The Uncle Buck Connection

Kevin Meaney =1245. World Series Champions =245. 

Comedian Kevin Meaney (best known as Uncle Buck in the 90s sitcom spinoff) died on 10/21, the focus date from Back to the Future – the film that foreshadows the Chicago Cubs World Series =121. One Point Twenty-One Jigowatts =121. Blood Sacrifice =121/67 and his date of death appropriately had 67 numerology. 11/2 is 1 year 12 days after Back to the Future Day proper (and exactly five years after Theo Epstein joined the Cubs) and Meaney died on 21/10. Brooklyn =112Bull Durham =112, another coded flick we’ll examine here for coded clues along with Field of Dreams. Build it and they will come. 

Kevin Meaney =124. Cleveland Chicago =124. Cleveland Indians World Series =124. LA Dodgers World Series =124. Game Six is 12 years 4 days after the 2004 World Series and 10/24 was Jackie Robinson’s death. It’s also 10,240 days from Dodgers last World Series appearance to 11/2

  • Wagons East =124, the last film of John Candy, the original Uncle Buck, who died 124 days after his birthday – the same duration as comic Sam Kinison =124. Chris Farley =124. John Belushi born 12/4. Psychological Operations =124. Mind Control Programming =124. Big props to Dan at Mindless Freaks for taking this one to the next level for us. Uncle Buck features a family that have moved from Indianapolis to Chicago, and here we’ve been talking Cubs and Colts.

Kevin Meaney =52. Robinson =52. Indians Cubs =52. 

Kevin Gerard Meaney =1062. MLB =162 (162 game season). He died exactly 261 weeks after Epstein was hired. Ouch =261, the headline in Uncle Buck shown in relation with the Cubs jersey, suggesting an upset? Mitch Hedberg =261, another legendary comic who died 4224 days before Game 6 tonight. Los Angeles Dodgers World Series Champion =2442.

  • Buck Russell =62. Meaney died 26 weeks 2 days before his birthday. Indians Cubs World Series =262. Jack Roosevelt Robinson =262. Jose Fernandez was 1260 weeks 2 days old when he died.
  • Meaney =27. MLB =27. Cubs =270. It’s been 27 years since Major League & Back to the Future II – as well as Field of Dreams & Uncle Buck. Meaney was a fat comedian like John Candy (the original Uncle Buck) and he starred in the short-lived remake playing the titular character, Buck Russell =720. The Pennant =702. The World Series =72. 

Kevin Gerard Meaney =1422. Dodgers Indians =142. One Hundred Twelfth World Series =142. Uncle Buck came out 14 weeks 2 days before Back to the Future II and precisely 1420 weeks before Game 7 of the 112th World Series on 11/2. Forty-Two =142. Valhalla =42, Meaney’s hometown. Shoeless Joe =42, involved in the 1919 Black Sox Scanda and featured in Field of Dreams. Robinson #42 and Louis Sockalexis died at 42, the first native and black players. 

  • The 42nd prime is 181 and he died 181 days after his birthday. Los Angeles Dodgers =181. New York Giants =181. Born and died in New York, Meaney’s Uncle Buck sitcom ran for 181 days. Meaney died exactly 1181 weeks after the death of John Candy. Kevin Costner born 1/81

Buck =215. Louis Sockalexis played 1215 days in the MLB and Bill Murray’s press conference came 1215 weeks after the movie Rookie of the Year, which also co-starred John Candy. Meaney’s TV spin-off aired 1 year 25 days after the film release.

  • That’s 390 days and it was cancelled on 3/9. Uncle Buck the film came out 3 months 9 days before Back to the Future II. New York =39. NY =39.
  • Uncle Buck =38/92. Ontario =38/92. Candy is from Ontario and died exactly 19 weeks after the team from Ontario won the World Series. Buck =19. Jackson =19. Chicago Illinois =91. Chicago Cubs =91. 
  • Candy born 31/10 and Meaney on the 113th day. Shoeless Joe =1013. Field of Dreams came out 311 days after Bull Durham. Jackie Robinson born 31/1 and had a .311 batting average. LA Dodgers World Series Champion =311.

Meaney was 22,080 days old when the baseball playoffs began on 10/4. Cleveland Indians LA Dodgers World Series =2280. That is a fascinating date of birth, especially if Cubs lose. On 2/5, Super Bowl Fifty-One =2023, he would have been 22,203 days old.

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3 thoughts on “The Uncle Buck Connection

  1. BTTF – ….$100 bucks…..100 to one….put some MONEY on the cubbies….100……3y22d from release of the $100 bill is 10/30…..10:30 on that bill’s clock….10/30 is Game 5….Cubs go to World Series 10/22 – 10/22 BTTF usa today Cubs sweep World Series in 5 games….


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