Indians & Dodgers: Natives & Negroes

If the Dodgers beat the Cubs we’ll have another American championship absolutely drenched in racial subtext. First the White Bronco VS the Black Panther in Super Bowl 50 then the World Series between the “Indians” (whose Cleveland team hired the first Native-American baseball player) and the Dodgers (whose Brooklyn team hired the first Negro-American baseball player). Louis Sockalexis =59 died at age 42, like Robinson’s famous number. Negro =59. Afro-American =59. Slave =59. Five =42. Nine =42. Nigger =42. This is racist coding by design, inside jokes from the owner-programmers who write the script. The Dodgers now have a Muslim GM and the Indians play at Progressive Field. Isn’t it ironic – but hey who doesn’t like a little cognitive dissonance with their choreographed sport theatre.

Hundred and Twelfth World Series =2004. Cleveland Los Angeles World Series =2004. Sockalexis, the MLB’s first Native American, was born on October 24th (the same day that Jackie Robinson died) and died on Dec 24th. José Fernández died age 24. The 2004 World Series was the one where the Boston Red Sox finally broke the Curse of the Bambino – a championship to which all three remaining teams are connected. Indians’ manager Terry Francona was the Boston manager; Cubs’ President Theo Epstein was the Boston GM, and Dodgers’ manager Dave Roberts played outfielder with Boston and made a key stolen base in the 2004 ALCS. Roberts was originally drafted by the Indians, as was #24, Manny Ramirez, the 2004 MVP. LA Dodgers World Series =124. Los Angeles Dodgers World Series Champion =2442.

  • Dodgers Indians World Series =127. Los Angeles Cleveland World Series =127. 
  • 11/2 (Game 7 of the 112th World Series) is 12 years 7 days after Game 7 of the 2004 World Series. It’s also 1 year 11 months 27 days after Dodgers’ Muslim/Canadian GM was hired and the Dodgers are in their 127th season

Base =27. Ball =27. MLB =27 (9+9+9). Baseball is based on the number nine, which can represent illusion in occult numerology. 9 innings, 9 players, 90-feet between bases, and 3 strikes x 3 outs. Major Leauge =999. In a standard game there are 27 outs per team. Major League & Back to the Future II came out 27 years ago.

11/2 is 270 days after Super Bowl 50. Boston won the 2004 World Series on the 27th day of October, 270 days after the Patriots won the Super Bowl (hosted by Houston that year as well). That was the last time a city won two championships in a calendar year. If Cleveland wins, that will be two for them, the Cavaliers winning 127 days before Game 1 of the WS.

  • And technically an Indians victory would make them the 4th Cleveland champions this year, as the Lake Erie Monsters won their first AHL title this year and Stipe Miocic is the current UFC Heavyweight Champion. Stipe Miocic =368. Championship =368. 

The World Series =72. The Pennant =702. Larry Dolan =720. Cleveland Team =702, as PC pundits are recommending people call the Indians. A Native =72/27.

  • The Cleveland Team =1047. World Series =147. That’s a pretty good coded nickname then to be driving the ongoing narrative of derogatory and offensive team names.
  • And for the record, the Indians with their racist caricature of the First Nations people is offensive, and so is the MLB forever memorializing black players with #42. At least the Redskins & Blackhawks honour the bravery and stoicism of this land’s original inhabitants; the victims of the deliberate genocide on which this continent is built.

Cleveland Team =45. The Pennant =45. Cubs =45. Baseball =54. Spiders =54 (Indians’ original name at the time of the first native player). Pennant =504. Baseball Gods =54. Indians Pennant =154. Dodgers are 5-4 all-time against the Indians. The 54th prime is 251, synched up well with this much publicized image below. (Notice the emphasis on Offensive =101. Jackie Robinson died on Louis Sockalexis’ 101st birthday). World Series Champions =101.

Our Lineup Is More Offensive Than Your Nickname =251. One Hundred and Twelfth World Series =152. Commissioner =152. Indians Cubs =52. Robinson =52. Indians beat the Brooklyn Dodgers in the 1920 World Series, exactly 5012 weeks before 11/1/16 Game Six. The Dodgers next loss against the Cubs will be their 512th all-time versus Chicago. Number Forty-Two =215. Sockalexis played exactly 1215 days in the MLB. The Indians have 5 pennants and 12 playoff appearances.

  • Our Lineup Is More Offensive Than Your Nickname =206. Wahoo =26/62. Indians Cubs World Series =262. Jack Roosevelt Robinson =262. Jose Fernandez was 1260 weeks 2 days old when he died.
  • Louis Francis Sockalexis =93. Chief Wahoo =93. Did we just discover who the mascot is named after? White Supremacists =93. Indians’ last World Series was the 93rd World Series (which they lost) and Cubs clinched with their 93rd win. Dodgers World Series =93. 

Progressive Field =1220. One Hundred and Twelfth =221. Dodgers Manager Dave Robert’s birthday is 22 weeks 1 day before 11/2 and 211 days after. DODGERS WIN WORLD SERIES =112. BROOKLYN =112LA Dodgers =510

  • Dave Roberts =1117. The Pennant =117. The Commissioner’s Trophy =117. Native =71. Cleveland Indians LA Dodgers =107. Cleveland Indians Chicago Cubs World Series =170. Boston Red Sox =170. It’s been 71 years since the Cubs played in the WS and Game 1 is on numerology of 71 & 17. World Champions =170/71.
  • David Ray Roberts =73/181. Los Angeles Dodgers =73/181. How’s that, the manager of the Dodgers is perfectly coded up with his team – and half-way with Jackie Robinson =73. 

Jack Roosevelt Robinson =118. Sockalexis =118. The Deerfoot of the Diamond =118. That’s his nickname, a tribute to his owners as a synch between the first black player and the first native. Indians Cubs World Series =118. Ku Klux Klan =811, founded by the Democratic Party.

Robinson died on 10/24 and his movie 42 premiered on 12/4. Lies =124. Subterfuge =124. Psychological Operations =124. Dodgers Indians =142. One Hundred Twelfth World Series =142. Forty-Two =142. José Fernández =142. White Power =142. Sockalexis died age 42.

Francona was born on the same day that Sockalexis made his MLB debut — 4/22, the 112th day of the year, again it’s the 112th World Series with Game 7 on 11/2. Jack Roosevelt ‘Jackie’ Robinson =112. Brian Helgeland =112 (director of 42). Louis Sockalexis =59 and Francona born in ’59. Again, Jackie Robinson died on what would have been Sockalexis’ 101st birthday, October 24th – the day before the World Series begins. Twenty-Fourth =60. Nigger =60. The Cleveland Team =60.

  • That’s the day that leaves 68 days remaining and it’s been 68 years since Cleveland had two championships in the same calendar year (Browns & Indians). Louis Sockalexis =68. Championship =68. Helgeland =68. 
  • Sockalexis =64. Jackie Robinson =64. (Israel =64 / Zion =64) and the 64th prime is 311. Robinson was born 31/1 and had a .311 career batting average (Sockalexis had a .313). Red Sox hired Epstein 13 years 10 months 1 days before the death of Fernandez. LA Dodgers World Series Champion =311.

That birthday is also 1/31 like Championship =131. Well how’s this duration: 1301 days between Game 7 and the release of 42, Jackie Robinson played by Chadwick Boseman =131. 

And notice the 6-22. Dodgers have 6 World Championships and 22 Pennants. Dodgers Muslim manager Dave Roberts had a .266 batting average. 

One thought on “Indians & Dodgers: Natives & Negroes

  1. I’m puzzled with the Native American theme we have seen with the World Series. Braves and Indians. John Smoltz an ex Brave in the commentary booth. Greg Maddux his team mate. Chicago Cub and Atlanta Brave. Threw out first pitch in the game, while Indians lead the series 3-1. Maddux wore #31. No doubt foreshadowing the come back of the Cubbies.


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