The Ranch: Super Bowl Programming

The Ranch =41. It premiered on 4/1 with 41 numerology (4+1+20+16), a span of 10 months 4 days before the Super Bowl =41. Ashton Kutcher =41 plays a former semi-pro football player from Colorado named Colt =14. The 41st prime number is 179. Colt and Rooster =179, the two brothers in the show like Peyton and Eli =140. Super Bowl Fifty-One Champions =140.

Colt =50. Super Bowl =50. And Super Bowl 50 was won by the former Colt from Colorado – on Ashton Kutcher’s 38th birthday – the Broncos going 3-for-8 in Super Bowls on the 38th day of the year. Rooster =38. Colorado =38Peyton =32. Ashton =32. Kutcher =32. Christopher Ashton Kutcher =302. NFL =32. [The 32nd prime is 131. Super Bowl =131. Championship =131.]

  • Ranch =132. The Bennetts =132. Iron River Ranch =1032, the specific name, all emphasizing this particular alphanumeric sequence. National Football League =1320. New York Giants Super Bowl =132. NRG Stadium in Houston Texas =132. Super Bowl Fifty-One =231. 
  • The Ranch =77. Netflix The Ranch =77. Colts Super Bowl LI =77. 
  • The opening sequence is filmed in Ouray Colorado, matching the family’s surname: Bennett =26/80. Ouray =26/80. Super Bowl Sunday =62/80. 

This show appears to be fractally forecasting a Colts-Giants Super Bowl, a rematch of the so-called Greatest Game Ever Played – the 1958 NFL Championship Game (before they began calling it the Super Bowl for the 66/67 season).

The show’s tag line: “They’re a Different Breed of Family” =155. Indianapolis Colts Super Bowl LI =155. Royal =551. The Illuminati =551.

The show is set in Garrison Colorado =1104. Princess Diana died exactly 1014 weeks before Super Bowl LI and you can’t spell InDIANApolis without Diana. NRG Stadium in Houston Texas =114. Rooster Bennett =1140. That’s Colt’s brother who’s lived in his shadow, much like Eli and Peyton. The Greatest Game Ever Played =114. New York Giants Super Bowl =114. Chicgao Cubs Championship =114 and a World Series championship win tonight will be their 114th of the season (and 411th since Epstein joined the squad). 

  • Rooster is played by Daniel Peter Masterson =233. Luck =233. Houston Texas =233, the 51st prime. Colts Giants =510. Masterson & Kutcher celebrate their birthdays 5 weeks 1 day apart, or 36 days. Super Bowl 51 is on the 36th day of the year, 36 days before Masterson’s 41st birthday, to tie him back into the lead run. Sam Elliott =36, the Bennett father.

The second batch of episodes aired exactly 29 weeks after the first. LI =29. Two Five Seventeen =209. It’s exactly 209 weeks between this American election and the last. With the end date that’s 29 weeks 1 day. Colts Giants Super Bowl LI =291. Daniel Peter Danny Masterson =291. Andrew Austen Luck =192. Indianapolis Colts =192. Danny Masterson =1092. 

6 thoughts on “The Ranch: Super Bowl Programming

      • luck signed 87 million dollar contract, queen elizabeth II =87 , and her birthday was on the 112th day of the year, the same day prince died… she turned 90… ninety=87, twelve, the number luck wears =87. super bowl fifty one champions=131, the number of completions luck had coming into the game with houston 112 days before superbowl 51 in the city that equals 112. Super bowl fifty one=87 …. 8=7=15/51… colts=15, texas=15

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  1. The first half of that Decode is Strong! I feel like when Ashton Kutcher & Ranch meet – you need the word Dude, like Dude Ranch. Dude, where’s my car.

    Dude, Brother Berg just told us who will be in SB 51 !

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