Brickleberry Foreshadows Rob Ford’s Death (And More)

Season 3 Episode 9 of the adult cartoon Brickleberry features a parody of Rob Ford, the late crack-smoking mayor of Toronto, who’s depicted dying from an overdose before being brought back to life via giant needle to the heart, a la Pulp Fiction. The episode is extremely coded to foreshadow his 3/22/16 death – which came 1 year 3 months 22 days after his last day as mayor.

The episode is called High Stakes =71 and it aired exactly 71 weeks before the death of Mayor Ford =701. High Stakes =107. Robert Bruce Ford =170. Kill =17. Toronto Mayor Ford =1171 and he was 17,100 days old when he died. Rob Ford Mayor of Toronto =117. Toronto =117. Crack Smoker =117. Central Intelligence Agency =117. That’s 71 weeks 1 day to his death.


  • High Stakes =44. Cancer =44. Kill =44. Rob B Ford =44. Cancer did Kill Rob B Ford, or so we’re told. That’s the world’s easiest excuse for blood sacrifice or death hoax.
  • The episode aired on 11/11/14 and Ford’s political career began on 11/14. CIA Assassin =114. Assassin =411. Ford died one year 4 months 11 days after the episode.
  • Ford =25. His last day as mayor was 2 weeks 5 days after the episode.

Fun Fact: Rob Ford was succeeded as Toronto Mayor by John Tory, a man with the same May 28th birthday as Rob Ford! May Twenty-Eight =1170. Toronto =117. Royal Canadian Mounted Police =117. Twenty-Eighth of May =89. Toronto Ontario Canada =89.

These spooky synchs make one wonder about Season 3 Episode 11, featuring the death of a corrupt Pope Francis who is killed by Satan… The episode is called “Cops and Bottoms” =59. Pope Francis =59. Kill =59. It’s already been 59 weeks since the episode, keeping with the proven Ford formula of title matching duration, so what else can we find?

  • Cops and Bottoms =670 (in Jewish). 670 days after the episode is 29 Jan ’17. That’s numerology of (29+1+20+17) =67 matching the numerology of Francis’s visit to America. Blood Sacrifice =67. The 67th prime is 331 and the episode aired 3/31.
  • That’s 202 weeks 5 days after the episode. Death By Assassination =225. Priest =522. 

Pope Francis =122. The date of {1/22/17} is 1411 days into his papacy (Assassin =411) or 3 years 10 months 10 days. Cops and Bottoms is S3 E11. The Beast =311. Francis became Pope on 3/13 and the the episode aired 31/3. Cross =313. The Father =313. Six Hundred Threescore And Six =313. Pope Francis I =131. Assassinated =131. 

  • 1/22 is 1 year 9 months 23 days after the episode aired and 329 days before the Pope’s birthday. Pope Francis visited the White House on 9/23 at 9:23 AM. That’s the 266th day and he’s the 266th Pope.
  • That’s also 663 days from the episode to 1/22/17. Church =366. Roman =366. Psalm =366. Miracle =366. Sins =366. That’s a lot of thematic synchs right there.

And in the active form: Vatican City =1366. Brickleberry Cops and Bottoms =1366. <— A perfect match with the show name + episode title. That’s crazy. January 22nd is the AFC Championship Game, a date we’ve seen encoded into other TV programming (such as the Simpsons in Boston episode with the A22 ticket), so perhaps there is more to that date…

As I was writing this piece, a reader commented that The Omen (1976) came out 40 years 4 months 14 days before the 2016 Election. Lucifer =444. Mark of the Beast =144. It’s also 2106 weeks (and change). 6x6x6 =216 and the movie is about the birth of the Antichrist. Well, Brickleberry has an Antichrist episode of their own – and it synchs up even better with the election.

The episode is titled “A-Park-a-Lypse =728. Zionism =728. Illuminati Bloodlines =728. A-Park-a-Lypse =44 and Hillary will be the 44th person elected president. The 44th day of the year is Lupercalia =44, the Roman festival of death, on 2/13.

  • This is Season 2 Episode 13, like American President Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton =213. Next US President =213. Demonic Possession =213. It aired 2 years 11 months 13 days before the Election.
  • That’s exactly 154 weeks. The Antichrist =154. How about that.

2016-10-20 (3).png

2 thoughts on “Brickleberry Foreshadows Rob Ford’s Death (And More)

    • Hey, good call! First thing I looked up was duration before Ford’s death: exactly 4 years 7 months (President / Mafia / Obey / Authority). The 47th prime is 211. He was leader of the opposition for 112 days. Yeah I think this deserves a report.


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