Indian Eddie Carnett – World Series Sacrifice

Eddie Carnett =108 died two days after the Chicago Cubs broke their 108-year drought (after the symbolic rain-delay), defeating his former team in the 112th World Series on 11/2. Edwin Elliott Eddie Carnett =112 and his birthday is 21/10. Indeed old Eddie is extremely coded as a ritual sacrifice at the ripe old age of 100. Chicago Cubs World Series =112. The 11/2 game seven was 1 year 12 days after the Back to the Future II date, Carnett’s 99th birthday, the anniversary of Epstein joining the Cubs. Bill Murray’s birthday was 1 month 12 days before 11/2, the anniversary of his mother’s passing. All coded up for the long-programmed Cubs World Series win.

  • Edwin Carnett =55/136. Theo Epstein =55/136. Curse-Lifter =55/136. Marty McFly =55/136.
  • Carnett died with 57 days remaining. World Series =57.

He died on 11/4 or 4/11. Game Seven was the Cubs’ 114th game of the season and the 411th game since Epstein joined the squad. The final score was Eight Seven =114. Native Americans =1114. After originally playing on the Cubs’ farm team then the Chicago White Sox, Carnett retired from the Major Leagues in 1945, the same year the Curse of the Billy Goat began. The curse lasted 71 years and Carnett’s birthday leaves 71 days.

One of the hall-of-fame players from the 1945 World Series was Hank Greenberg, the first Jewish superstar in American team sports. He finished his career with a .313 batting average and died 30 years 1 month 30 days before the Cubs won the World Series. That’s 11,017 days. The Commissioner’s Trophy =117. Cubs won the pennant 11,007 days after Greenberg died, defeating the Dodgers on the 46th anniversary of the death of Billy Sianis, the culprit who cursed the Cubs.

  • Chicago Cubs =46. Chicago =46. Zobrist =46 (World Series MVP). Greenberg died 40 weeks 6 days after Back to the Future released.

Greenberg’s nickname was the Hebrew Hammer =119. Star of David =119. All-Seeing Eye =119. He died 11,019 days before Carnett died in Springfield =119. There were a total of 119 hits in the 1945 World Series.

3 thoughts on “Indian Eddie Carnett – World Series Sacrifice

  1. Great stuff Brother, your work is amazing. I just discovered your blog thanks to someone who posted a link on Zackary K Hubbard’s blog. Keep doing what you do!


  2. Your insights with the World Series numbers have led me to a strange discovery. I’m re-reading a novel, “Son of Rosemary” by Ira Levin. It’s a sequel to Rosemary’s Baby.
    It’s set in NYC in Nov/Dec in 1999. The now grown antichrist resides in a penthouse overlooking Central Park on the 52nd floor of a former office building which he renovated into a glittering Tower at Columbus Circle. It has a first-rate hotel and offices for his international charity.
    Trump’s International Hotel & Tower (formerly an office building he renovated) has 52 floors and sits overlooking Central Park at Columbus Circle. The penthouse (apt.52A) was designed by Donald for marital bliss with Marla Maples, but they divorced, so he never moved in.
    Gee, Mr. Levin is giving us a heads up….The book was first printed on 9-1-1997.
    From Trump’s b-day (6-14-1946) to 9-1-1997 = 18,707days.
    9-1-1997 to 11-8-2016 = 7008 days.
    9-1-1997 to 1-20-2017 = 7081 days or 1011w & 4d. (10 innings,7 games, 8-7 score similarities in all)

    Also, the movie “Taxi Driver” (114min.) had a failed assassination attempt at Columbus Circle. De Niro recenty compared Trump (“Totally nuts.”) with his character, Travis Bickle.
    Taxi Driver = 780
    Totally nuts=211


  3. I knew Eddie Carnett pretty well. I interviewed him a number of times for a book about wartime baseball, and visited at his home in Ringling, OK and earlier in Lebanon, MO. I imagine Ed experienced some form of cognitive dissonance with this World Series. He played for Cleveland for a short time in the 1945 season, and he said that he gone on quite well with Lou Boudreau. But he was initially signed by the Cubs in 1935, and played for them at Ponca City, Tulsa, and Los Angeles, and Milwaukee before failing to make the rotation in 1939. Through a connection, I was once able to provide him with a jar of dirt from Wrigley Field, so I’m inclined to think he was a Cub fan. Thanks for the tribute.


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