Janet & Leonard – Another Twins Trick


As documented individually, Janet Reno & Leonard Cohen both died (along with Will Smith’s father) on 11/7, the day before the election of the Forty-Fifth President =117. Fresh Prince of Bel Air =117 and Reno died from Parkinson’s Disease =117. These appear to be ritual sacrifices for the programmed defeat of Hillary Rodham =711. 

  • Leonard Norman Cohen =547, the 102nd prime. Willard Carroll Smith Sr =102. Janet Reno =102/612. Cohen & Trump were born exactly 612 weeks apart. Leonard Cohen & Janet Reno =216. Cohen was born on 2/19 and they both died in 2016. Lincoln was assassinated exactly 216 weeks after a failed attempt and Obama was born on the 216th day. 
  • Cohen and Reno =116. Royalty =116. Donald Trump Assassinated =116. Trump was born 1 year 1 month 16 days after Hitler. White Supremacy =1116. Psychological Operation =1116. 

Cohen & Reno were born a clean 1400 days apart. Fake Death =140. Janet =14.


One Thousand Four Hundred Days =319/139 and Cohen died 319 days before his next birthday and his 14th and final album, released days before his death, was titled Leonard Cohen You Want It Darker =319/139. Assassination of Donald Trump =319/139. Presidential Assassination =139. The Killing of the Divine King =139, as it’s called in Masonic lore. The news of JFK’s death broke at 1:39 PM EST and and Jack Ruby, the man who assassinated Lee Harvey Oswald, died 1139 days after the death of JFK. Twins =1139. 

  • That’s also 3 year 1 month 1 day between the births of Cohen and Reno, the latter of which born on the 311th day and confirmed as Attorney General on 3/11. Election Day =113 and Trump won 113 days after his official nomination as Republican candidate. Not My President =1013. Pence =113. Vice-President Mike Pence =113. Cohen, Reno & Smith died 1 month 13 days after Will Smith Jr’s birthday – the day we got the Twins Trick sacrifice of Arnold Palmer & José Fernandez.
  • Cohen & Reno were both born on the 21st and this year their birthdays were 2 months 1 day apart. The 21st prime is 73. Sacrifice =73. Ritual Sacrifice =73. Hillary Clinton =73. McKinley was assassinated 7300 days after Garfield.

And with regards to the aforementioned 319/139 run, CNN showed us this ominous image on 11/13 of Obama pretending to get shot by Spider-Man =319/99. President-Elect Trump =99. Slain President =990. 


Trump was born exactly 790 weeks before Obama was born. Obama’s Ritual Sacrifice =790. Assassination =79. Murder =79. Lincoln =79. On 9/9/16 (113 days remaining) Trump had a rally in Pensacola Florida =79. That was exactly 7900 weeks after Lincoln died.

2 thoughts on “Janet & Leonard – Another Twins Trick

  1. Great stuff as always Truth-seeker. That image with the POTUS and the kid dressed as Spider man. Obama looks like he’s being shot but maybe its not the web crawler doing it. How about that statue? Looks like the kid to pointing at it possibly. It looks creepy. Maybe its symbolic for death. Just a thought. The twin image in the mirror made think of the “Wonder Twins 2218 New World Order 2218” President of the United States 321 Kill two birds with one stone 321.

    Maybe use that Trumpet to “Play Taps 110 President 110”
    Also the flowers a staged prop too. “Send yellow flowers 79 Murder 79”


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