Anti-Trump Protests

Not My President =1013. Election Day =113. Dishonest =113. Protest =113. Uprising =113. Oregon Anti-Trump Protests =113. No small wonder then that Anti-Trump Protests broke out across America following the less than popular election of Trump-Pence =113 like the plural of Trumpet =113. The [Play]Book of Revelation (written by the architects and deep encoded with occult numerology) speaks of the Seven Trumpets that will sound individually as cues for apocalyptic events to unfold.

  • Seven Trumpets =71/197. Not My President =71/197. This Is Very Bad =71 and 197 is the 45th prime number for the 45th US President.
  • Seven Trumpets =62. This Is Very Bad =62. Riot =62. Anti-Trump =620. Portland Riot =162. 

Anti-Trump =42/132. Kill Trump =42/132. Trumpets =42/132. Vote Trump =42. Twenty Sixteen General Election =132. Zionism =42. Zionist Occupied Government =132. And 132 days = 4 months 9 days just as 7 angels X 7 trumpets =49. Revelation =49. Donald J Trump =49.

Anti-Trump Protest =1105. Eighth of November =1105. Donald Trump Make America Great Again =1015. Trump was born 1 year 1 month 15 days after Hitler died and his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was demolished by a sledgehammer on Hillary’s last birthday, 501 weeks 1 day after it went up. Donald Trump Wins Election =115 and he won 511 days after announcing his campaign. Saturn =511, the god of the Royal-Illuminati Coven =115.

And in LA, protests on 10/11 shut down the 101 Freeway. Assassin =101. And what a sign to pose the militarized police beneath: Alameda St Union Station =76. Pennsylvania Avenue =76. Stop Trump Movement =76. And we just so happen to see a clearance of 15 ft 6 in. The President of the United States =156 and he was elected 15 years 60 days after 9/11 on 11/9. The 156th prime is 911.

  • Donald =119. Seven Angels With Seven Trumpets =119. Master Plan =119.

I noticed a Mashable article today making it clear that Simpsons DID NOT predict a Trump Presidency, despite our findings to the contrary. Indeed there is some misinformation cycling about the date of the Trump images, throwing the casual reader off the trail, but as you know the programming runs much deeper. Another predictive programming example out there in the mainstream is how Simpsons accurately called the exact election map; well it was close but not exact. 

Mr Burns Endorses Romney was a Simpsons short that aired on 11/1/12. Smithers says, “I like to fire people” and “47%” – and it aired 4 years 7 days before the 2016 Election. Seamus the Dog =47. President =47. Or with end date, 4 years 8 days. Donald Trump =48. Shaggy Dog =48, which Burns repeats as the map is shown.


One thought on “Anti-Trump Protests

  1. So…do you remember the alcohol Colt45? Colts win after 45th president. Colt45 is also a gun. Someone commented somewhere that in occult writing that 2017 is the year of peace but they could also mean piece. Where did you learn gematria from? You are really good.


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