RIP Leonard Cohen

Canadian singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen has died on 11/10/16 at age 82; yet another legendary entertainer to get knocked off in the Year of the Dead Celebrity. Coming as little to no surprise, the ritual sacrifice of Leonard Cohen is heavily embedded with all the coding programmed into the matrix for the upcoming assassination of President Donald J Trump. ** (There’s been conflicting reports but apparently Cohen died on 11/7 and his death was announced on 11/10.)

  • Leonard Cohen =114. President Elect Donald J Trump =114 (born 411 days after Hitler died). President of the United States =114. Chicago Cubs Championship =114 with their 114th win, the code we’ve been seeing an abundance of lately. Cohen’s death news came 11 months 4 days after Yossi Cohen became Director of the Mossad and Leonard died 10 months 14 days before his next birthday. 
  • Leonard Norman Cohen =547 and he died in Los Angeles California =547, the 102nd prime. United States of America =102. Windsor =102. The Royal Family =1020. 
  • The 102 code is synonymous with 612 (translated in English & Sumerian Gematria by the factor of 6); and Trump and Cohen were born exactly 612 weeks apart.

L Cohen =30. Donald =300. Elected when Leonard was 30,000 days old.

Thirty-Thousand Days =1506. The election was 15 years 60 days after 9/11. The President of the United States =156. Incited By The Media =156. Thirty-Three =156. Leonard =33 born in Westmount =33.

  • On 11/12 the Singer-Songwriter =112 would have been 30,003 days old. Forty-Fifth US President =112. Trump won 112 days after his official nomination as Republican candidate and Cohen’s death news came 10 months 12 days before his next birthday. Zionist =112. Cohen was the son of a rabbi and the grandson of the founding president of the Canadian Jewish Congress – and the election was 11 months 2 days after Yossi Cohen took the reins of the Mossad, a major player in the orchestration of global psyops.

Cohen =270. Trump Death Foreshadowing =270. After reaching 270 electoral votes, Trump was elected 45th US President — and over the next three days we saw the deaths of three appropriately coded entertainers: Jack Bodell =450, Russ Nixon =45, and Cohen =45.


Cohen’s death announced on 11/10 and his second novel was titled Beautiful Losers =1110. Donald John Trump =1110, Loser one of his favourite scripted catchphrases. President =110. Bowie died on 1/10 from Liver Cancer =110.

  • Leonard Cohen =306 died 306 days after Bowie. The 306th prime is 2017, the year that Trump will become president – barring some sort of event…
  • November Tenth =161. The Election of President Donald J Trump =161. Donald Trump Assassinated =116. Royalty =116. Bowie died on 10/01/16, as it’s written in Israel where they read backwards – a perfect reflection of 9/11/01, and Cohen’s death announced on 10/11/16.

Cohen born 21/9. Trump Assassinated =219. Former Cleveland Indians catcher Russ Nixon just died on Election Day – his birthday was 2/19. Andrew Luck born 9/12. Super Bowl LI =912. Cohen’s death announced 87 days before Super Bowl Fifty-One =87 on February Fifth =870. 

  • Leonard N Cohen =128. President Donald J Trump Assassinated =128. 
  • His last album, released exactly three weeks before his death announcement: Leonard Cohen You Want It Darker =319/139. Assassination of Donald Trump =319/139. He died 319 days before his birthday. 

139 is the 34th prime and the breaking death news of Leonard =69 was 340 days after Yossi Cohen =69 became Director of the Mossad. State of Israel =69.


9 thoughts on “RIP Leonard Cohen

  1. I have been thinking he was going to take the “retirement package” for several months since the death of his “muse” Marianne July 28/16. It further made sense when Dylan won the Nobel and Cohen’s new album “You want it darker” was soon released. There was a social media “death hoax” for Cohen Oct. 11/16 too. You did a great job on your breakdown, thanks.


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