Standing Rock and the Indian Loss

The Dakota Access Pipeline Protests at Standing Rock is deep entwined with the Indians losing the World Series and the occult mega-ritual therein, as was firmly forecasted over and over again through subliminal media messaging. Consider this week’s Monday Night Football game where the lowly Bears beat the powerhouse Vikings, the bear a major symbol of Native American mythology and the Vikings representing the imperialist power. And now the flip, the Cubs beating the Indians, destroyed by their own beliefs. All this coinciding with the largest Indian protest in 100 years, the people standing up to the Corporation that owns claim to their lives. Victory for the big C Chicago, the HQ capital of Judeo-Masonic power in North America – the continent built on the bones of genocide and the inner circle that continues to dominate and subjugate from beyond the veil; operating their rigged sports as mind control, choreographed athletic theatre deep coded with occult numerology and tributes to history. 

The Battle of the Little Bighorn =127. North Dakota =127 turned 127 years old on the very same day the Indians lost the World Series. After 127 people were arrested, the National Guard finally stepped in to break up the protest on 10/27, the day off between Games 2 & 3 – and incidentally the day that seven defendants from the Oregon Standoff were acquitted of all charges – which is all synced up with the hot 127 sequence I’ve been covering: 

Game Seven was 12 years 7 days after Epstein & the Red Sox lifted their own curse in ’04. Cubs Indians World Series =127. Chicago Cleveland World Series =127, the 31st prime and Cubs came back down 3-1, just like the 04 Red Sox. Vern Handrahan played 127 weeks in the MLB for Kansas City (the team that won last year with the MVP from this year). He was born on 11/27 and died on the day the Cubs won the World Series. Ben Zobrist, the MVP, was 12,700 days old when this season began. Water is Life =127 (see below). Game Seven starting pitcher for the Cubs was born 12/7 too. 

  • Vern Handrahan =1008. One Hundred Eight Years =108 of championship drought for the Cubs is over. Crazy Horse was Oglala Lakota =108. Native American =810. Standing Rock =810. South Dakota =810. Wrigley Field =810. 
  • The leader of Standing Rock, Dave Archambault II =69. Handrahan =69. Cubs Indians =690. 
  • His major league career lasted 890 days. Dakota Access Pipeline =89. Cannonball North Dakota =89.

World Series =57. Dakota Access =57. Crazy Horse =57. Charlottetown =57 (where Handrahan was born and died). Zobrist won MVP 5 months 7 days after his birthday. The pipeline would carry 570,000 barrels of fracked oil daily. Fifty-Seven =131. Championship =131.

Native Lives Matter =80/215. Cannonball North Dakota =80/215. Custer’s Last Stand =80/215. Sitting Bull was killed on 12/15 at Standing Rock and the first native baseball player was in the MLB for 1215 days. The World Series began 2150 days after Jack Dalrymple became Governor of North Dakota and the 2016 MLB season began 51,020 days after the Battle of the Little Bighorn.

Sacred Stone Camp =66. World Series =66. Cubs World Series =66. The pipeline resistance began on April 1st (the day The Ranch premiered), which is usually the 91st day of the year, 9 months 1 day before the pipeline is scheduled for construction. Chicago Cubs =91. Cubs Win =91. The sum of the divisors of 91 equals 112 and this is the 112th World Series ending on 11/2. Chicago Cubs World Series =112. Battle of the Little Bighorn =112. North Dakota admitted to the union on 11/2. Dakota Access Pipeline Protest =112. 

  • The Oregon Standoff ended on 2/11, the 47th prime. Standing Rock Sioux Protest =147. World Series =147. 
  • Standing Rock Sioux =223/88. Curse of the Billy Goat =223/88. Standing Rock Indian Reservation =188. Dakota Access Pipeline =188. 
  • The final score of the World Series was 8-7. Dave Archambault II =87. Missouri River =87. Sitting Bull =870. Bakken Pipeline =780.

Chicago Cubs =46. Chicago =46. Sitting Bull =46. South Dakota =46. C Ball =46 (the town name spray painted on a rock outside Cannonball).

Energy Transfer Partners =115. George Armstrong Custer =115Indians Cubs =115. Doc asks Marty to meet him at Twin Pines Mall at 1:15 AM and he travels back to 11/5 in 1955. 10/15 was the day the Cubs’ World Series drought began. The use of force on 10/27 was exactly 51,010 days after the Sioux Nation was annexed in the Agreement of 1877.

Missouri River =1170. Vern Handrahan’s last birthday was 11 months 7 days before Game 7. The Commissioner’s Trophy =117. The pipeline is due to be constructed on 1/1/17, which is 1 month 31 days after the Cubs Championship =131. Black Hills War =131. Jack Dalrymple =131, the 32nd prime and he’s the 32nd Governor of North Dakota.

4 thoughts on “Standing Rock and the Indian Loss

  1. Great job again Brother Berg. You are dead right about water giving life. For the first time ever there was a rain delay in the World Series. In order for a drought to end is must rain. The delay was 17 minutes.
    “Seventeen Minutes”=66
    “Cubs World Series”=66
    “Water gives life to the Cubs”=103 Cubs won 103 games on the regular season.
    “Rain dance for the Cub”=87 Final score 8-7.

    Side note I have started my Blog and my first post is up. Please check it out. Never done anything like this before and any advise is appreciated. Its on a different Indian.


  2. Brother Berg, I saw that the camp was torched on the news. Dakota Access Pipeline=188. Bavarian Illuminati=188. The Burnt Offering=188. The easement of the Pipeline is 50 feet. Access=50. Pipeline=50. Back in September the U.S Department of Justice received more than 33,000 petitions to review too. Laughable. On 12/4, 2016 the USACE announced that it would not grant an easement for the pipeline to be drilled under Lake Oahe. On 1/24, 2017, President Donald Trump signed an executive order to advance the construction of the pipeline under “terms and conditions to be negotiated=1223”. Standing Rock Sioux=223. Camp closed today 2/23. Masonic=223. Dakota Pipeline Standoff=223. Between 12/4 and 1/24 is a span of 52 days. Dakota=52. White House=52. Pipeline Access Standoff=221. Government Controlled Psychological Operation=221.

    Guess this story is no different that the Oregon Standoff=211(Francis Bacon) that ended on 2/11 last year.

    Have you seen these Gematria Calculators?

    In Reverse Ordinal “White House=137”, the 33rd Prime. Never heard of Satanic Gematria until that site. There is something to it though. IN Satanic Gematria you get… “Satanic Gematria=666. Unholies Number=666. Devil=227. Internet Mind Control Tactics=1227.”


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