Bud Light: It’s Your Can’s Year

Bud Light has new themed cans for all 32 teams. NFL =32. This is the other commercial with Bo Jackson & Tecmo Bowl, and his line is “You Can’t Catch Me” =53|152. Super Bowl LI =53|152. Budweiser =52Bo =52 aka Vincent Jackson =52 is currently 53 y/o. Bud Light Team Can =530Bud Light =350. That’s proof that this ad is deliberately encoded with Gematria subliminal messaging for the upcoming Super Bowl, the secret language of language for the insiders and the Old Boys Club.

  • Super Bowl Fifty-One =96. And it released on 9/6, the 250th day leaving 116. Super Bowl LI Champions =250. Like the game on 2/5. Fifty-First Super Bowl =116 and the regular season lasts 116 days.

YOUR CAN =34. ELI =34. GIANTS =34. Maybe it’s as simple as that, all this 34 coding we’ve been seeing, from the total score of SB 50 to #34 Bo Jackson’s synchs: IT’S ELI’S YEAR. NY Giants Super Bowl Fifty-One =340. NY Giants Super Bowl LI Champion =340. The ad came out 4 months 30 days before Super Bowl LI. BUDWEISER =43.

  • THIS CAN =251. Eli Manning =251. Super Bowl LI =152. The Super Bowl =1520. The ad came out 152 days before the SB. Indianapolis Colts =1152. New England Patriots =1552. 
  • Your Cans Year =990. New England =99. Gillette Stadium opened on 9/9.

The third team they show is the Patriots with the voiceover, OR IS THIS YOUR CAN’S YEAR =129. SUPER BOWL SUNDAY =129. NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE CHAMPIONS =129. LI =12+9. WILLIAM STEPHEN BELICHICK =129. My interpretation of this ad, if hypothetically speaking it was encoded with the future, the Gray’s Sports Almanac of beer commercials, is either Patriots or Colts over Giants (their loss based on the looks of disappointment). 

We’re shown the family of NY Giants fans, the father’s father in the urn born 9/27 died 11/21. The years aren’t visible but that’s a span of 56 days. The Super Bowl =56. That’s also 1 month 26 days. LI =126. NRG Stadium =126. NY Giants World Champions =126. Elisha Manning =126. Giants Super Bowl =1206. The name on the silver cup is Vincent, like Lombardi.

  • Vincent =33|51. Giant =51. McAdoo =51. Manning’s birthday 33 days before SB 51 on February Fifth =870. Vincent =87. Super Bowl Fifty-One =87. THIS IS YOUR CAN’S YEAR =87. 
  • And the other direction it’s 10 months 6 days between the dates. Elisha Archibald Manning =106. Prophecy =106. Super Bowl LI Champions =106. It’s also 10 weeks 6 days from the birth date to Super Bowl LI. BUDWEISER =106.
  • It’s also 7 months 22 days from SB to the 9/27 death date, or 234 days: NRG =234. That’s also 33 weeks 3 days. New York Giants Super Bowl Fifty-One =333. In the other direction it’s 131 days before the Super Bowl =131. Super Bowl Fifty-One Champions =131. 

Then we’re shown a newspaper from the olden days: GIANTS WIN BARNBURNER =229. SUPER BOWL =229, the 50th prime. Barnburner =50. Super Bowl =50. Barnburner =530. Super Bowl LI =53. Eli Manning =53. That’s some persuasive jazz right there, folks. Not only does the newspaper read, “Super Bowl Champions” and “Giants Win Super Bowl,” it reads specifically, “Giants Win Super Bowl LI”. And the newspaper name: The Sun =87. Super Bowl Fifty-One =87. 

  • Eli =26. Manning =72. Like the jersey #29 & #72.
  • The skyscraper worker says “This is our year, fellas” =98. Champions =98. Eli Manning =98. Manning =98. New York Football Giants =1981. Eli born in 1981. 

They keep emphasizing the phrase, “Rooted For This Can” =91. Giants are in their 91st season. Giants NFL Champion =91. NY Giants Super Bowl LI =91. Odell Beckham =91. 


The very next shot we see a Colts fan in a horse mask. He’s wearing a #24 jersey, and the Cardinals scene (immediately before the Giants scene) featured a #42 jersey. COLTS =24 and the Super Bowl is on 24 numerology (2+5+17) in Texas =24. Colts are currently 2-4, which would appear to be a shitty start – to someone who didn’t understand how the league is coded.

  • The v/o says: “So Dress Like This Guy” =83. Bud Light =83. “With Your Team On It” =83. Football =83. Brady born 8/3.
  • So Dress Like This Guy =1470. Super Bowl =1407. Indianapolis Colts Win Super Bowl Li =147. Luck =47. It’s the 47th Super Bowl of the modern era, the first Super Bowl was in ’47, and Colts’ first Super Bowl was 47 years ago. The 47th prime is 211. 

Here’s the best one that I was hoping to find: DRESS LIKE THIS GUY =112. Andrew Luck =112. Horseshoe =112. Houston =112. Colts Super Bowl LI Champions =112. Indianapolis Colts February Fifth Twenty Seventeen =211. Mason =211. DRESS LIKE THIS GUY =211. The Colts are currently 10-12 since Deflategate, which they hit 112 days before the SB. 

The Tecmo Bowl screenshot is from this ad, with Bo Jackson playing. Instead of LB Bosworth (in the Kia ad), it reads 42 Mason. FREEMASON (6+9+5+5+4+1+6+5) =42. That’s some sort of flaunting right there. And remember: Friends don’t let friends drink Bud Light, nor trust what mysterious space-age chemicals they put in that shite. 

4 thoughts on “Bud Light: It’s Your Can’s Year

  1. Berg Knows! After last year’s Peyton Manning “epic comeback starts right now” I’ve been paying more attention to the commercials. There’s also another one from Pepsi similar to the OBJ one called phone numbers with Antonio Brown. Epic Colt comeback starts this week!


  2. Can you think of anymore dates that may have a significant span in relationship to the chess and checkers commercials? There’s probably more clues to uncover concealed within date spans


    • How about the 10/18 death (like the Deflategate date) of record producer Phil Chess, aka Fiszel Czyż =2033. His next birthday 51 days after SB (the day before Lady Gaga’s). The most interesting bit to me is that he died 47 years 2 days after his father, Leonard Chess – who died 1 year 2 months 11 days before the Baltimore Colts won the Super Bowl in the 51st season of the NFL.

      On 8/14/14 at the 41st Chess Olympiad, two players died within hours of each other, one during a match. That was 906 days before the Super Bowl =41. Super Bowl Fifty-One =96


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