Cubs World Series: ESPN & Back to the Future Foreshadowing

Wrigley Field of Dreams =108. It’s been One Hundred Eight Years =108 since Cubs last won the World Series and the sum to 216 in 2016, this sign clearly planted and chosen for its Gematria in this special edition of ESPN Magazine. Thirtieth of October =216. Four Hundred and Eleven =216. If Cubs win the World Series on 10/30 it will be their 411th win since Epstein joined the squad – and the 114th win of the season. Chicago Cubs Championship =114. Cubs Colts =114, and notice that the Cubs’ C logo is the Colts’ horseshoe logo on tilt.

The issue hit newstands 23/9. The 52nd prime is 239. Cubs Indians =52. Five Zero =52 (5-0). Concepcion =52 (#50). One Hundred and Twelfth World Series =152. November Two =152. That’s Game Seven and the other possibility for a Cubs win date. On the very day this magazine came out, Cubs clinched home-field advantage in the NL playoffs, their 98th win of the season. Cubs Sweep Series =98. Champions =98. The score of that game was the same as the game that won them the ALCS:

  • Five Nothing =66. World Series =66. Cubs World Series =66. David Ross =666. B Zobrist =666. Chicago in Five =666. Cubs lockers are exactly 60 feet 6 inches from the logo, as they tell us in this mag. Jake Arrieta =606. Cubs In Five =660. Thirty-Three =66. 
  • The Cubs =33. Cleveland =33. The 33 weeks between Major League & BTTF. The 33rd prime is 137. Kris Bryant =137.

Chicago Cubs World Series =103. Billy Goat =103. And right there we have our explanation behind the name of the curse, the energetic anagram hidden in plain sight. And as the headline read in the USA Today from Back to the Future, Cubs Sweep Series in 5 =103. Second of November =103, the potential Game Seven date — all this synched up harmoniously with the Cubs’ 103 wins this season.


Twenty Sixteen World Champions =130. The tweet was sent at 10:30, the mag is dated 10/03, and Game Seven (on 13 numerology) is 30 weeks 1 day after the Cubs’ season opener. Bean Town =31. Cubs defeated Giants 3-1 and held them to 13 runs over the series. Their one loss came in the 13th inning on Giants’ 13th hit. The World Series starts 1 year 3 days after the date on the USA Today in BTTF II. Youth Jailed =130. Ben Zobrist =130. “I wish I could go back to the beginning of the season, put some money on the Cubbies” =310. 

  • Cubs =45/9. Thirteen =45/99. Illinois =45/99. Jake Arrieta =45/99. “I Was Framed” =45/99. Four Hundred and Eleven =99. Thirtieth of October =99.
  • 103 is the 27th prime. Cubs =270 and it’s been 27 years since the Cubs swept the World Series in Back to the Future II.
  • The 31st prime is 127. Cubs Indians World Series =127. Chicago Cleveland World Series =127. Game Seven is 12 years 7 days after the Red Sox lifted their curse.

The issue announced on 19/9 and they racked up 199 home runs in the season. Four Hundred Wins =199, the 46th prime. Chicago =46. Chicago Cubs =46. Biff Tannen =46.

Marty McFly =55/136. Theo Epstein =55/136. Curse-Lifter =55/136. Chicago Cubs =55. Harry Caray =55. Their win to hit the World Series was their 407th win since Epstein joined the squad. Game Seven is 407 days since Yogi Berra died. Kris Bryant =47. “They Made Me Do It =147. World Series =147. Two Thousand Sixteen World Champions =147  

  • The 47th prime is 211 and 2/11 is Game 7 of the 112th World Series. Cubs Sweep Series in 5 =211. Game Six will be 211 days after the first Cubs game of the season. November Two Twenty Sixteen =112. Chicago Cubs World Series =112. 
  • 11/2 is exactly 1498 weeks since Harry Caray died. Winner =1498. It’s also 1 year 12 days since the USA Today date.

The next game the Cubs win (the first game they win of the World Series) will be their 408th win since Epstein joined the Cubs. The Cubs =408 (as per the ESPN cover). Theo =48. Bryant =480. November Two Two Thousand Sixteen =408. 

  • Put Some Money On the Cubbies =124. The Cubs Win =124. Chicago Cleveland =124. Game Five is 12 years 4 days since Epstein broke the Curse of the Bambino.

Ben Zobrist =49 (the lucky trade from current champs Royals). Youth Jailed =49. Martin McFly Junior Arrested For Theft =409. Game Seven is on 49 numerology (11+2+20+16). Ten Thirty =49. The Cubbies =49. The 49th prime is 227, the Pi cycle code of historic patterns repeating, wheels within wheels, as coded into the cover. It’s also 22,270 days from 11/5/55, the day the flux capacitor and thus time travel was invented in BTTF, to the start of the World Series.

And as icing on the cake, from 10/26/85, the day Marty became the world’s time traveler to our 10/30 final date is exactly 31 years 4 days. Boom.


Brother Berg deciphered the ESPN mag over the Pacific Ocean en route to Bali where the vibe is so fine, the surf is up, and Game 1 is on at 8:30 AM. 

8 thoughts on “Cubs World Series: ESPN & Back to the Future Foreshadowing

  1. that’s why I love me some Bro Berg!! Great job. So that would mean the series is either a 7 game series or 5? so we should have a SURE bet if their is a game 6 by my thinking if Cubs are for sure winners??


  2. When looking at the CUBS logo from a distances the “C” can be mistaken for bordering. UBS in Jewish Gematria Equals: 292. The same as ALBERT PIKE. The 292 prime number is 1907. Just like first time the Cubs went to the World Series was in 1907.

    Cubs win game two.


  3. Cubbies won last night 5 – 1. Super Bowl 51? “Back to the Future Part Two” in the English Reduction system equals 91. “Chicago Cubs” in the English Ordinal system equals 91. Sum of the divisors of 91 total to 112. World Series 112.


  4. The players belt loops look like an eleven followed by two holes 11/2. If you hold a mirror to the magazine cover on either side the player looks like a 7 and the bat points to a 5.


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