also captured the throne after the mysterious death of his older brother. Mutara III Rudahigwa was King for 10,113 days and his Christian name was Charles. He died 11 months 30 days after Prince Charles was createdThe Royal Family =1130. Charles Prince of Wales =113 and Kigeli died 11 months 3 days after Prince Charles’ birthday – which is on 11/14. Mutara reigned for 10,114 days.


The King =179. King Kigeli V died 179 days after Prince died on the Queen’s birthday. 179 is the 41st prime. King =41. Jean-Baptiste =41 (his birth name). Kigeli died 4 weeks 1 day before Prince Charles’ birthday and 11 months 2 days afterwards. The Queen’s full title equals 1120 and the House of Windsor was originally called the House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha =112. King William the Fifth =112. Romulus and Remus =1120. 

  • Kigeli V =450. Rwandan =450. Remus =405 (the brother murdered by Romulus).
  • Remus =76. Kigeli V =760. Kigeli V of Rwanda =76. King Kigeli =76. He went into exile in America and died outside DC in Oakton =76. King Kigeli =67. Romulus =670. 

Charles was created Prince of Wales on 26 July 1958, aged exactly 506 weeks old. Royal Family =56. He was officially crowned 10 years 11 months 6 days later, ANOTHER 116 code, the active form of 16 in ’16. Relentless priming for the upcoming Changing of the Guards =106. 

5 thoughts on “RIP King Kigeli of Rwanda

    • Good ol FILL UP PEWS. He “died” 11 months 18 days before the Paris Attacks (a tribute to Templars & King Philip) and this story comes 1 year 10 months 18 days after his DEATH =118. HOMICIDE =118. Jonah Lomu died on 11/18.


  1. Charles 10-11-6 inverse mirror is 9-11-01
    It’s like why were Charles / Diana in a Springfield Mall at a JCPenneys in 1985, 11y9m21d (11/9/2001) before her death….? Aka mall JCPenney 9/11…1985 BTTF


  2. Soul Regeneration Reincarnation // it is harder to track but we mist not forget for every death there is a birth.. a new life. i believe these deaths are synchronized with a birth… it is all tied with the tokamac torus


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