South Korean Protests of President Park: Assassination Coding Continues

Meanwhile, as thousands of Americans hit the streets to protest the election of Donald Trump, massive protests are going off half-way around the world in Seoul to demand the removal of South Korean President Park Geun-Hye, the country’s first female president. I don’t think I need to spell out the parallels here. President Park (whose current approval rating is a record low 5%) has quite the interesting backstory, as both her mother and father were assassinated in separate events. Her mother died in an attempt on the President – in a frickin theatre just like Lincoln – and her father, who seized power through a coup d’état and ruled over an increasingly authoritarian military dictatorship for 18 years, was taken out by one of his closest friends, none other than the Director of the Korean Central Intelligence Agency himself. Talk about a plot twist.

  • Clearly an agent of the Gang of 33 (Asia Branch), President Park was born on Feb 2nd, the 33rd day of 1952 with 333 days remaining. Thirty-Three =66/156. President Park =66/156. February Second =66/156. She was born 1560 days after Hillary’s birth and 15 years 60 days after the 9/11 False Flag =156, Trump was elected The President of the United States =156. And 911 is the 156th prime number for glorious symmetry.

That’s also a span of exactly 223 weeks between Park & Hillary’s birthdays. Masonic =223. Skull and Crossbones =223 and that’s the Skull & Bones 322 coding (Another President Assassinated =322) as the gang sign of the real pirates who collectively rape & pillage the planetary consciousness in the name of Queen & Country =61 aka Elizabeth II =61 aka White Power =61 aka God =61 aka False Reality =61. 

Trump campaigned in part on the pledge to cut ties with Japan and South Korea (one of the world’s most prosperous nations) unless they paid more money, yet two days after his election he promised Park to work with her “until the end.” Park was elected 193 weeks before Trump was elected and her mother was popped 19 weeks 3 days before her mother’s birthday. Trump was born 1193 weeks after President Harding died in office. 193 the 44th prime and Trump the 44th person elected US President. Kill =44. William Henry Harrison died on 4/4, the first US president to die in office and Lincoln had a vision of his death on 4/4. JFK was elected in the 44th election.

  • Forty-Four =144. Lincoln killed on 14/4. Charles Philip Arthur George =144 (Prince Charles’s birth name). Prince William =144. The next two in line for the throne bearing the number of the Monarchy of the United Kingdom =144, and presumably both named after King Solomon =144.

Park was also born 2060 days after Trump’s birth and it’s reported that 26 people have been injured in the Seoul Protests. Her father became president 26 days after JFK died, then was himself assassinated 2 weeks 6 days after his last birthday. Killed =26. God =26. Queen =26 (Elizabeth born in ‘26 and assumed the throne on 2/6, coronated on 6/2. Charles II died 2/6 and Queen Anne was born 2/6). Bit of a pattern there eh.


Park Chung-Hee & Prince Charles were born on 11/14. Trump born 411 days after Hitler died. Assassin =411 like JFK shot from 411 Elm Street. Hillary was Secretary of State for 4 years 11 days, 9/11 happened 4 years 11 days after Diana died, and Charles & Diana were married 4 months 11 days after he proposed. Charles is the oldest heir presumptive since Sophia of Hanover, born 10/14.

  • Park =19. Chung-Hee died 19 days before their birthday, Hitler died 19 days after President Roosevelt, and JFK died 190 days before his next birthday (or 6 months 7 days). The 19th prime is 67. Blood Sacrifice =67.

The 67th prime is 331. South Korea =133. Government =133. False Reality =133. Prince Charles was 11,303 days old when Chung-Hee died. As my findings continue to pile up the proof, these boss players are all born on precise dates as appropriate for the grand global chess game, where the board is not so much space but time.

Now here’s where it gets really interesting. Her father was assassinated on Hillary’s 32nd birthday. Korea =32/50. America =32/50. Thirty-Two =50, 158. Prince Charles was 15 years 8 days old for the death of US President John Fitzgerald Kennedy =158.

The South Korean Protests began on Hillary’s 69th birthday, 11 months 12 days after the 2015 Protests where 80,000 anti-government protesters clashed with government forces on the streets of Seoul, demanding the extremely corrupt Park to step down. Chung-Hee died 11 months 12 days before his birthday. Forty-Fifth US President =112.

  • Royalty =1051. Park =151 was President for 15 years 10 months 10 days. Trump was born 1 year 1 month 15 days after Hitler died. President Park Geun-Hye =115. 
  • Chung-Hee’s rule, however, began 6690 days before his death. President-Elect Trump =996. Charles Philip Arthur George =996. Manchurian Candidates =996. 
  • Mr Park died exactly 831 weeks after JFK died and Mrs Park died with 138 days remaining. Donald Trump =138. 

Trump was born 5005 weeks 3 days after President Taylor died in office and 5530 days before Obama was born. The Antichrist =553. Trump’s rally in Pensacola on 9/9/16 (113 days remaining) was 55,300 days after Lincoln died. US President Donald John Trump =335. Sum those together for Donald J Trump =888.


The mother Yuk Young-Soo was assassinated exactly 560 weeks after JFK. President =56. Assassin =56. That’s 3920 days later, the black mirror of 293, the 62nd prime. Yuk Young-Soo =62. Garfield was assassinated 6002 days after Lincoln.

  • She was shot in a theatre on the 227th day, like Lincoln shot in a theatre who died at 7:22 AM.
  • Yuk died on 8/15/74, a reflection of 8/15/47, the day India received its independence from the British Empire. It was also South Korean Independence Day.

Another fun fact about Ms Park is that her stated religion is Shamanism, the use of altered states of consciousness to perceive and interact with the spirit world in orede to channel transcendental energies into this world…


One thought on “South Korean Protests of President Park: Assassination Coding Continues

  1. Watch: ” Kenzo World–The New Fragrance” on youtube (3:49 min) for a freaky theatre assassination of a formally dressed black man (on a balcony) by a delta-alter-mkultra-esque woman in a kelly green dress. At timestamp 2:16 (2016?) she spots him and by 2:27 (fateful Pi) lights flash on and off in gunfire. The music is bizarre, but only at second 3:14 (Pi) it stops and the Emergency Broadcast System is heard as she falls backwards into an orchestra pit. .She does a somersault (=666 jewish) at 2:32 (satan) and then dives thru a huge horus eye….

    Apparently, Kenzo contains the trademarked ingredient “Ambroxan” for a “magical note”.
    Ambroxan= 504=Kennedy, 528/88=Trump, Elizabeth.
    After watching the original video above, I highly recommend following it with, “Decoding the Kenzo World Fragrance Film” by 17Stormy17 for symbolism. Brace yourself.


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