Dr Who: The Deadly Assassin

FTFT ran a story on a 1976 episode of the BBC series Dr Who titled “The Deadly Assassin” that features the assassination of a president set to retire, and Dr Who being framed as the patsy. It was the 88th episode: Trump =88. Donald J Trump =888. The Time Lords =888 (the native people on Dr Who’s home planet). The Time Pandemonium =88 (the 1990 album that featured a song written by Prince called ‘Donald Trump [Black Version]’). Black Version =68/131. Assassinated =68/131.

  • The Deadly Assassin =185. Donald John Trump =185. 
  • Dr Who =68. Llewellyn Rees =68 (actor who played the assassinated President). Donald John Trump =68. Barack Obama =68. Assassinated =68/32.
  • Dr Who =32. Obama =32. America =32.
  • Doctor Who =49/121. Supremacy =49/121. Antichrist =49/121. Revelation =49/121.

And now to bring it deeper with Jewish Gematria. DR WHO =1042. The United States of America =1042. President Obama =142. WHO =958. The Deadly Assassin =958. That’s right, the title of the episode is a perfect JG synch with the good doctor’s name. Perhaps we may find clues to these occult rituals in the energetic synonyms: New Age =958. David and Goliath =958. Death of King David =958.

Reading a synposis of this episode we find that it features a vast computer system known as The Matrix, a repository for the knowledge of all deceased Time Lords used to foresee future events and manipulate a simulated reality. Very curious indeed… Especially as the program begins with Dr Who experiencing a precognitive vision about the President of the Time Lords being murdered, a vision that was transmitted via The Matrix, the vast neural network which can turn thought patterns into virtual reality — a theme that sounds a lot like Extra Capsa’s theory of how Gematria-coding functions.  

WHO =46 (Sacrifice / Deception / Hit and Run / Apartheid). The latter of which is what happens when one builds a wall between people, and Hit & Run like the Illuminati card that features the suit getting taken out. If Trump is assassinated post-inaugration, Pence will become the 46th President. The Hit & Run card showed license plate 235-666, which is an anagram of the next decode:

  • Dr Who & The Deadly Assassin =253. Ritual Celebrity Sacrifice =253. Masonic Ritual Murders =253. President Donald Trump Dies In Office =352. Death of President-Elect Donald Trump =352. It was exactly 352 weeks between Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon album and The Wall and Trump was 1205 weeks 3 days old when Neil Armstrong pretended to walk on the moon.

Now, when the last episode of this four-part series aired (11/20/76), Donald Trump was 11,118 days old. The Assassination of Donald Trump =118 and he was elected on 11/8. Presidency =118. Death =118. Homicide =118. Ritual Celebrity Sacrifice =118. The Matrix =118. Furthermore, the first part of the episode aired (10/30/76) a span of 11 months 8 days after the 12-year anniversary of the JFK assassination.

  • End date not included, US President-Elect Donald Trump =117 (soon to be officially the Forty-Fifth President =117) was 11,117 days old. Donald J Trump Dies In Office =117. 
  • The Doctor, as Who was known, reminding us of Trump’s wacky doc. The Doctor =45/108. Berlin Wall =45/108. Dealey Plaza =45/108. Cubs =45 breaking the 108-year drought & the 45th US President Donald Trump =108. 

And one final curious duration count is the span from the Dr Who reboot premier on 3/17/06 to Trump’s election: 555 weeks 5 days. That reminds us that Trump will be aged 70 years 7 months 7 days on Inaugration Day. 

3 thoughts on “Dr Who: The Deadly Assassin

  1. Brother Berg I was wondering if you have ever seen the movie “Bill & Ted Excellent Adventure”? Its about a couple of high school metal heads with a time machine that looks like a phone booth. The Bill & Ted phone booth and the Dr. Who Tardis are very similar time traveling machines. Not like the time traveling machine of the Back to the Future movies that predicted the Cubs World Series. Bill & Ted also form a band called “Wyld Stallyns”. The bands music in the movie is credited for the utopian society of the future. I was thinking that this movie might contain some Super Bowl/Presidental programming. Stallions start out as Colts and I have found some coding in this already. It may just be some coincidental coding but I would like for you to take a look sir.


    • I’ll definitely take a look, love that movie. I was thinking of the phone booth comparison too. Also Superman uses it to transform into a god and in the Matrix they use pay phones to travel through dimensions. And the original concept of the time machine in BTTF was a fridge.

      Time Machine =55/100. Phone Booth =55. Payphone =100. So it could be a Gematria tribute though I think there’s a hidden truth in the process of digitization…


  2. Could be why they want to make information digital and put it in the “Cloud”. Perhaps some twist on God and the Heavens.

    Also running on the telephone booth theme. How about the movie “Phone Booth.” It deals with a secret assassin. Phone Booth=55. Killer Booth=55. Payphone=100. Shooter=100. President Lincoln was shot by a “Booth”. John Wilkes Booth.


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