Dreamworld Accident

Oct 25th, the day after the new Australian PM’s birthday, a tragic water ride accident at Dreamworld on the Gold Coast killed four people. Gold =81. Chicago =81. It happened on the day the World Series began, half a world away, and is coded up with much of the same central code. [Author’s note: I went on this ride in 2008 along with the Giant Drop, at the time the tallest free-fall in the world at 119 m, way scarier than the ‘killer’ water ride.]

DREAMWORLD =50. Giant Drop =50. The 50th prime is 229 and the accident was on Thunder River Rapids =229/103. Roller Coaster Accident =103. It happened 103 days before the Super Bowl. Chicago Cubs World Series =103. Billy Goat =103. In perfect harmony with the 103 games for the Cubs, and this seemingly random tragic accident certainly seems coded with the same numeric sequences that bind other theme park disasters – and their Masonic masters – as we shall see.

  • The sum of the ages of all four victims is 147. World Series =147. Super Bowl =1407. 
  • Thunder River Rapids =112 opened in Queensland =112 on 11/12 of ’86. The accident happened 1 year 1 month 12 days after the new prime minister took office. The only survivors were a 10-year-old boy and a 12-year-old girl (another sneaky 1012). This happened 11 weeks 2 days after a boy was decapitated on Verrückt the world’s tallest water slide in Kansas City – the team that last won the World Series. The plans for the slide construction were announced in 11/12 (November 2012) and the boy died 11 months 2 days before the birthday of his father, a state representative.
  • Scott Schwab =52/133. Haunted Castle =52/133, site of the worst theme park disaster in history matching the father.

Kansas City =50. Water Park =50. West Edmonton =50. Dream World =50 and the 50th prime is 229. The KC indident occurred 2 years 29 days after the ride opened. Thunder River Rapids =229. That’s also 11 weeks 3 days before the incident at Dreamworld =113. KC =113. Schlitterbahn =58/139. Freemasonry =58/139. 

  • Caleb Schwab =79, his father born 7/9 and it happened 79 days before the Dreamworld incident in Queensland Australia =79. 
  • The waterslide fatality was on the 220th day and the Dreamworld accident happened at 2:20 PM, a span of 220 days after the reelection Tom Tate =22, the mayor of Gold Coast, and 220 days before his 58th birthday. Theo Nathaniel Epstein =220, Cubs president and curse-lifter. 22 the Master Builder Number =220

And now for some theme park disasters from history. The Mindbender, the world’s largest indoor triple-loop coaster, opened in West Edmonton Mall (an hour from my hometown so I’ve ridden it heats) in 1986 — exactly 270 days before Thunder River Rapids opened in 1986… Remember it’s 270 days from Super Bowl 50 to 11/2 and Red Sox broke their curse 270 days after Patriots won. In the 1986 World Series the Red Sox lost to the Mets, the team that lost last year.

  • Exactly 13 weeks after Mindbender opened (like all this 103 action and Tom Tate the 13th mayor), there was an accident on the roller coaster where three people died. It happened on the inverted loop while a band was playing in the amusement park and hundreds of people in the crowd witnessed the incident.

On 6/9 at King’s Island in MASON Ohio (the keystone in the Masonic arch is 69) in 1991, three people died in two separate incidents, an electrocution in a pond and a girl named Candy =47 falling out of a roller coaster. King’s Island =47 in Ohio =47 with 47 rides on 147 hectares. And of course there’s a 33-acre water park and 3.3 million visitors per year because Masonry =33 and we all know that’s their jam. King’s Island =74. Masonic =74. Caleb Schwab =474 and he weighed 74 lbs. Coomera Queensland =74 (site of Dreamworld). Four Dead =74. The Dreamworld accident happened 407 days after the new Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull took office. President =47. Authority =47. Obey =47. 

  • King’s Island =119 and it opened on the 119th day. The double accident day happened 19 years 1 month 11 days after the park opening. And the date written 9/6 like Freemason =96 and the sum of the ranging degrees of Scottish Rite Freemasonry (31+32+33) =96. Gold Coast =33/96. The Dreamworld Accident happened 9 months 11 days after Mayor Tate’s birthday.

Evil Kneivel jumped 14 greyhounds (41 m) exactly 41 years to the day before the Dreamworld accident. Caleb died 4 weeks 1 day after his dad’s birthday and 40 weeks 1 day after the Kansas City Royals won the World Series. Thunder River Rapids is 410 m long.

2 thoughts on “Dreamworld Accident

  1. Let us not leave the mascots out. “Kenny” = 414. Evil Kneivil jumping 41 years and 14 buses. “Kenny the Koala Bear” = 1008. “Gold” = 81. “Belinda” = 81. “Belinda” = 47. She wears “Polka-dots” = 113. “Dreamworld” = 113. I also noticed that they officially opened on Dec. “15”th. Charging $11.50 admission for adults. Employed “220” people too. Wiki mentioned “the Simpsons” attraction that the park had. Oct. 25 the same day the park accident happened the writer “Kevin Curran” died. He wrote for “the Simpsons” and “Married with Children”. At one point he was the inner monologue of Buck their pet dog. Zachary K. Hubbard’s Gematria Blog does a quick glance of Kevin’s death. I couldn’t post this on his blog but I did comment on his Gematria Effect Video he put out on 10/26. “Kevin Patrick Curran” = 88. “Wisecracking dog” = 888. ” Married With Children” = 1206. “Voice Of Buck The Dog” = 1026. “A Dog Named Buck” = 101. Married with Children was on TV for 11 Season last airing on June 9, 1997. From that date to his “death” that is 1011 weeks and 1 day.


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