Andrew Luck Ads Deciphered

You Don’t Need Luck When You Have Confidence =414. Colts =414. Texas =414. February Fifth Two Thousand Seventeen =414. Germanotta =414 (surname of Lady Gaga the half-time show). Andrew Luck is trying to help people’s financial profiles, the subtext maybe being place your bets on a Colts Super Bowl. [Watch the ad here].

  • Employee’s name (shown on his spreadsheet) is Ryan Maloney =53. Super Bowl LI =53. Maloney =31. Houston =31. Super Bowl =131. QB Andrew Luck =131. 
  • “Need a Little Luck?” =55. TD Ameritrade =55. Chuck Pagano =55.
  • TD =24. Colts =24. SB on 24 numerology (2+5+17) and Colts are currently 2-4, primed for epic comeback starts right here.

The employee and the fan mirror the same script: “You Don’t Work On This Floor” =116. Indianapolis Colts Super Bowl =116. Fifty-First Super Bowl =116. You Don’t Work On This Floor =332. Houston Texas =233. Luck =233, the 51st prime for SB 51.

Peyton Manning’s commercials for Nationwide last year set the precedence with proof positive that these ads indeed feature predictive programming. “Epic Comeback Starts Right Here,” Peyton sang, before whiffing on a ping pong shot. Shortly after that commercial released he returned from injury and led the Broncos to a Super Bowl 50 victory – although he was largely ineffective in a game the defense won. And there he is post-game making the Masonic sign of silence.

  • Nationwide Insurance =92. Broncos Win Super Bowl =92. 
  • Nationwide =114. Super Bowl Fifty Champion =114. 
  • Epic Comeback =86. Broncos =86. Levi’s Stadium Santa Clara =86. Denver =50. Epic Comeback =50. The 50th prime is 229. Super Bowl Champions =229. 

Nationwide Is On Your Side =1722. February Seventh =1722. Broncos Super Bowl =1722.

As we were documenting last season in the lead-up to the Super Bowl, the Broncos were heavily coded into predictive programming. (Click this link to view all the posts Ex-C did on it.) And this year it appears the white horse continues to gallop. Check out my man Jeremy’s excellent detective work at Fields of White, where he runs some semiotic analysis on a couple other Luck commercials.

2016-10-19 (2).png

In this DirecTV Hide & Seek commercial, Luck says, “Where are you Mr Jaffer?” =104. That’s code for: “Where are you Super Bowl” =104. Jim Irsay =104, Colts owner. And is that not a lucky horseshoe over his head? The lore behind horseshoes dictates that open-side-up (like the Colts logo) is for collecting luck, while open-side-down, is for pouring luck out to be received. ANDREW LUCK =112. HORSESHOE =112. HOUSTON =112. 

5 thoughts on “Andrew Luck Ads Deciphered

  1. This is pretty amazing work. I think Ryan Maloney should alleviate his financial troubles with a sure bet as colts for AFC champs!


  2. haha great stuff man.. I also think the guy in the red, white, blue with the number 7 could be foreshadowing the GIANTS… Texas =15 9/11 was 15 years ago, that’s why season opened up on the sunday 9/11. Tribute to America and the giants and all these occultist rituals. I laid down 20/12k on a colts/giants sb51….


  3. I feel Colts are a lock for the Super Bowl. I very much agree with @Michael James on the Colts/Giants in the SB. Being that this is the year of “Royal” themed tributes and sacrifices I caught something on the Colts’ Wiki Page. They don’t wear just any Blue. They wear ROYAL BLUE, white. Go see for yourself. How about a Subliminal Tribute. ” inDIANApolis Colts” Princess DIANIA.


    • I am torn between colts/vikings and colts/giants so I put bets to win over 20k on both …. VI kings have ROYAL THEME as well, royal purple, prince connection and sixkings-112… VI kings or 51kings, im leaning toward a ROYAL ELITE PURPLE vikings PRINCE TRIBUTE, prince died on the 112th day, VI kings and Colts play week 15, 15=texas maybe foreshadowing the two teams meeting in Texas for SB51…….. def going to be interesting. Plus RFG said Colts/VIkings and he is Money in the Bank usually so let’s see how it plays out, Zach says Colts/Giants.


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