Astro Jetson & Long-Distance Super Bowl Projections

Astro the Horse got punched out at a Trump rally, like the Houston Astros =51, Houston Texans =51 host to Super Bowl 51. Hanna-Barbera =510. The 51st prime is 233. Horse =233. Luck =233. Astro makes me think of the dog from The Jetsons, the cartoon that first aired in 1962 on 23/9 created by Hanna-Barbera Productions =239. That’s smack dab between two Giants NFL Championship Games (before they were called Super Bowls). And that’s the first next level of the beauty clue that ol’ Jeremy boy dropped us at Fields of White. Now let’s do what we do best over here and get real real deep into the goodness, off the deep-end as almost always.

112 protesters were arrested at a Trump rally in Portland & Astro the Police Horse got sucker-punched at a coinciding rally in Houston =112. Andrew Luck =112. Horseshoe =112. Zionist =112. Now for the insane connections to Houston I discovered embedded within The Jetsons, we’ll begin with the voice actor of Astro: Don Messick =112After being cancelled in ’63 (Colts established 63 years ago) The Jetsons came back for 112 weeks with their final episode airing on 11/12 (1987), a span of 11 months 20 days after its 26th anniversary. The voice of Jane Jetson died on 11/12 (2003), and get this one: the voice actors of George Jetson & Mr Spacely =112 both died during production of the Jetsons Movie in 1989 — the same year that Luck was born and Lucas Oil was founded — with a span of 21 weeks 1 day between their deaths. George O’Hanlon (who voiced George) died on 2/11 and Mel Blanc (Mr Spacely) died 2 months 11 days before the birth of Andrew Luck. What!?

Mason =211, the 47th prime and this is the 47th official Super Bowl. Luck =47. Astrodome =47, where the Astros/Oilers/Texans once played.

  • Luck was born 223 days after O’Hanlon died, and creator William Hanna died on 22/3 (2001). Super Bowl Fifty-One =2023. 
  • Jetson =29. Horse = 29. Andrew = 29. Football = 29. Lucas Oil = 29. Cosmo =29. Houston located on the 29th parallel North.

When I searched “Football + Jetsons” I found an episode titled Jetson’s Nite Out =53. Super Bowl LI =53. The Astrodome =53. Mr. J.P. Gottrockets =53, Astro the dog’s former billionaire owner. George lies to his wife and sneaks out to watch the Big Game only to get busted as Jane catches him from her big screen TV. Jetson’s Nite Out =206 and the voice of Judy (Janet Waldo) just died this year, 20 weeks 6 days before Super Bowl LI.

  • Jetsons =612. Elroy was 6 1/2 years old. Janet Waldo died on 6/12 like Luck’s 9/12 birthday. Super Bowl LI =912. 
  • This episode also featured a stadium with retractable dome roof and aired in the same year that construction began on Houston’s Astrodome, the world’s first domed sports stadium. It aired on 10/7/62, which is 411 days before JFK was shot from 411 Elm Street…

Hanna-Barbera =49. Joseph Barbera died 49 days before the Colts won Super Bowl XLI.

Remember that the Houston Astros were previously called the Houston Colt 45s, and now here we are with the 45th president and his connections to JFK and the space program, of which mission control in Houston bestows the name Astros. The Colt 45s joined the AL in 1962 (the same year that Jetsons first aired with the family dog’s backstory that he was previously owned by a mega-wealthy industrialist, just as the Astros were an expansion team from the NY Mets), and the year after the Apollo Program began. Colt Forty-Fives =69. Houston Astrodome =69. Apollo Program =69. Fake Moon Landing =69 which happened in ’69. 

7 thoughts on “Astro Jetson & Long-Distance Super Bowl Projections

  1. Mr. J.P. Gottrockets (Seriously Folks)

    as bad as the driver of the pickup truck James Dean allegedly drove his Porshe 550 Spider into.

    Mr. Donald Turnupspeed

    Don’t believe anything anyone says, verify everything everyone says.


  2. Next level Berg article!!
    One small clarification, the 112 protesters were arrested in Portland. The lady who punched the horse was a separate incident in Houston.
    If we look into Portland, there’s probably even more clues there.

    I’m currently looking into the Michigan vs Ohio State game coming up this week… and the Buckeye’s stadium is called “The Horseshoe”… Hold on to your horses!


  3. a major piece of the puzzle that we’ve been missing: using the NFL/franchise establishment dates just as we’ve been using the coach and qb birth dates. Let’s call them the league and team birthdays. Yesterday, the NFL’s “birthday” (8/20) was 3 months 1 day ago, or 13 weeks 2 days. Like Oakland Raiders = 132 simple, and Oakland = 31 pyth/131 inverse. They handed Houston their 131st loss, which of course is the 32nd prime, and the sum of its divisors = 132. 31 is the 11th prime, it was the last game of week 11, Del Rio stayed and 11 losses and Osweiler stayed on 11 wins, 11 weeks from the Super Bowl. Of course the date 11/21 = 32.

    The Raiders’ “birthday” is 1/30 (31), which was 10 weeks from last night, it was the 10th matchup between the teams, Raiders = 100 bacon, and their birthday gives them a 110 life #. Their last birthday was 296 days prior, Raiders = 269 jewish.

    The Texans’ “birthday” was 46 days/6 weeks 4 days prior, and they are now 6-4 on the season AND 6-4 vs Oakland! That’s also 1 month 15 days, their next birthday was in 10 months 15 days, and Raiders = 115 inverse.

    Now get this, with Indy, from the Super Bowl on 2/5, they will have been in Indianapolis 12,003 days, like the franchise was established 1/23 and Indianapolis = 123 simple! AND their next “birthday” (as Indy) will be in 1 month 23 days, OR 51 goddamn days!

    Here is a link to all the franchises’ establishment dates (wiki doesn’t have very many):


  4. […] Extra-Capsa previously documented some crazy connections between The Jetsons and a potential Colts Super Bowl – and I just found this screenshot from the show of someone behind the scenes controlling robotic football players…. And Manning looking like he’s trying to hear what his helmet intercom is telling him to do. As it turns out, we have another Twins Trick as Mayor Hudnut died on the same day as a director for The Jetsons. Gordon Hunt died at age 87. Super Bowl Fifty-One =87. The 87 jersey in the top pic. […]


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