Bill Murray For The Cubs & Rookie of the Year

Bill Murray makes a surprise appearance at the White House decked out in Cubs apparel on 21/10. His birthday was 1 month 12 days before 11/2, Game 7 of the 112th World Series. Chicago Cubs World Series =112. Brooklyn =112Houston =112. World Series Game 1 is 12 years 11 months 11 days after the Bartman Incident. This press conference is 108 days before Super Bowl 51 and it’s been 108 years since Cubs won the World Series. Major League =108. One Hundred Eight Years =108. 

  • That’s 15 weeks 2 days. One Hundred and Twelfth World Series =152. Super Bowl LI =152. 
  • Speaking of Bartman, Luis Castillo of the Marlins hit the foul ball that Bartman snagged away from Moisés Alou, the Marlins going on to win the World Series. Moisés Alou =129. Luis Castill0 =912, born 9/12 (or 12/9). That’s Andrew Luck’s birthday. Super Bowl LI =912. 

Bill Murray =50/131. Billy Sianis =50/131, the man blamed for the Cubs’ inability to win after he got kicked out of the stadium during the World Series for having a stinky goat with him; ah the good old days when we were still allowed to bring our livestock to games. Super Bowl =50/131. Championship =131. World Series =131/66. Murray is currently 66 years old and the goat was called Murphy =606. Billy Goat Tavern =66. Curse =66. Cubs World Series =66. 

  • William James Murray =223/88. Curse of the Billy Goat =223/88. And that perfect synch is why he’s here to play his role in the ritual.
  • William James ‘Bill’ Murray =258. Goat =258. 
  • Murray was born with 101 days remaining. World Series Champions =101. Murphy =101. Jackie Robinson died on the 101st birthday of Louis Sockalexis, the MLB’s first Native American player (with the Indians).

On 2/26/04, the Steve Bartman baseball was electrocuted at a Harry Carey restaurant in an attempt to lift the curse. 10/22 (Game 6 of the ACLS) is 660 weeks 2 days later and 11/2 is 662 weeks after 2/26. The World Series begins exactly 62 years 2 months after Roogie’s Bump starring Dodgers who have 6 World Championships and 22 Pennants. 42 the Jackie Robinson movie came out three years 6 months 22 days before 11/2.

Roogie’s Bump came out in 1954 and features a boy who develops a physical anomaly that enables him to joins the Dodgers. Rookie of the Year from 1993 was a direct remake, with the Cubs instead. And now here we are with Dodgers VS Cubs for the World Series.

  • Exactly 22,700 days after Roogie’s Bump was 10/18/16, Game 3 when Dodgers beat Cubs 6-0. That’s the 227 Pi code of history repeating. 227 is the 49th prime. Little Giants =49. This date was also 22 years 3 days after the release of Little Giants, set in Ohio and Cubs previously defeated Giants. 
  • Roogie’s Bump =68. Championship =68. 

Murray’s longtime collaborator Harold Ramis (born 21/11), from Chicago like Murray, passed away 970 days before this press conference. Curse of the Billy Goat =97. Game 7 is 19 years 7 days after Indians lost the ’97 World Series to the Marlins (the Cubs villain in the Bartman incident).

  • Ramis died 2 years 11 months 12 days before Super Bowl LI. 11/2 comes 12 years 11 months 20 days after the Bartman Incident.
  • Ramis died 270 days before his birthday. 11/2 is 270 days after Super Bowl 50 and Boston won the 2004 World Series 270 days after Patriots won the Super Bowl. Cubs =270. 

Louis Sockalexis played 1215 days in the show. The press conference came 1215 weeks after the release of Rookie of the Year =859. The World Series begins 8509 days after the movie came out, making it a gorgeously coded predictive program if the Cubs go, and even if it’s Dodgers.

  • Rookie of the Year was in ’93, when Wild Thing set up the Jays WS. Cubs clinched with their 93rd win and Dodgers World Series =93.

The kids name is Henry Rowengartner =228United States of America =228. Roogie’s Bump released 2028 weeks earlier. It’s 22 years 8 days after the release of Little GiantsMerkle’s Boner =822. World Series =882. 

  • Henry Rowengartner =102. Commissioner’s Trophy =102. Draft Dodger =102. United States of America =102.
  • Rowengartner =158. Game 2 is 8510 days after Rookie of the Year. That’s a lot of Gematria-Duration coding embedded into one movie. (11/2 is 10,058 days after the premier of Field of Dreams).  

Little Giants =501. LA Dodgers =510. 

One thought on “Bill Murray For The Cubs & Rookie of the Year

  1. Bill Murray as “Donald” “Duck” with the Seventh Inning Stretch in Game 3. “Seventh Inning Duck” 199. Thats the 46th Prime. “Mr. Murray” = 46. “Chicago Cubs” = 46. “Chicago” wins 46 years to the day after the Curse of the Billy Goat to make it to the World Series. Billy was in Ghostbusters too. “Who you gonna call, GOATBUSTERS” = 108. “Almanac” =18. “The Goatbusters” = 1080 & 180. 108 seasons of World Series drought for the Cubs. The original Ghostbusters movie came out June 8, 1984. 6+8+19+84 = 117. “Zuul” = 17. “Gozer” = 71. Looking for a “Gatekeeper” = 278/93( “King of Kings” = 278)(“Indian Busters”= 930) and a Keymaster” = 117. Cubs were defeated while hosting their first World Series game at Wrigley Field in 71 years. “William is a fanboy” = 171.


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