Giant John Hicks Dies

John Hicks =818. New York Giants =181. Nephilim =181, the race of giants in the Bible. John Hicks the former NY Giant, best remembered for being the last lineman to be runner-up in the vote for the Heisman Trophy, passed away on 10/30. That’s 98 days before the Super Bowl. Eli Manning =98. Manning =98. Champions =98. This report will tie in the Super Bowl projections of Colts/Giants with the death of another former Giant, Jim Clack (dead on the 98th day), as well as Alexander Michael Rossi =98, the previous Indianapolis 500 winner who drives Car #98 for the Gematria tribute and potential huge clue for a Colts Super Bowl appearance.


Auto Parts =41/131. Super Bowl =41/131. Alexander Michael Rossi =215. 100th Indianapolis 500 presented by PennGrade Motor Oil =215. Indianapolis Colts Super Bowl Fifty-One Champions =215. Super Bowl Sunday =215. Alexander Michael Rossi =1290. Super Bowl Fifty-One Champs =129. Indianapolis Colts AFC Champions =129. National Football League Champions =129. Colts Super Bowl LI Champion =129.

  • John Hicks =52 and he started 52 career games. Indy =52. Indiana =52. Herta =52. Patrik Sandell =52 (the other racer with Rossi on the Herta team – born the same damn day as the Queen, the day Prince died, 4/21).
  • Super Bowl LI =152. The Super Bowl =1520. Indianapolis Colts =1152. Andrew Austen Luck =1152. 
  • Hicks =23. He’s from Cleveland and died the day Cleveland lost Game Five of the World Series, 2-3. Super Bowl LI =2023. He died 223 days after his birthday, which was 322 days before the SB. That’s 10 months 15 days. Giants Win Super Bowl LI =115. Odell Beckham born 11/5.

Giant =51. Hicks was born in Cleveland =51 in the year ‘51 like Super Bowl 51. The 51st prime is 233. Houston Texas =233. Colts-Giants last rematch was 2 years 3 months 3 days before SB 51 and the Greatest Game Ever Played, the ’58 NFL Championship between Giants-Colts, was exactly 3032 weeks earlier. Rossi’s birthday is 233 days after Super Bowl LI.

Cleveland Ohio =62. Hicks (who stood 6’2″) was traded to the Steelers for Jim Clack =62 who died 6 months 20 days before his birthday and 62 days after Super Bowl XL, Steelers over Colts. The death dates of Jim Clack =26 and Hicks were 206 days apart in a calendar year. Rossi =26. Andretti Herta =62. 

Clack was born in 47 and died on 4/7. Hicks was from Ohio =47 was drafted in ’74 and wore #74.

  • James Thomas Clack =1042. Patrik Sandell =142Sandell =402. NYC =42. 
  • He died 10 years 9 months 30 days before Super Bowl LI, as in 193, the 44th prime. NY =440. Hicks died 193 days after Prince =65 at age 65 from a Diabetes =65. Alexander Rossi =65. Believe In Love =65. 
  • End date excluded Hicks died 192 days after Prince. Indianapolis Colts =192. Andrew Austen Luck =192. NAPA =192. 
  • Indianapolis Colts NFL Champion =303. NRG Stadium in Houston Texas =330. Clack died 303 days before Indianapolis won Super Bowl XLI, the one with the Prince halftime show. That was exactly 522 weeks before SB LI, or 10 years 2 days.

The 100th Indy 500 was 112 days after Super Bowl 50 and the 101st Indy 500 is 112 days after Super Bowl LI. Prince died on the 112th day.

The centennial was won by Alexander Rossi =775. Viking =775. Love =775, as was emphasized at the SB 50 halftime show. Believe In =47. Luck =47. Imagine if the next Super Bowl matchup was programmed into this message!?


12 thoughts on “Giant John Hicks Dies

  1. Question. It’s the 94th season of the NFL right?? Dan Quinn equals 94. Matt Ryan equals 112. Houston equals 112. Superbowl 51. Falcon equals 51. Couldn’t the Falcons win in the NFC and play the Colts? Do you see any other connections there?


  2. I’ve been watching close who the celebrity first pitch. Last night in Game 6 it was Dennis “El Presidente” Martinez. Election year, Houston, and Back to the Future connections for sure. Now he played for a few different team. The last the Atlanta Braves. More Native American messaging here with John Smoltz, ex Brave, in the commentary both. Dennis while playing with the Expos had a hot dog named after him. DENNY DOG. He also coached for the HOUSTON Astros and was fired on 10/1/13.
    From that date to his celebrity first pitch in Game 6 is a span of 1114 day. He was hired 10/14.

    The owner of the Chicago Cubs are the Ricketts Family.




  3. I looked into the Indianapolis 500. Heavily coded with Zion, Native American, and Royal Connections.

    King Louis and the Milk Tradition.
    Tony Stewart and The Royal House of Stuart.
    Royal Princess Charlotte of Cambridge (Charlotte Elizabeth Diana).

    Known as the “Greatest Spectacle in Racing”. Connecting up with “The Greatest Game Ever Played” between the Colts and Giants in 1958. “Super Bowl of Indy Racing”=112 Matches up with your statement “The 100th Indy 500 was 112 days after Super Bowl 50 and the 101st Indy 500 is 112 days after Super Bowl LI. Prince died on the 112th day.”

    “The Greatest Spectacle in Football”=120
    “The Indy five zero zero”=120
    “The Indianapolis five hundred”=102

    “The Super Bowl of Indy Cars”= 2203

    The tradition of drinking milk in victory lane didn’t begin untill 1933. The field is made up of 33 drivers. 33 the number of freemason obsession.
    The person who started this was Louis Meyer. He asked for a glass of Buttermilk.
    “GOT MILK”=33

    “WHOLE MILK”=45
    “GOT DAIRY”=45

    “MILK BOTTLE”=38
    “INDY CAR”=38
    “TONY STUART”=38 and 1038

    Now Louis Meyer is a symbolic tribute to KING LOUIS.
    “COKE COLA SIX HUNDRED RACECAR DRIVER”=1933 The year of the “Milk Tradition”

    Both NASCAR and Indy hold a race on the same weekend. The NASCAR race is the Coke Cola 600 at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. CHARLOTTE & inDIANApolis. Racing in both events is know as “Double Duty”.
    Per Wiki the flight time in personal jet is exactly “55” minutes.
    “KING LOUIS”=117

    “THE LION OF JUDAH”=1101
    The only driver to complete all 1,100 miles is Tony Stewart.
    Indianapolis 500 began is 19 ’11’

    “COKE COLA SIX HUNDRED RACECAR DRIVER”=1933 The year of the “Milk Tradition”

    Tony Stewart is symbolic tribute to the Royal “House of Stuart”.
    “TONY STEWART”=180 and 1080
    “WHOLE MILK”=108

    “TONY STUART”=1161

    Tony Stewart drives the car #20 and is sponsored by Home Depot and Ridgid tools in NASCAR.
    “HOME DEPOT”=101


    “THE KING”=74


  4. Start time on the East Coat tonight is 8:08pm like the rest of the games. “88” just like the speed needed to travel thru time in “Back to the Future”. Expect Chicago is in the Central Time Zone. That’s 7:08pm, In military time thats 1908. 1908. Like the last time the Chicago Cubs won the World Series. Throwing out the celebrity first pitch tonight is Hall of Famer Jim Thome. “JAMES HOWARD ‘JIM’ THOME”=1260. “CHICAGO CUBS WIN FOUR TO THREE”=126. “RICKETTS FAMILY”=1026 More 126 tributes for the owner of the Cubs, the Ricketts Family. “JIM THOME”=93/39. Last nights Game 6 score was 9-3 or 3-9. Jim Thome debuted on 9/4/91. From tonights Game 7 first pitch to that date in ’91 is a span of 9191 days or 1313 weeks. This makes it an official win for the Cubbies in my mind. I’ll be as bold in saying the Final score will be 3-1 Cubs. It could just be that they are coming back to win the series after being behind 3 games to 1.

    From 1988–1992 the Colorado Springs “Sky Sox”=113 (113=Dishonest,Scottish) were the Triple-A affiliate of the Cleveland Indians. At the end of the ’92 the team was took over by the Colorado Rockies.

    In the ’92 Thome played “52” games.
    “Cubs Indians” =52

    Due to his performance in the minors, In the ’93 season is when Thome made his debut in the majors after being promoted late into the season to the MBL for the Indians, where he hit .266 with
    “7 home runs and 22 RBIs” in “47” games.
    22 divided 7 = 3.14.

    In 1993, playing mostly for the “Charlotte” Knights. Royal baby Charlotte tribute.

    He also played against Gred Maddux in the World Series 1995. Maddux threw the first pitch in WS 112 Game 4. That Jim Thome hit an amazing .314(Pi) on the 1995 season, for some reason though in the World Series he only hit “.211 with 1 HR 2 RBIs.” Really 21112? Throwing the out the pitch on 2/11 for WS 112. In 1996 season he hit the record for longest home run in Cleveland’s Jacob’s Field. 511 feet or 156 meter. 156th prime is 911. He had 38 HR that year too. JEW=38. Jim Thome debuted on 9/4/91. From his debut to tonights Game 7 first pitch is a span of 9191 days or 1313 weeks.

    The MVP will be Ben Zobrist.

    “ZOBRIST MVP”=960


    DESTINY =96(Cubs winning tonight)
    RETURN=96(The championship returns to Chicago)
    DON’T PANIC=96(Cubs were down 3-1 in the series)
    MURRAY=96 (Bill Murray)

    He does have a Super Bowl connection too. Ben Zobrist was first drafted by the HOUSTON Astros in the 6th round.

    His nickname is Zorilla.
    Saturn is the keeper of time, Cycles and Circles.

    Debut: August 1,2006 or 1/8. He wears #18. Gonna will tonights hero.

    Ben Zobrist =130.
    Twenty Sixteen World Champions =130.
    Chicago Cubs World Series =103.
    Billy Goat =103
    Second of November =103

    Brother Berg I would like to thank you. Your blog has inspired me. I believe I will be starting my own Gematria Blog after the Cubbies win the World Series tonight.


    • Well I didn’t predict the final score. Ben Zobrist WAS the MVP. First ever cub to win the MVP in a World Series. He scored the Cubs third run to put them ahead at one point 3-1. Thats the 3 and 1 connection. He hit 10-for-28 (.357) with two doubles and a triple. OR 10+28=38. JEW=38. The (.357) OR 3+5>7 OR 8-7 the final score. The two doubles and a triple or 2,2,3. MASONIC=223.

      How about that masonic puppet Dexter Fowler.
      DEXTER FOWLER=1555/930/155/65


      Heavily coded dude. We have the same connections with “Back to the Future 2″, Atlanta, Houston and Colorado here with him.

      TIME=144 was the main theme in BACK TO THE FUTURE 2. Here is how Dexter ties in. The Headline in the Newpaper and the end of the movies gets altered due to how the events changed in the movie. The QUOTE from Bif Tannen’s son as he was taken to jail read…
      ” I Was Framed…”=99

      DEXTER FOWLER= 930, SATURN=93.
      Saturn is the keeper of time, Cycles and Circles.

      A lot of first hits for this guy.
      DEXTER FOWLER=1555/155
      KILL THE CURSE=550

      He was the FIRST to lead off a World Series with a Homerun. This would be the Colorado connection and why Thome threw out the first pitch. COLORADO=38, JEW=38, Dexter’s FIRST homerun was recorded April 8,2009 while playing for Colorado. It was the FIRST pitch of the game. From that dat 4/8/09 till WS Game 7 is a span of 395 weeks. “395”= Gods Name Is Pi. Side note “395” also equal “Steelers” and “Oakland Raiders”. Prediction of each team winning their Division. Which if you watched any of the Commercials last night you know that its a fact those teams will.

      The Masons love stamping hateful numbers on black people. Dexter tied the modern day Rookie Record with 5 stolen bases on April 27, 2009

      He wears the #24
      Like the Scottish Freemason that he is, no doubt getting promoted to the 33 Degree last night. They even put it up on the screen for everyone to see. The Home run tracker shows the distance, speed and trajectory. Took a picture from my phone and can’t post it here but it the launch angle was 33 DEGREES…

      He was traded to the HOUSTON Astros on Dec. 3, 2013. From that date 12/3 to the Game 7 on 11/2/16 is a span of 10months 2years and 30days. =123

      That is also 152weeks1day. 1521 or 52. PROPHECY=52
      It’s also 1065 days or 65

      Tons of Atlanta connections too. Atlanta rest directly on the 33rd parallel. He was born in Atlanta on March 22,1986. 22/3 or “223”=MASONIC. “Curse of the Billy Goat” =223 His first recorded hit came against Atlanta on Sept 10, 2008. 10/9 or 109. BONDAGE=109. BACK HOME=109.

      Dexter was on the 2008 Olympic Baseball team that won the Bronze Medal.
      ALMANAC=18(Sports Almanac for BTTF)

      Lots of 3’s and 1′ in the 2015 Wild Card Game too.
      Fowler was traded to the Cubs on Jan. 19.2015. In the ’15 Wild Card game he had 3 hits, 3 runs scored, 1 stolen base and 1 RBI. 33’s and 11’s or maybe a 31 degree mason becoming a 32 degree. 31+1=32. First time Cubs in the playoff in 7 years.
      “Dexter Fowler Stole A Wild Card”=301
      “Boys of Summer”=1033


      • Ricardo my Blog is called Nosta-dawgmus a Dawg trainer and Gematria. My first post went out today. Please check it out and comment. I have a HUGE prediction I’m working on and I think it may shock a lot of people when I done with it.


  5. I hate the fact I can’t edit my comment. I have a typo correction for the INDY post.
    “TONY STUART”=1161
    Should read
    “TONY STUART”=1161


  6. Maybe the riddle here should be read as follows (?) :


    Be in Super Bowl LI Eve, as the mother of both Cain and Abel. Also the mother of Seth, the replacement of Abel after Cain killed his brother.

    Peyton=Abel, Eli=Cain, Andy=Seth

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  7. “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law, love is the law, LOVE under will.” A. Crowley

    LOVE = 822 / 137 = GIANTS WIN LI = mind control = eye of horus

    GIANT letters overlooking a giant ‘horus eye’ occult ritual, right in front of millions of people…it reminds me of the first year anniversary sickening ‘ horus eye’ ritual at ground ZerO.


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