A113 on Koh Lipe (A Personal Post)

Timeout from the conspiracies for a moment. Back from Bali for a quick visit to Vancouver I’d been grinding my way through four major cities to finally get to a proper paradise, traveling by boat for eight hours yesterday to reach my dream destination of Koh Lipe in SW Thailand on the Andaman Sea. I came in from Penang Malaysia and went through immigration barefoot on the white sand beach, instantly in love with this little island. As is my style, I rocked up with nothing booked – trusting that I’d find the perfect place. And indeed I did, a beachfront thatch hut for $30/night.

As much as I wanted to share this experience with my readers, when I discovered my bungalow number I knew I had to: A113 like my life is a damn Pixar movie. (In case you don’t catch the reference, Pixar drops this gang-sign into all their movies). I took it as a sign from the Universe, the Gaian Mind communicating through the sacred language of synchronicity: HIGH VIBRATIONS =1113. 

  • JUSTICE BE DONE =1113. DELIVER US =1113. As if it’s a message to keep fighting the good fight on Extra-Capsa to help deliver us from evil. And here’s what makes that phrase extra special considering the circumstances:
  • Deliver Us =690. Thailand =69. 
  • Deliver Us =43. The Andaman Sea =43. Heaven on Earth =1043.

Paradise =37. Andaman Sea =37/73. Koh Lipe Thailand =73. 

Apocalypse =113. Unveiling =113. Universe =113. Fake Reality =113. Dream World =113. Earthlings =113. Human Beings =113. Uprising =113. It’s Bava Kamma 113 that permits Jews to circumvent Gentiles via subterfuge, which means it’s A-OK to be deceitful. Though here on the backpacker circuit with all the authentic experiences I find and all the truth-seekers I meet from all over the world, honesty is the only way forwards. I caught a quote earlier today and it went something like, “The world belongs not to the rich nor the powerful, but to the pure of heart.” And sometimes it takes getting outside your comfort zone to practice compassion.

I’m telling you guys, go backpacking through SE Asia. It’s my fourth time here, third in Thailand, and I honestly can’t get enough. It’s my break from all the western bullshit & ego worship and not a day goes by that I don’t have a conversation that gives me goosebumps – that beautiful human reaction when stimuli resonates so profoundly. I must have gotten at least fifty genuine smiles today. And now here typing this on my patio listening to the waves wash in, everything is right in the world. We’re all exactly where we need to be, each & every one of us. It’s the Apocalypse which means the Unveiling, both in Gematria & definition, and we’re each of us playing our special role in this Mass Awakening.

For as much as many of us see a devolution of the human species with the mind control & ignorance increasing, that’s just not my personal experience. Perhaps it really is testament to the ancient truth that we get what we give and we attract people & experiences that vibrate on our same wavelength, but I meet people every day here that are switched on and actively working to rewrite the programming in their own wonderful way.

So if your own community is deeply ensnared in the brainwashing then it’s on YOU to make a change. And that just might involve giving your soul the reward of experiencing what it’s like in the Orient, where the operating system is naturally based on the collective field as opposed to the objective materialism of Western Greek-rooted philosophy in which we were indoctrinated. Westerners are generally known as bad drivers over here and it’s true: that’s not MY lane, that’s OUR lane. They pay attention to signs from the Universe here and take traffic signs as mere suggestions. And somehow it works. Better than it does back home, in my opinion. Of course we also have things to teach and that’s part of why it’s so important to get this experience – or something like it – encoded into your databank.




This bullshit is almost as much a waste of time as truther infighting drama but I’ll weigh in. WikiLeaks is confirmed controlled opposition & not to be trusted yet elite pedophile rings apparently are very much a thing, so this psyop works effectively by both relieving the heat on the satanic sex offenders while lowering our vibrations through forcing us to dwell on horrible shit and also by coinciding with all the news about fake news stories – as even a shopkeeper here in Penang told me he’s aware of – and further dividing & thus conquering the truth-seekers who these days seem to spend more time calling each other frauds & shills than actually deciphering. It’s embarrassing, man. We should be ashamed of ourselves for debasing our dedication to seeking & speaking truth to power and acting like all the other brainwashed idiots programmed to see the world as Us vs Them whenever we simply don’t agree. Because like it or not, we’re all in this together. The lack of trust and surplus of contempt is killing this community by our own hands, as extensions of our own thoughts. The essence of mind control is to be in control of one’s own mind. And when we become victims of paranoia and fall prey to the same psychological warfare we are trying to expose by turning on each other and name-calling instead of working together with all our unique points of view each shedding different angles of light into the darkness – we end up just as fucked as all the sheep think we already are. 

That being said I recognize that professional trolls/shills are a real thing but that’s our freedom to choose what we accept from what we hear & read. If you think half the stuff I write is bullshit then hey, enjoy the other half! If you think it’s all bullshit then hey, read something else. To talk shit about someone just because they want the majority of the population turned into fertilizer (recognizing that some sort of drastic action needs to be taken & that some sort of purge will be required in order to precipitate real change) or because they believe in the clearly contrived PizzaGate psyop which ultimately has no definitive evidence one way or another (aside from all the other evidence about elite pedophile rings – and the blatantly rigged Gematria, as we’ll see yet more proof of), is ultimately going in the wrong direction, for we are all each of us seeking truth in our own ways. And sometimes that creates static but we need to be our higher selves and stay focused on the real goal here – unveiling the Programmers & rewiring our hijacked operating systems. I understand how it might appear to be helping others seeking truth by calling out those we feel are dishonourable, but we gotta use our own discernment to take all other opinions in with a grain of salt. As we show on the daily, there’s much truth to be found even in the corporate psyop media – we just have to read between the lines. 

And yeah, the PizzaGate psyop is full of deliberately coded alphanumerics but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a total hoax. It could just be the scripted narrative telling a piece of a semi-true story in a way that mindfucks on another level, like some flat earth rift business, which could really go either way. And it could also be all 100% bullshit! But that’s why I stay out of the flat earth debate and stick to the numerological facts. Personally I think there’s solid arguments on both sides and I remain agnostic as to the exact size & scope of our world, though my perspective through my own experience sides with the Holographic Universe theory which explains the conflicting perceptions entirely. But I’m not trying to force my opinions on anyone – I’m trying to stay focused on exposing the undeniable data of the decipher while using my intuition & awareness to do my small part to help solve this riddle. So please, drop the drama everyone. And a big shoutout to all you who use your freedom of speech to promote positivity. But also a shoutout to everyone who uses it to speak their mind, in whatever capacity they feel like. As Chomsky said, “If we don’t believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don’t believe in it at all.”

Rant concluded, PIZZAGATE =666. Illusion =666. This Is A Hoax =666, in Jewish Gematria which is just hilarious. And of course PIZZA =33. GATE =33. MK-Ultra =33. Elitism =33. Satanic Cult =33. Selfish =33. Narcissus =33. Obviously the 33-coding is a dead giveaway but let’s see if I can’t find some more synchs that really seal this one up.

  • COMET PING PONG =461. Pleasure =461. Ugliness =461. The Horror =461. American Culture =164. Welp, all of those energetic synonyms certainly fit the propaganda.
  • COMET PING PONG =154. Chevy Chase =54 (its location). Pedophile =54/540. Child Porn =54. Child Sex =504. Fake News =504. And there we have the 154 as the active form or ‘fulfilment’ of all the accompanying 54-themed rhetoric encoded into this tale.
  • COMET PING PONG =73. Hillary Clinton =73. Jeffrey Epstein =73. Satanic Sex Ring =73. [That last one’s not a perfect match as it uses 1/2 S-Exceptions but if we take it as a proper noun it could fit as confirmation bias.]
  • Pizzeria =110. Global Democratic Sex Ring =110. Underage Sex Trafficking =110, 227. That’s the Pi code, like a Pizza Pi. And as Zach pointed out, there’s an Illuminati card that is ominously pizza-themed — with a Pi symbol on it. And is the Pi symbol not also a symbol of a gateway?

NPR is calling it a Political Fake News Attack =111. Satanic Pedophilia Ring =111. Pizzagate =111. Political Fake News Attack =237. Conspiracy Theorist =237. A Global Democratic Sex Ring =237. Ritualistic Sex Abuse =237. As well as A Coordinated Political Attack =262. Clinton =262. That’s also the sum of the divisors of 154 like Comet Ping Pong =154. It doesnt’ take a genius to see where this is directed, as many people will believe that the Trump Administration now has a unique power of propaganda – and that truth-seekers are dangerous and need to be censored. 

Pizza For the Secret Meeting =140/293. Child Trafficking =140. Ceremonial Magic =293.

As I understand it at this point, Satanic-based pedophilia is ultimately about channelling the energy of Saturn =511. Which just so happens to coincide perfectly with the pizzeria’s official description: Comet Ping Pong is a Fun, Kid-Friendly Neighborhood Pizza Restaurant That Has Outdoor Seating Bands and of course Ping-Pong =511. 

  • Chevy Chase =99. Child Pornography =99. Child Porn =99. Kiddie Sex =99.
  • Alefantis =87. Clinton =87. Clinton Sex Abuse Ring =87. Chevy Chase Maryland =187. 

Also, as mentioned on FTFT, Pizza Hut recently ran an ad campaign making fun of conspiracy theorists. Pizza Hut =46/127. John Podesta =46/127, the former Clinton aide whose WikiLeaked emails are helping fuel PizzaGate. And if anyone knows the date this psyop broke & when this commercial aired, we could find even more gems! Turns out my initial statement that it’s a waste of time was a bit out of line as this is a actually a pretty tasty psyop. And again, speak your own truth but hey let’s keep it together now.

The Death of Fidel Castro


Fidel Castro has died on 11/25, the 330th day at age Ninety =33, a span of 104 days after his birthday. Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz =104. President Donald Trump =104. The Death of a President =104. His date of birth left 140 days in the year. Emphasis here on 14. Cuban =14. The 14th prime number is 43. Assassination =43. Murdered =43. Forty-Three =59.

  • That’s also 14 weeks 6 days after his birthday and he was President for 11,406 days. Zionist Occupation Government =146. Global Control =146. United Kingdom =146. The Apocalypse =146. The Unveiling =146, which is the definition of Apocalypse, indeed the times in which we are living. Trump’s birthday is 14/6.
  • Cuba =206. Sacrifice =206. God =26. Kill =26. Castro led the 26th of July Movement and was born in ’26, as was Elizabeth II who became Queen on 2/6 and was coronated on 6/2. Castro became President on 16/2. Cuba =162. 
  • Queen of the United Kingdom and Commonwealth =423. Castro =324 and he was born 3 months 24 days after the Queen’s birth.

Castro & Elizabeth were born 114 days apart & Castro died 10 months 14 days before the 50th anniversary of Che Guevara’s execution. Cuban Missile Crisis =114. President of the United States =114. President Elect Donald J Trump =114. Castro died on the same day as Elizabeth’s best friend & first cousin, Margaret Rhodes – a pretty good Twins Trick right there.

Fidel Castro =112. Queen Elizabeth the Second Queen By the Grace of God Queen of This Realm and Territories Head of the Commonwealth Defender of the Faith =1120 and she was wed on 11/20. The Head of the Commonwealth =112. House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha =112. Divinity =112. Zionist =112. Forty-Fifth US President =112. US President-Elect Trump =112. Elizabeth & Rhodes were born 10 months 12 days apart and Che Guevara was born 112 weeks after the Queen’s birth. Che also died when Trump was 1112 weeks old and Che was born 1 year 10 months 2 days after Castro. The naval blockade of Cuba ended on 11/20/62, Queen Elizabeth’s 15th wedding anniversary.

  • Rhodes & Castro were born 61 weeks 4 days apart and Trump was born on 6/14 – as was Guevara. Not only do Trump & Guevara share a birthday, they share Gematria: Ernesto Che Guevara =1380. Donald Trump =138. And Castro was born on 13/8. 
  • Furthermore, Ernesto Che Guevara =88. Trump =88. Communist Conspiracy =88. 

El Che =33. Rhodes =33 and she also died on the 330th day. Rhodes =69 and she was born on 6/9. Royal Bloodline =69. Queen Elizabeth =69. State of Israel =69. Revolutionary =69. Che =96 and he was born exactly 96 weeks after Castro the former Cuban President =906. To Live & Die by the numbers indeed. Rhodes =237. A Cuban Revolutionary =237. 

Ernesto Che Guevara =1122 and JFK died on 11/22. They were killed 202 weeks 3 days apart, for the Masonic =223 code. Castro’s brother Raul died on 2/23, a span of 22 weeks 3 days after Pope Francis visted Cuba. Obama made his historic visit to Cuba on 22/3

Fidel Castro  =49. Donald J Trump =49. Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz =1949. Kennedy died 949 days after launching the failed Bay of Pigs invasion. 

Castro ruled Cuba for 49 years 9 days and 499 is the 95th prime number. President Donald Trump =95. Charles Prince of Wales =95. JFK died 950 days after the Bay of Pigs invasion began. Castro became president in ’59 and died 59 days after the Jesuit Order’s birthday. Trudeau =590. Pope Francis =59. John F Kennedy =59. The 59th prime is 277 and Fidel died 277 days after his brother, Ramón Castro. Psychological Operations =277. 

  • 59 is the 17th prime number: Kill =59/17. Castro was the 17th President of Cuba and died exactly 17 years after Elian Gonzalez was rescued at sea. And if you’ll recall, the Janet Reno episode of South Park featured an Elian Gonzalez parody.
  • Castro died 9 days after Reno at age 90 and his funeral will be held 9 days after his death. Cuba =9. Dictator =90. Royals =90. President-Elect Trump =90. Trudeau =90. Queen Elizabeth =900. Bernardo Herrera =900, the former Venezuelan ambassador to the United States under Hugo Chavez – who also died on the same day as Castro.

As previously covered on Extra-Capsa, British artist Jamie-T released an album called Kings & Queens on 9/7/9. Queen Elizabeth I =979. The first track is cryptically titled 368. Fidel Castro =368. Validating this coding is the eighth track: Castro Dies =59/113. Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz =113. 

There’s an internet rumour that Justin Trudeau is actually Fidel’s illegitimate son. Who knows, but they do indeed look similar – and share a Gematria. Justin Pierre James Trudeau =104. Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz =104. President Donald Trump =104. Trudeau has come under fire for praising the “remarkable leader” who was a friend of his father’s. Fidel =44. El Comandante =44. Kill =44. Trudeau is currently 44. 

There’s also this BBC article stating that Castro =368 survived exactly 638 assassination attempts. The Papacy =638. Royal Lineage =638. 

Fidel Castro died 5555 days after 9/11. 

Petronas Twin Towers: Gematria IRL

The Petronas Towers =88 (with s-exception) are each 88-stories tall and construction began 8 years 8 months 8 days before the 9/11 False Flag on the American Twin Towers. Terrorist Strike =888. Divine Plan =888. I’m in KL right now and the last time I was here in 2002, these were the tallest buildings in the world – they’re now the 8th tallest. The #8 is an auspicious number in Chinese numerology and the Chinese secret societies built this city. They apparently still run it though I’m very curious about the interplay between the Crown secret societies (Freemasonry / Zionism / Jesuit Order) and the Green and the Red Societies, as the Chinese occult fraternity is called.

Green and the Red Societies =115/133. Freemasons =115. Saturn =511. Government =133. China =61. God =61. Green and the Red Societies =232. Groundbreaking on the Petronas Towers began exactly 1323 weeks after groundbreaking on the WTC. Love is the Law Love Under Will =323. Lucifer =323. Satan =232. The zip code for Willis Tower is 60606.

  • Kuala Lumpur =48. New York =48. Illuminati =48Kuala Lumpur Malaysia =84/228. United States of America =84/228. The Green and the Red Societies =148 (That’s in the reduced method with s-exceptions, though 148 in standard Gematria translates to 888 in the Sumerian method).
  • Notice the 48/84 reflection: the World Trade Centre stood for exactly 1484 weeks. 

The Petronas Towers =241. Each spire stands 241 ft tall. Terrorist =142 and the 9/11 Attacks lasted 142 minutes. Forty-Two =142. The Skybridge is an extension of the 42nd floor. Freemason =42. Masonry =42. 

Independence Day Resurgence shows a scene where the Petronas Towers collapse onto the London Bridge as a character says, “They Like To Get The Landmarks” =108. Petronas =108. It became the tallest building in the world by surpassing the 108-storey Willis Tower in Chicago, which previously surpassed the World Trade Center as tallest. Construction of the Petronas Towers began three days after the ’93 WTC Bombing.

I snapped this shot in San Fran of the Nob Hill Masonic Center =211. Mason =211. (KL=11+12). It’s located at 1111 California Street. The plaque reads “Dedicated To Our Masonic Brethren Who Died In the Cause of Freedom” =271, the 58th prime. Freemasonry =58. Direct hit. The Wikipedia page even tells us it contains gravel & soil from each of the 58 counties in California.

Moon Gems & Zen Lunatics

Brother Jeremy over at Fields of White also dropped some moon-themed Gems that happened to synchronize nicely with my previous Pink Floyd report. He points out the “Moonday” Night Football (11/14/16) with guest analyst Warren Moon coincided with the largest Supermoon in 68 years. Barack Obama =68. Donald John Trump =68, born on a Total Lunar Eclipse =68. Assassinated =68. Dies In Office =68. President’s Death =68. That’s both incoming and outgoing presidents synched up with some truly ominous energetic synonyms, to coincide with all the hype for a hit.

Aside: Unlike other unnamed leaders in the Truth Community who use their platform of influence to sprinkle upon the good stuff bits of hate speech against the brainwashed multitudes, calling for the culling of the ignorant more than a changing of the guards, I actually believe in people. I actually love people. And I believe in the ability of my readers to think bigger than the basic and outdated paradigms that perceive the world as two-toned and divisive. To recognize that fighting fire with fire will only beget more disaster, and it’s a change in both action & thought that is antithetical to the current corrosive status quo that is required in order to precipitate real change – change that benefits the whole. To recognize the Oneness in all things, and strive to be Bohdisattvas or at least Zen Lunatics who by being kind and also by strange and unexpected acts keep giving visions of eternal freedom to everybody & to all living creatures.  

Two nights ago I had a 13-hour overnighter in San Francisco which I spent wandering 33km (no shit) around the city and talking to bums and soaking up the vibes of this beautiful city. I had a few cocktails at the Vesuvio Cafe, Kerouac’s old haunt, and watched the sunrise from atop the Russian Hills. I saw the innate beauty in all these Americans I met, a warm hospitality despite the necessity to front. And while a few people I talked to were open to the new paradigm, those that were unable to connect only reinforced my fight against the Powers That Be, not to blame the victims as these other truth leaders might. And it’s with that faith in humanity’s ability to transcend that I drop the following deep decipher.

Now on the topic of the Moon… It can be argued that the two most important moon-themed pieces of media in the entire history of art are Georges Méliès’ Le Voyage Dans Le Lune (A Trip To The Moon) [1902], the first science fiction film ever made, and Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon [1973]. As it turns out, both are intimately interwoven with the conspired narrative of Donald Trump, the human-marionnete spawned on the night of a Blood Moon. Here we see identical durations between A Trip To The Moon & Donald Trump’s date of birth, and The Dark Side of the Moon & Donald Trump’s election – emphasis on the 2280 weeks.


Now what are the fucking odds of that 43-year duration synch?! We drop a lot of next level finds on this site, but c’mon. Death =228. Another Brick In The Wall =228. United States of America =228. Washington DC =822. Authority =822. Mind Control =822. Janet Reno died 8 months 22 days before her birthday, and the day before the election.

But as always, Gematria proves that  the tribute runs even deeper, as Pink Floyd’s album is a perfect dual-match with Méliès’ full name: Marie-Georges-Jean Méliès =116/215. The Dark Side of the Moon =116/215. 

  • Cheese =116, as the moon was once said to be made of. Royalty =116, who own the intellectual rights to the commoners’ concept of what the moon really is.
  • The Man In The Moon =75/174. New World Order =75/174. 

And before we move on let’s not overlook the 15,960 days stretch in the Floyd-Méliès-Trump code: that reduces to the active form of 596: Indianapolis Colts =596 (JG). Well hot-damn.

Le Voyage Dans La Lune released on 10/4 and the Apollo Moon Landing happened 104 years after Jules Verne’s From the Earth to the Moon. Jules Gabriel Verne =104The Dark Side =104. Mass Perception Management =104. Brainwashed =104. President Donald Trump =104. The Target =104. The Death of a President =104. Dies In Office =104. Anti-Fascist Protective Wall =104, the official name of the Berlin Wall, Trump elected on the 27th anniversary (9+9+9) of its fall.

Jules Verne died on 3/24/05. That’s exactly 129 weeks after Le Voyage Dans La Lune. Marie-Georges-Jean Méliès =1290. The Dark Side of the Moon =1290. The British Monarchy =1290. Moon-Saturn Mind Control Matrix =129. Mind Control Broadcast Station =129. The Death Star =129. And with regards to the mind control connections, that’s ol’ David Icke’s theory there that Saturn is the projector of our virtual reality / holographic universe and the Moon is an artificial satellite amplifying the Saturn-signal onto Earth. Essentially the Death Star =57. Moon =57.  And there we have it – the Gematria certainly synchs.

  • Kickin it back to the 2280 week span, Jules Verne was born on 2/8/28 and died with 282 days left in the year. Le Voyage Dans La Lune released 1828 days after President McKinley died of his assassination wounds.
  • Perhaps “to the moon” is insider code for a one-way trip out of the Matrix. To The Moon =44. Space Race =44. NASA Lies =44. Saturnism =44. Saturnalia =44. Werewolf =44. Lupercalia =44, the festival of the wolf on the 44th day of the year.

NASA pretended to land on the moon on 7/20 (1969). A Trip To The Moon =72, released 1 year 20 days after the assassination of William McKinley =72. Illuminati =120. Death of a President =1020.

  • Apollo Program =69. Fake Moon Landing =69. Little Green Men =69. CIA Mind Control =69. MK-Ultra =96. Subliminal Mind Control =96.
  • Moon Hoax =42/105. Blood Moon =42/105. Zionism =42/105. Masonry =42/105.

And my final thoughts for now on the Trump election are not that anyone who voted for him should be rounded up into concentration camps and turned into fucking fertilizer, as other unnamed truth leaders want to see (because what kind of a sick & twisted mind thinks of that shit anyway?) but that of the two options, Trump’s at least appeared to be the most anti-establishment. Obviously they’re both horrible humans and left & right hand marionnettes controlled by the same source, but at least the bullshit that Trump promoted was something fresh and exciting and new. Of course he’s got awful plans to go along with that, so did Hillary! And all campaign rhetoric is always mostly bullshit, but Trump at least appeared to be positioned as the more authentic option, and awake Americans should be optimistic about that shift in public opinion, even if it was all rigged from Jump Street as it most likely was. 

As a Canadian, I saw Hillary as so fucking phony and contrived that it physically hurt, and at least Trump is a comic relief as brand spokesman – which is all that the President of the United States is. So I’m sorry but to call for the murder of every American citizen who decided that Trump was the better option of the two, especially when in the same breath stating that it’s all a rigged game, is beyond beyond fucked. It’s a detriment to the truth community to employ the same tactics as the Programmers and openly call for mass slaughter just because people don’t understand the game like you might. The average American is not only  a victim of intensive & systematic brainwashing, they’re too stressed out & preoccupied with making enough money to pay the bills to appreciate the luxury of truth, let alone have the time to educate themselves. And it’s a culture of victim-blaming that the Programmers have social-engineered in order to divert attention from their Conspiracy. So to fall victim to that mentality as a truth leader is a serious warning sign of the new world they intend to see fulfilled. And as much as I’d rather keep my own style of fight alive, real truth-telling means calling out distortions in the field, so that you, Dear Reader, may come to your own conclusions. 

And if you don’t know what I’m taking about or to whom I’m adressing, good on you. Keep fighting the good fight. Keep making the daily effort to rise above the divide & conquer bullshit to which They want us falling prey. And go do some strange & unexpected act for someone now sooner than later. And happy Thanksgiving! Remind yourself what you’re grateful for & then live positively for that. 

Dr Who: The Deadly Assassin

FTFT ran a story on a 1976 episode of the BBC series Dr Who titled “The Deadly Assassin” that features the assassination of a president set to retire, and Dr Who being framed as the patsy. It was the 88th episode: Trump =88. Donald J Trump =888. The Time Lords =888 (the native people on Dr Who’s home planet). The Time Pandemonium =88 (the 1990 album that featured a song written by Prince called ‘Donald Trump [Black Version]’). Black Version =68/131. Assassinated =68/131.

  • The Deadly Assassin =185. Donald John Trump =185. 
  • Dr Who =68. Llewellyn Rees =68 (actor who played the assassinated President). Donald John Trump =68. Barack Obama =68. Assassinated =68/32.
  • Dr Who =32. Obama =32. America =32.
  • Doctor Who =49/121. Supremacy =49/121. Antichrist =49/121. Revelation =49/121.

And now to bring it deeper with Jewish Gematria. DR WHO =1042. The United States of America =1042. President Obama =142. WHO =958. The Deadly Assassin =958. That’s right, the title of the episode is a perfect JG synch with the good doctor’s name. Perhaps we may find clues to these occult rituals in the energetic synonyms: New Age =958. David and Goliath =958. Death of King David =958.

Reading a synposis of this episode we find that it features a vast computer system known as The Matrix, a repository for the knowledge of all deceased Time Lords used to foresee future events and manipulate a simulated reality. Very curious indeed… Especially as the program begins with Dr Who experiencing a precognitive vision about the President of the Time Lords being murdered, a vision that was transmitted via The Matrix, the vast neural network which can turn thought patterns into virtual reality — a theme that sounds a lot like Extra Capsa’s theory of how Gematria-coding functions.  

WHO =46 (Sacrifice / Deception / Hit and Run / Apartheid). The latter of which is what happens when one builds a wall between people, and Hit & Run like the Illuminati card that features the suit getting taken out. If Trump is assassinated post-inaugration, Pence will become the 46th President. The Hit & Run card showed license plate 235-666, which is an anagram of the next decode:

  • Dr Who & The Deadly Assassin =253. Ritual Celebrity Sacrifice =253. Masonic Ritual Murders =253. President Donald Trump Dies In Office =352. Death of President-Elect Donald Trump =352. It was exactly 352 weeks between Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon album and The Wall and Trump was 1205 weeks 3 days old when Neil Armstrong pretended to walk on the moon.

Now, when the last episode of this four-part series aired (11/20/76), Donald Trump was 11,118 days old. The Assassination of Donald Trump =118 and he was elected on 11/8. Presidency =118. Death =118. Homicide =118. Ritual Celebrity Sacrifice =118. The Matrix =118. Furthermore, the first part of the episode aired (10/30/76) a span of 11 months 8 days after the 12-year anniversary of the JFK assassination.

  • End date not included, US President-Elect Donald Trump =117 (soon to be officially the Forty-Fifth President =117) was 11,117 days old. Donald J Trump Dies In Office =117. 
  • The Doctor, as Who was known, reminding us of Trump’s wacky doc. The Doctor =45/108. Berlin Wall =45/108. Dealey Plaza =45/108. Cubs =45 breaking the 108-year drought & the 45th US President Donald Trump =108. 

And one final curious duration count is the span from the Dr Who reboot premier on 3/17/06 to Trump’s election: 555 weeks 5 days. That reminds us that Trump will be aged 70 years 7 months 7 days on Inaugration Day. 

Astro Jetson & Long-Distance Super Bowl Projections

Astro the Horse got punched out at a Trump rally, like the Houston Astros =51, Houston Texans =51 host to Super Bowl 51. Hanna-Barbera =510. The 51st prime is 233. Horse =233. Luck =233. Astro makes me think of the dog from The Jetsons, the cartoon that first aired in 1962 on 23/9 created by Hanna-Barbera Productions =239. That’s smack dab between two Giants NFL Championship Games (before they were called Super Bowls). And that’s the first next level of the beauty clue that ol’ Jeremy boy dropped us at Fields of White. Now let’s do what we do best over here and get real real deep into the goodness, off the deep-end as almost always.

112 protesters were arrested at a Trump rally in Portland & Astro the Police Horse got sucker-punched at a coinciding rally in Houston =112. Andrew Luck =112. Horseshoe =112. Zionist =112. Now for the insane connections to Houston I discovered embedded within The Jetsons, we’ll begin with the voice actor of Astro: Don Messick =112After being cancelled in ’63 (Colts established 63 years ago) The Jetsons came back for 112 weeks with their final episode airing on 11/12 (1987), a span of 11 months 20 days after its 26th anniversary. The voice of Jane Jetson died on 11/12 (2003), and get this one: the voice actors of George Jetson & Mr Spacely =112 both died during production of the Jetsons Movie in 1989 — the same year that Luck was born and Lucas Oil was founded — with a span of 21 weeks 1 day between their deaths. George O’Hanlon (who voiced George) died on 2/11 and Mel Blanc (Mr Spacely) died 2 months 11 days before the birth of Andrew Luck. What!?

Mason =211, the 47th prime and this is the 47th official Super Bowl. Luck =47. Astrodome =47, where the Astros/Oilers/Texans once played.

  • Luck was born 223 days after O’Hanlon died, and creator William Hanna died on 22/3 (2001). Super Bowl Fifty-One =2023. 
  • Jetson =29. Horse = 29. Andrew = 29. Football = 29. Lucas Oil = 29. Cosmo =29. Houston located on the 29th parallel North.

When I searched “Football + Jetsons” I found an episode titled Jetson’s Nite Out =53. Super Bowl LI =53. The Astrodome =53. Mr. J.P. Gottrockets =53, Astro the dog’s former billionaire owner. George lies to his wife and sneaks out to watch the Big Game only to get busted as Jane catches him from her big screen TV. Jetson’s Nite Out =206 and the voice of Judy (Janet Waldo) just died this year, 20 weeks 6 days before Super Bowl LI.

  • Jetsons =612. Elroy was 6 1/2 years old. Janet Waldo died on 6/12 like Luck’s 9/12 birthday. Super Bowl LI =912. 
  • This episode also featured a stadium with retractable dome roof and aired in the same year that construction began on Houston’s Astrodome, the world’s first domed sports stadium. It aired on 10/7/62, which is 411 days before JFK was shot from 411 Elm Street…

Hanna-Barbera =49. Joseph Barbera died 49 days before the Colts won Super Bowl XLI.

Remember that the Houston Astros were previously called the Houston Colt 45s, and now here we are with the 45th president and his connections to JFK and the space program, of which mission control in Houston bestows the name Astros. The Colt 45s joined the AL in 1962 (the same year that Jetsons first aired with the family dog’s backstory that he was previously owned by a mega-wealthy industrialist, just as the Astros were an expansion team from the NY Mets), and the year after the Apollo Program began. Colt Forty-Fives =69. Houston Astrodome =69. Apollo Program =69. Fake Moon Landing =69 which happened in ’69.