Trump Wins


Holy smokes, truth-seekers. I’d like to apologize for leading us all astray with my relentless and misguided Hillary projections. Apparently all that predictive programming was billed up for her ritual character sacrifice as a major psy-op upon the nation of Psy-Op Central & the World at Large. Personally I prefer Trump as at least he’s hilarious as brand spokesman and occasionally calls out the system – of course they’re both Illuminati puppets through and through. And don’t lose sight of the fact that this is far from a system change but merely another rebranding of Corporate America. Though it will be very interesting to see what happens next, for more than a Hillary presidency (or at least as much) Extra-Capsa has been projecting an upcoming major assassination – and now President-Elect Donald Trump is red-hot and steaming as the prime target.

Before we get into the decipher, this is also a great example of how Gematria can be misused as confirmation bias, although the subjective interpretation of as much collected data as possible is vital to the process – and human error is always a potential factor. Trump also had a strong narrative and code, which I thoroughly documented, but I misread the signs; I was wrong, and I apologize. One outlet that read the pattern correctly, however, was Gematria Club – a members-only organization to which I belong. They’ve been calling a Trump win since jump street, as well as accurately predicting every major sports championship this year. Now with their president call thoroughly Trumping my own, I hereby officially recommend their services to my readers as Verified Legit – and well worth the investment. Be sure to check them out on Twitter @GematriaClub.


As will ever remain the essence, the larger the number the powerful the energetic synchronization. Forget the Reduced/Pythagorean method; although I will still use it when necessary. But it’s just not as strong a vibrant triple digit synch as something like: Donald Trump Wins US Election =326. Trump Starts World War III =326. That’s good, although I personally don’t really go in for the whole fearmongering vibe, despite the mostly dark content of this website. My overall interpretation is that this is ultimately a war of consciousness, and despite how it may appear on the ground floor in America, the Human Beings of Planet Earth are making a huge comeback. I’m in Bali right now, the so-called Island of the Gods, writing this on a beanbag chair on the beach, and the vast majority of the people around me – magnetized here on love vibes from all over the world – are switched on to the Truth Frequency, which is the Love Frequency, which sees through all the bullshit.

My main theory is that Gematria (as the occult practice of coding numerology into language and thus reality) is but a magician’s trick to project the vision of the Programmer’s blueprint into our being – and proof of the holographic universe model. When we become aware to the truth of this subconscious hijack, we attain the power to rewrite the script – to deprogram ourselves from all the conditioning and brainwashing and thus reprogram our (virtual) reality in a more harmonious expression of our inner selves, a healing of the collective consciousness which is well underway. So fear not World War III nor Trump as Hitler 2.0, for we are indeed moving towards the light with momentum, in spite of illusory appearances.

And now, dear readers, the Election Decode on the man Germany is calling the Horror-Clown: With regards to the assassination angle, remember the Cubs logo as a target and the letters UBS (3+2+1). Trump was elected 3 months 21 days after his official nomination as Republican candidate. President of the United States =321. President Elect Donald J Trump =123. Conspiracy =123. The Royals =123. And indeed both Hillary & Trump are very much of the Royal bloodline, which is the main source behind the big-C Conspiracy.

  • Trump & Hillary are both related to John of Gaunt, son of King Edward III, their royal lineage stretching back through the father bloodline to William the Conqueror, the first Norman King of England, and as far back as Rollo, the first Viking ruler of Normandy. The mother lineage of John of Gaunt can be retraced through all the Kings of Hungary back to Attila the Hun – or so my deep Wikipedia search has revealed. And lest we forget the 2004 election with John Kerry VS George Bush Jr, occult frat brothers from Skull & Bones 322. It’s always been bloodline bitches and it will always be bloodline bitches – until we take back the power that is ours by right as Human Beings of Planet Earth. (And that is the gist of the Deprogram Program, the working title to my book that I’m finalizing here in Bali).
  • British Empire =79. Richard II =79 (the Shakespeare play featuring John of Gaunt). Assassination =79. Murder =79. Trump’s tombstone appeared in Central Park 79 days before his birthday and exactly 79 years after Biff Tannen’s birthday. Emmett Brown was assassinated by Buford Mad Dog Tannen =79 on 7/9 and that President Lisa episode of the Simpsons we keep citing aired on the 79th day. Louis VIII of France died exactly 790 years before Election Day 2016. He died 1190 days after his coronation and Donald =119 was officially elected on 11/9.

Forty-Fifth US President =112, the Royalty code in full effect as we’ve been relentlessly covering: Trump won 112 days after his official nomination as Republican candidate. With the end date that’s 113 days. Election Day =113. Pence =113. The Royal Family =1130. It’s Bava Kamma 113 in the Torah that permits a Jew to circumvent a Gentile via subterfuge, which translated means that it’s totally cool to lie and deceive those that are not of the Inner Circle. But here’s the thing: it’s not. Full stop.

The Back to the Future II code is officially in play, as confirmed with the Cubs win, and that was the one where Biff Tannen becomes dictator of Hill Valley and turns it into a dystopia for a brief period until Marty & Doc rectify the timelines (which is our goal, truth-seekers). The town was renamed Hell Valley =114. President of the United States =114. President Elect Donald J Trump =114. Trump Card =114. Chicago Cubs Championship =114 and they won with their 114th win of the season and the 411th game of Epstein’s presidency. Assassin =411 like JFK shot from 411 Elm Street. Trump was born 411 days after Hitler died. Hillary was Secretary of State for 4 years 11 days. Princess Diana was assassinated 4 years 11 days before 9/11/01 — and 1001 weeks 4 days before Trump’s election. Super Bowl LI is exactly 1014 weeks after her death. Indeed as we continue to discover proof of, these occult megarituals are extensions of the Royal-Illuminati Coven, from which modern incarnations such as Freemasonry & Zionism stem.

We deserve a reminder here of the Trump-Tannen predictive programming: Biff =23. Donald =23. Donald Trump Wins =203. Biff =138. Donald Trump =138. The President of the United States =138. Forty-Fourth President Elect =138. Vice President Mike Pence =1380. Yes indeed, he’s also crazy coded for the office. The writers admit that Biff was actually based on Trump and Back to the Future II came out exactly 1407 weeks before he was elected, which happened 147 days after his birthday. The President of the United States =147. 

  • Assassination of President Elect Donald Trump =168. Buford Mad Dog Tannen =1068. Tannen =68. Donald John Trump =68. Trump Wins =68. Back to the Future =68. The Apprentice =68. Trump’s Tombstone =68, which appeared in Central Park on Easter =68. That was 193 days before the pussy-grabbing propaganda that appeared to be the final nail in his coffin. 193 is the 44th prime lIke the 44th person elected president. The President Trump episode of Simpsons aired on 19/3.
  • It was episode #243. President-Elect Trump =243. 

Trump was elected 511 days after announcing his campaign. Totalitarian =511. Saturn =511. Freemasons =115. Leader =115. Donald Trump Wins Election =115. Donald Trump Make America Great Again =1015. Eighth of November =1105. He will be president with the 115th Congress. He was elected 188 days after his presumptive republican nomination. President Trump =1188. Making America Great Again =188. Trump =88. Curse of the Billy Goat =88. Like the 88 mph in Back to the Future. 8+8=16 in 2016. Donald J Trump =888.

The win became official after midnight on 11/9, or 9/11. The 156th prime is 911. The President of the United States =156. President Elect Donald Trump Assassination =156. False Flag =156. Thirty-Three =156. Six-Six-Six =156. God =156. Kings =156. Enlightened Ones =156. That’s 15 years 60 days since 9/11/01 and its subsequent Patriot Act =156. 

  • Judging by my social feeds, a lot of people are fucked up over this Trump win. With that 156 code from the last truly major heartbreak to the American people, it’s really no wonder that this was the perfect time in the wheels within wheels of programmed history to further crush all the brainwashed Hillary supporters (especially after the Bernie Sanders psyop) and let them know they’re good and fucked. But hey, guess what, we’re not. We’re only as fucked as we allow ourselves to be. And don’t you dare forget it.

18 thoughts on “Trump Wins

  1. Good stuff, I would not be surprised if our man bites the dust prior to inauguration, my read on Hillary may have just been backwards. Remember the President-elect in “The People’s Choice”, named MacArthur Foyle, he = 166, Trump with the 66 life number, and his birthday this year on the 166th day. Amazingly, the target date of 11/26 is still in play, as that happens to be 166 days from Trump’s birthday. The ridiculous tag line, “Read this while it’s still fiction” = 166.

    The People’s Choice = 164/83, Jeff Greenfield (author with the 10/6 prophecy birthday) = 164, and Donald Trump (as you mentioned) = 138 and was born 6/14/46. Not to mention, to be foiled (Foyled), is kind of like being trumped. Either way, you’re beaten. In Middle English foil means to trample.


  2. Outstanding work. I accept your apology and owe a few myself. I fully agree the damn dirty Jewish method of Gematria shows the most when seeking the truth. Your photo shopped Trump pics are hilarious! If the BTTF code is on “Think Mc Fly 626 Master Builder 626 Impossible Coincidences 626”
    Gematria Club is noted sir. Don’t have Twitter but my daughter does. And on election in her Twitter Feed a meme came up “It’s a race Gary!” Being it was on the day the Presidential Race concluded I looked into it. Brother Berg I believe I stumbled onto Presidential Programming in a kids cartoon. Could you take a look at SpongeBob Squarepants “The Great Snail Race”? I believe it predicts this year’s Gary Johnson Aleppo blunder or blow up. The popular vote win of Hillary or dominating the race. The fact it has someone in the race that doesn’t belong and then wins but no one saw it has a very Trump vibe.


    • Thanks dude! Hey atta boy! That’s some awesome work right there. I’ll comment deeper on your blog but I cited Dean in my Twins Trick research as he died the same day as Michael Chekhov – and 7 months 22 days after his birthday. Giants Super Bowl Fifty-One =2270.


  3. Forty Fifth POTUS =224. That can be looked at as 112+112.

    Like the Title says – Trump Wins =45, & Trump will be 45th POTUS.

    I’ve been reading this Blog since day 1, & this Trump entry is extremely well-written. I hope everybody takes the time to read the whole thing.

    A couple of other notes – Pay attention to what Sean Dexter (Dex) has to say. The example he commented about is well researched by him, & very much in play. Dex, write-up everything you’ve got in a pro way, & send it to Bro Berg to post.

    Speaking of Bro Berg…you plugged Gematria Club! I too am a Member, & love it. They are the best kept secret on the web, & I like it that way. But I suppose there’s room in the Club for Extra-Capsa readers. It is right up their ally.


  4. thanks brother berg. My intution tells me the assasination could occur before inauguration.. but not just any assasination but a double President and VP termination. That would put us with a Paul Ryan presidency. Paul Ryan has been intertwined in all these storylines and may very well be overlooked.


  5. Here is my 2014 Super Bowl halftime show Trump code…………… Children singing Billionaire ( Trump) A Red White and Blue flag is in the Background ( President Trump) and Bruno Mars opens with a Drum solo. The name TRUMP ( from German root ) means DRUM…which = Donald Trump.. suddenly behind the children appears the words PREPARE,PREPARE,PREPARE….the song Billionaire from Bruno Mars is about the world preparing for a Donald j Trump presidential run , ‘ I swear the world better prepare for when im a Billionaire……I wanna be on the cover of Forbes magazine,(Trump was) so we have established this was a warning from the Elite about a Trump presidency..In the Zodiac we have whats called the Golden Apple of Discord, The Elite follow the zodiac and we see clues here too, The 2014 superbowl was in NY ( the big APPLE) and Bruno Mars performed, in 2016 we had the 50th anniversary( GOLDEN) Which is why Bruno Mars was again brought back to perform in 2016 to tie the synchs together stronger…. In the movie 2001 space odyssey the Monolith activated the monkeys to become Violent , Presently Trump is a form of a monolith that activates the” monkeys” to become Violent Thru Kundalini awakening, that’s why you presently see the phrase RISE UP, Rise Together, and so on, its a subconscious meme to become Violent,! To Rise Up and start a Civil War Donald J Trump represents a Political Black Swan Event, and we were told to prepare in 2014!! Nibiru = Donald Trump, a Deep Impact…………Shawn C


  6. Brilliant stuff from you as usual. You don’t owe anyone an apology.
    If people are to busy to do their own research in their reality that’s not your fault. Or their fault either for the main part.
    In any case, Gematria is multi-dimensional and deciphering the code of our reality on paper is literally just skimming the revealing and helpful as it may be.
    Think CUBE, like the big black cube that Muslims walk around SEVEN times at MECCA. And the black cube-shaped ‘Alien Looking’ quantum COMPUTER that is admittedly already being used by the people that appear to be controlling much of the goings on in these Earthly Realms. (The NSA and Google are using quantum computers for sure.)
    The elite wish they were God and that they could rule over us forever. Never gonna happen. Because we are all The Creator and Awake and inseparable.
    Please keep doing what you’re doing Brither. I will send you some cash or whatever payment method you prefer in exchange for a signed copy of your book when it becomes available…feel free to include a sketch of that Bali beach on the inside cover to remind me where I’ll be going on vacation one of these days. Thanks

    Liked by 1 person

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