Cubs Target & Numeric Palindromes

In the ESPN Cubs magazine, this section stood out the strongest. A decoder ring for the manager’s prophetic message? They’re telling us to decode the Gematria. “The circle is perfect. Like a target. Or the Cubs’ logo, which, come to think of it, looks like a target.” And at the bullseye are the letters UBS (3+2+1). President of the United States =321. Hmm…

  • It then mentions the president in a reference to Clear and Present Danger =1224 and the date 2/24. His fingers could be making a sign for 2-2-4 as well. Chicago Cubs in Seven Games =224.

UBS =252. Final =252. Cubs had a run differential of +252. The trend towards numeric palindromes stands out strongly with the Cubs end of season stats: lowest batting average by opponents (.212), on-base percentage (.343), base runners who eventually score (808), and RBI’s and drawing walks (656). Numeric Palindrome =91/190. UBS =292. Cubs Indians World Series =262.

  • Now let’s examine this first sentence a little closer: PERFECT =37/73. A TARGET =27/72. As if they’re pointing out and emphasizing the importance of the numeric palindrome. Twenty Sixteen World Champions =373.
  • November Second Two Thousand Sixteen =410/140. 

pressure is a motivator a positive an indicator you are in the right place =747. Cubs Target =696. Cubs Indians =690. October Thirtieth Two Thousand Sixteen =434 — Two Thousand Sixteen =403. Put Some Money On the Cubbies =304. Cubbies =34. We’ve been seeing a shit-ton of 34/43 codings ever since Super Bowl 50 finished with 34 total points.

  • Interesting then that #34 and #43 both share Gematria: Jake Buchanan =37/46. Jon Lester =37/46. That’s also a match with the lucky charm brought over from the Royals after last year’s World Series win, Zobrist =37/46. 
  • Thirty-Four =61/160. Cubs Target =116. Twenty Sixteen World Series =116. 

Then there’s this story about a kid who wrote in his high school yearbook circa 1993: “Chicago Cubs. 2016. World Champions. You heard it here first.” First of all, that’s the year that Rookie of the Year came out; Indians’ last World Series was the 93rd World Series (which they lost) and Cubs clinched with their 93rd win. Then there’s the quote itself:

  • Chicago Cubs 2016 World Champions You Heard It Here First =252. UBS =252 and Cubs had a run differential of +252. 
  • You Heard It Here First =117. The Commissioner’s Trophy =117.

12 thoughts on “Cubs Target & Numeric Palindromes

  1. The most fascinating thing about this World Series is how there are so many incredible Gematria & Numerology connections for both teams. It seems most people are struggling to make a resolute call, & I am def 1 of them.

    I’m doing my research for each individual game centered on the starting pitching. Basically, if the Indians Win its because Kluber is the MVP, & the Series goes 7 games. Otherwise the Cubbies Win in 6 games w/ Arrieta winning the clincher, & he may be MVP as well.

    Thanks to Brother Berg’s post – I now see the Cubs logo as a Bullseye=606. Bulls=66. Eye=18 =6+6+6.

    Chicago is the WINdy City – so lets see if the breeze blows the Cubbies way – I’m liking Chicago 🙂


  2. Here is a little palindrome for you to look at. “Indianapolis Colts” in the English Ordinal system equals 192. “Super Bowl Fifty One Champs” in the English Ordinal system equals 291.


  3. Hey Capsy, sorry for the off topic, but you have to see this. Are you familiar with Matthew Nicholson’s prediction of 11/26 for a possible staged assassination of Hillary? Which of course would put it AFTER the election but BEFORE the electoral college meeting in December. It turns out there is zero protocol set forth for this occurrence, which of course would lead to pandemonium. Well it just so happens that a political insider, Jeff Greenfield, with a June 10th birthday (10/6, prophecy), wrote a novel about this very thing happening (not an assassination, but the president-elect dying of a “head injury”).

    From that book’s release on New Years Day 1995 to the 11/26 target date is a fat 8000 days on the nose. Hillary Clinton = 800 Jewish, the king method! The paperback released on a date with 106 numerology (Clinton’s last tax return showed an income of $10.6 million, and the DNC began 106 days before the election).

    The book’s full title, “The People’s Choice: A Cautionary Tale” = 330/133, the author has a life lesson number of 33, the target date 11/26 is the 330th/331st day of the year, and of course Clinton = 33.

    The book’s ominous tagline, “Read this while it’s still fiction” = 157 (jewish reduced, most definitely in use, in case you aren’t using it), the dead president-elect MacArthur Foyle = 57 (jewish reduced), and Hillary has a 57 life lesson number. There is even more, but I’ll leave it there for now. Simply mind boggling.


    • Awesome! Stellar work, I’ll be digging deeper into this for sure. United States’ President-Elect MacArthur Foyle =172. Hillary Clinton =172. President-Elect MacArthur Foyle =132. Hillary Clinton =1032. MacArthur Foyle =67. Female =67 and she was the 67th Secretary of State.

      The People’s Choice =481. Foyle =481. Both in Jewish; so busted. Manifestation =481.


      • Thanks mate, can’t wait to see it get the Brother Berg treatment! Hillary was 47 years 2 months 6 days old when the book released (on a date with 26 numerology) — of course she was born in ’47, on 10/26, and the 11/26 target, Hillary Clinton = 62/206 (jewish reduced/inverse), Clinton = 262 jewish, Hillary Diane Rodham = 1062 english, and MacArthur Foyle = 162 zain, another fairly obscure method I have gotten a ton of mileage out of.


  4. So Greg Maddux and Fergie Jenkins co throwing out the first pitch for Game 4 of WS 112. According to the All Seeing Eye, CBS(321), That Jenkins pitched part of 19 seasons, more than half of those with the Cubs. He compiled impressive marks with Chicago — a 119 ERA+. Maddux pitched for Chicago in 10 of his 23 seasons, tallying a 112 ERA+. Maddux had two nicknames. One is “The Professor” which was the title for the ESPN Cubs Magazine. The other is “Mad Dog”. “Mad Dog” = 44. Maddux was born April 14 or 14/4. His first appearance in a major league game was with the Chicago Cubs as a pinch runner (for catcher Jody Davis) in the 17th inning against the Houston Astros. He made his debut with the Atlanta Braves as their opening day starter against the Cubs at Wrigley Field, beating his former teammates 1–0. Maddux was playing for the Atlanta Braves when winning their only World Series. Beating the Cleveland Indians in 1995. In April 2005, he beat Roger Clemens for his 306th win in the first National League matchup between 300-game winners in 113 years. According to Wiki he is the only pitcher to have over 300 wins, 3000 strikeouts, and fewer than 1000 (999 to be exact) walks. On July 26, 2005, Maddux struck out “Omar Vizquel” to become the “13”th member of the 3,000 strikeout club and only the “9”th pitcher with both 300 wins and 3,000 strikeouts, having reached both marks against the San Francisco Giants. “Omar Vizquel” once played with the Detroit Tigers and wore the “#13”. Greg Maddux wore the #31. “31” is the “11”th Prime Number. Shorthand for Strikeouts are “K”. “K” = 11. Also in 2007, Maddux reached 13 wins for the 20th consecutive season, passing Cy Young for that major league record. On January 11, 2010,(1/11/01) Maddux was hired by the Chicago Cubs as an assistant to General Manager Jim Hendry. I Love it!!!!

    “Base” = 162. “Ball” = 162. “Cubs Win Game Four” = 1062


  5. Correction on the January 11, 2010 (1/11/01). That should be *(1/11/10)*. Also, “Gregory Alan (Greg) Maddux” = 110. Maybe some Back To The Future love with “Mad Dog Maddux” = 111/666 throwing that first pitch. “Mad Dog Tannen” = 112.


  6. Oh by the way. When I looked at Omar Vizquel on Wiki I forgot to mention a couple of things. He was also on the Cleveland Indians team in 1995 World Series when Maddux and the Braves won. On November 23, 2009, Vizquel agreed to a one-year contract with the Chicago White Sox worth $1.4 million. After making the deal official, former shortstop and White Sox legend Luis Aparicio asked that his number “11” be temporarily “unretired” for Vizquel during the 2010 season, mostly due to the fact that White Sox manager Ozzie Guillén — like Vizquel and Aparicio, a Venezuelan shortstop — had rights to #13, the number Vizquel has worn through his career. On November 2, 2010 (11/2), Vizquel signed a one-year deal to remain in Chicago (the White Sox not the Cubs). In the final game of the 2012 season, Brett Lawrie wore a #17 jersey as opposed to his usual #13. This allowed Vizquel to wear #13 (the number he wore through most of his career) when he played his final game on October 3, 2012 (10/3). Vizquel went 1 for 3, hitting a single in his last at bat, the 2,877th hit of his career moving him ahead of Mel Ott for 40th position on the all-time hits list. Vizquel retired after the season and was the last position player born in the 1960s, as well as the last to play in the 1980s, to retire. On January 30, 2013 (1/30/13), Vizquel was hired by the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim to become a co-infield coach with Bobby Knoop. Vizquel is referenced in an episode of The Simpsons entitled “Bart’s Friend Falls in Love” = 99. “Thirteen” = 99.


  7. @Sean. Great catch on The People’s Choice. Never heard of it. But at a quick glace it looks deep. “President Blockhead” = 1026. Hillary’s birthday. Hillary Diane Rodham = 1062. “Faithless Elector” = 1062. “President Blockhead” = 666. “Trump” = 88. “President Trump” = 1188. “President Blockhead” = 81


  8. Quick Wiki tour of the “Houston” Astros. I only looked because that’s where the Super Bowl is at this year and partly Greg Maddux first game was against them. From 1888 until 1961, Houston’s professional baseball club was the minor league Houston Buffaloes. “Houston Buffaloes” = 199. The “46”th prime number is “199”. The league expanded and name writes couldn’t be reached so their name go changed to the Houston Colt 45s. The Colt .45s started their inaugural season on April 10, 1962, against the Chicago Cubs. “Chicago Cubs” = 46. The home games were played at Colt Stadium. “Colts Stadium” = 156. “Colt Forty Five” = 1056. “Houston Astrosnaut” = 156. On (1/12) December 1, 1964, the team announced the name change from Colt .45s to “Astros.” The name honored Houston’s position as the center of the nation’s space program; NASA’s new Manned Spacecraft Center had recently opened southeast of the city. The Astrodome, is the “Eighth(8)* Wonder of the World”. “Astrosnaut” = 888. “Nasa” = 8. In the season of “’66” grass wouldn’t grow in the “Astrodome” = 660. so an artificial turf was invented called Astroturf. Without fake grass sports wouldn’t be what it is today. Wouldn’t suprise me any if there is a problem with the turf messing up in the WS or the SB. Per Wiki they recently changed the logo to a “shooting star”. “Shooting Star” = 990. For the number 99 the sum of the divisors = 156. Nice ‘n Neet.


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