Bo Knows Tecmo Bowl 


Bo Jackson stars in a nostalgic Kia commercial based on Tecmo Super Bowl, the retro video game in which Bo is uniquely unstoppable. Two days before the ad came out he was in a Bud Light commercial playing the same game, emphasizing the program. The Kia ad called “Tecmo Bros” makes reference to a Monday Night Football game in 1987 between Raiders-Seahawks where Jackson overpowered his nemesis, Brian Bosworth, en-route to setting the MNF rushing record – one that still stands at 221 yards. The Greatest of All Time =221.

This ad’s rabbit hole led back in time to former Raiders QB Ken Stabler (who passed away last year) and former Raiders Coach John Madden (probably on the chopping blocks), plus some solid connects with Madden’s late long-time partner, Pat Summerall. The wormhole leads us again to Colts, Giants and Vikings – and yet more clues for the upcoming Super Bowl matchup.

In Jackson’s rookie year, LA Raiders =51 finished 5-10 (like Pat Summerall born 5/10) and the Tecmo Bowl ad (co-starring a 51-year-old Bosworth) came out 151 days before Super Bowl 51 — which comes 10,690 days after Jackson’s NFL debut, a synch with his birth name: Vincent Jackson =1691. Texas =69Oakland Raiders =69. Touchdown Bo Jackson =69 (as the ad says in 8-bit glory). Super Bowl Fifty-One =96. Raiders established in 1960. Tim Tebow =1196. We mention the former Bronco because not only does he also play baseball and football – he signed with the New York Mets on the exact same day the Tecmo Bowl ad released! Mets lost to Royals last World Series, Bo’s first MLB team.

  • The ad first aired 30 weeks 4 days before John Madden’s birthday and Ken Stabler died 30 weeks 4 days before Super Bowl 50. Pat Summerall =43. John Madden =43, who celebrates his birthday exactly 43 weeks before Super Bowl 51 – the Tecmo Bowl ad airing 4 months 30 days after his birthday.
  • Bo Jackson =540 wore #34 and will be 54 years 3 months 4 days old on Super Bowl Sunday. The previous Super Bowl had a total score of 34 points. Sorento =34. Kia Sorento with All-Wheel Drive =134. 

Jackson joined the NFL in ’87, the same year that Tecmo Bowl released and Tebow was born. Touchdown Bo Jackson =87. LA Raiders =87. Super Bowl Fifty-One =87. February Fifth =870. Tecmo Bowl =108 and Tebow was born 108 days before the MNF game in focus.

Bo Jackson =27 with ref #99. Bo Knows =27|99, the Nike ad campaign synched with the company motto of Kia Motors: “The Power To Surprise” =270|99. And that’s just one level of the ritual reasoning behind this commercial.

  • Thirty-Four =61|160. Tecmo Super Bowl =61. John Earl Madden =61. Pat =161. Kenneth Michael Stabler =106. Sorento =106. Boz had 160 career tackles.
  • Bo Jackson & Brian Bosworth =119|254. The 254th day is 9/11 with 111 remaining. 11/1 was Jackson’s first NFL game @ Patriots, the team heavily tied to 9/11/01, like the first Sunday game of this season on 9/11.

Vincent Edward Jackson =116. Tecmo Bowl =1160. The ad was 11 weeks 6 days before Bo’s birthday and Stabler died 116 weeks after Summerall, who died 11 months 6 days after his own birthday. The ad aired 61 weeks 1 day after Stabler died. Some more of these Royalty =116 synchs, fitting as Bo’s MLB debut was with the KC Royals who won the last World Series. KC =113 and Bo was born on 11/30. The Tecmo Bo commercial released 11 months 30 days after Ken Stabler died and the MNF game referenced was on 11/30.

Autonomous Emergency Braking =311|122. Encoded in this featured phrase is Bo’s birthday: 30/11 with 122 numerology (11+30+19+62). Current Raiders QB Derek Carr also has 122 birth numerology. Freemason =122. Raiders last Super Bowl was on 22/1 which Bo was made to pay tribute to with his MNF record of 221 yards on his 25th birthday. Tecmo Super Bowl =122. 

Super Bowl LI on 2/5 or 5/2. Bo =52. Vincent Jackson =52. The ad first aired exactly 52 weeks after Stabler died. California =52. Jack Del Rio =52Super Bowl LI =152. The Super Bowl =1520. 

  • The 52nd prime is 239 and Jackson & Bosworth were born 2 years 3 months 9 days apart. Summerall died 293 days before SB XLVIII and 3 years 9 months 20 days (1392 days) before SB LI. 293 is the 62nd prime. Bo born in ’62. Mason =62. Super Bowl LI =62. 

Pat was born George Allen Summerall =215|98. The ad aired on 9/8 which is 215 days after John Madden’s birthday and Stabler died 215 days before SB 50. Super Bowl Sunday =215. Vincent Edward Jackson =215. Tecmo Super Bowl released 210 weeks 5 days after the MNF game in focus.

Ken “Snake” Stabler quarterbacked the Raiders to their first Super Bowl victory (and John Madden’s only ring) over the Vikings on 1/9/77, Madden from Minnesota. It was the Vikings’ last Super Bowl appearance, the culmination of an 11-2 season. That was Super Bowl XI, exactly 2091 weeks before Super Bowl LI. The Tecmo Super Bowl ad came out exactly 1291 weeks after the 1991 release of Tecmo Super Bowl, so we know we’re on the right track. Indianapolis Colts =192. Andrew Austen Luck =192. 

Kia Motors =58. Oakland =58. Timothy Tebow =58. Freemasonry =58. And exactly 58 days before Super Bowl XI (between Raiders & Vikings) was the film release of Two Minute Warning: “A psychotic sniper plans a massive killing spree in a Los Angeles football stadium during a major championship game.”

Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum =112. Ninety-One Thousand People =112. And the film released on 11/12. Houston =112 (where Stabler was traded).  Andrew Luck =112. Madden won 112 games in his storied career. The ad aired 1 year 2 days after #12 Stabler died. Luck wears #12. Los Angeles Raiders =102. The MNF game in focus was 201 weeks after the Raiders’ last Super Bowl. Kia =21. Stabler died 2011 weeks after the Baltimore Crash.

  • Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum =292. Ninety-One Thousand People =292. The 1/22/17 AFC Championship Game is 2092 weeks after the 1976 AFC Championship game – where a plane crashed into the Baltimore Colts’ stadium immediately following the game. Pat Summerall died 292 days before Super Bowl XLVIII.
  • The Baltimore Crash was on 12/19. Super Bowl LI =912. Texas =414. February Fifth Two Thousand Seventeen =414. The Colts had just lost that game 40-14.

The two teams in Two Minute Warning are Los Angeles and Baltimore. 38 days after the release, a Piper Cherokee =380 crashed into a Baltimore playoff game. Raiders =38. Tecmo Bros =38. The Snake =38. Derek Carr =308. Los Angeles Raiders =183. The movie takes place at Memorial Coliseum =183, and the real life incident in Baltimore was at Memorial Stadium =1038. Tecmo Bros Ft Bo Jackson & Brian Bosworth =138. In a year, Bo/Boz’s birthdays are 38 weeks 1 day apart. The ad came 183 days after Bosworth’s birthday and 183 days before his next. Jackson & Bosworth born 831 days apart and Stabler & Summerall died 813 days apart. Ain’t that some shit. 

White & Blue for the Seahawks sure looks an awful lot like the Colts colours… The plane that crashed into the stadium was also blue & white. Colts and Raiders were the teams in the movie with the 112 connection. Colts defeated the Raiders in the 51st season of the NFL to beat Dallas (also blue & white) in Super Bowl V. Pat Summerall died in Dallas when Madden was 77 years 7 days old. Madden & Summerall were born exactly 309 weeks apart, or 5 years 11 months. Saturn =511|93. The famous duo synchronized from birth, these same numbers sure to reflect on Madden’s upcoming death.

  • SB 51 is 33 years 14 days after Raiders’ last Super Bowl in ’84. I spy with my little Pi a cyclical history clue. That SB was on 1/22 same as the upcoming AFC Game, 40 years 1 month 3 days after the Baltimore Crash. Tecmo Super Bowl released 4 years 13 days after the MNF game in focus. The last time Colts & Giants played was on 3/11/14.

RB Jackson LB Bosworth =227. The score 27-7 like 277 is the 59th prime number. Colts won the Super Bowl in ’59 over the Giants (and Pat Summerall). Colts aren’t off to the best start this year but they’re certainly being heavily coded.

Fun Facts: Kia sold 3.3 million vehicles last year, is 33% minority owned by Hyundai, and has 33,000 employees. Summerall =33. Vincent =33. Masonry =33. Secrecy =33. 

5 thoughts on “Bo Knows Tecmo Bowl 

  1. You just made a post about Dennis Byrd, he was in tecmo super bowl as well and was quite good as a linebacker. That, and my love for tecmo super bowl aside, amazing post. I think you’re really onto something with the release of the game and the commercial synching nicely with the gematria of the colts and luck. It’s sad to say, a casual game of tecmo bowl is more real than the “real” NFL.


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