Moon Gems & Zen Lunatics

Brother Jeremy over at Fields of White also dropped some moon-themed Gems that happened to synchronize nicely with my previous Pink Floyd report. He points out the “Moonday” Night Football (11/14/16) with guest analyst Warren Moon coincided with the largest Supermoon in 68 years. Barack Obama =68. Donald John Trump =68, born on a Total Lunar Eclipse =68. Assassinated =68. Dies In Office =68. President’s Death =68. That’s both incoming and outgoing presidents synched up with some truly ominous energetic synonyms, to coincide with all the hype for a hit.

Aside: Unlike other unnamed leaders in the Truth Community who use their platform of influence to sprinkle upon the good stuff bits of hate speech against the brainwashed multitudes, calling for the culling of the ignorant more than a changing of the guards, I actually believe in people. I actually love people. And I believe in the ability of my readers to think bigger than the basic and outdated paradigms that perceive the world as two-toned and divisive. To recognize that fighting fire with fire will only beget more disaster, and it’s a change in both action & thought that is antithetical to the current corrosive status quo that is required in order to precipitate real change – change that benefits the whole. To recognize the Oneness in all things, and strive to be Bohdisattvas or at least Zen Lunatics who by being kind and also by strange and unexpected acts keep giving visions of eternal freedom to everybody & to all living creatures.  

Two nights ago I had a 13-hour overnighter in San Francisco which I spent wandering 33km (no shit) around the city and talking to bums and soaking up the vibes of this beautiful city. I had a few cocktails at the Vesuvio Cafe, Kerouac’s old haunt, and watched the sunrise from atop the Russian Hills. I saw the innate beauty in all these Americans I met, a warm hospitality despite the necessity to front. And while a few people I talked to were open to the new paradigm, those that were unable to connect only reinforced my fight against the Powers That Be, not to blame the victims as these other truth leaders might. And it’s with that faith in humanity’s ability to transcend that I drop the following deep decipher.

Now on the topic of the Moon… It can be argued that the two most important moon-themed pieces of media in the entire history of art are Georges Méliès’ Le Voyage Dans Le Lune (A Trip To The Moon) [1902], the first science fiction film ever made, and Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon [1973]. As it turns out, both are intimately interwoven with the conspired narrative of Donald Trump, the human-marionnete spawned on the night of a Blood Moon. Here we see identical durations between A Trip To The Moon & Donald Trump’s date of birth, and The Dark Side of the Moon & Donald Trump’s election – emphasis on the 2280 weeks.


Now what are the fucking odds of that 43-year duration synch?! We drop a lot of next level finds on this site, but c’mon. Death =228. Another Brick In The Wall =228. United States of America =228. Washington DC =822. Authority =822. Mind Control =822. Janet Reno died 8 months 22 days before her birthday, and the day before the election.

But as always, Gematria proves that  the tribute runs even deeper, as Pink Floyd’s album is a perfect dual-match with Méliès’ full name: Marie-Georges-Jean Méliès =116/215. The Dark Side of the Moon =116/215. 

  • Cheese =116, as the moon was once said to be made of. Royalty =116, who own the intellectual rights to the commoners’ concept of what the moon really is.
  • The Man In The Moon =75/174. New World Order =75/174. 

And before we move on let’s not overlook the 15,960 days stretch in the Floyd-Méliès-Trump code: that reduces to the active form of 596: Indianapolis Colts =596 (JG). Well hot-damn.

Le Voyage Dans La Lune released on 10/4 and the Apollo Moon Landing happened 104 years after Jules Verne’s From the Earth to the Moon. Jules Gabriel Verne =104The Dark Side =104. Mass Perception Management =104. Brainwashed =104. President Donald Trump =104. The Target =104. The Death of a President =104. Dies In Office =104. Anti-Fascist Protective Wall =104, the official name of the Berlin Wall, Trump elected on the 27th anniversary (9+9+9) of its fall.

Jules Verne died on 3/24/05. That’s exactly 129 weeks after Le Voyage Dans La Lune. Marie-Georges-Jean Méliès =1290. The Dark Side of the Moon =1290. The British Monarchy =1290. Moon-Saturn Mind Control Matrix =129. Mind Control Broadcast Station =129. The Death Star =129. And with regards to the mind control connections, that’s ol’ David Icke’s theory there that Saturn is the projector of our virtual reality / holographic universe and the Moon is an artificial satellite amplifying the Saturn-signal onto Earth. Essentially the Death Star =57. Moon =57.  And there we have it – the Gematria certainly synchs.

  • Kickin it back to the 2280 week span, Jules Verne was born on 2/8/28 and died with 282 days left in the year. Le Voyage Dans La Lune released 1828 days after President McKinley died of his assassination wounds.
  • Perhaps “to the moon” is insider code for a one-way trip out of the Matrix. To The Moon =44. Space Race =44. NASA Lies =44. Saturnism =44. Saturnalia =44. Werewolf =44. Lupercalia =44, the festival of the wolf on the 44th day of the year.

NASA pretended to land on the moon on 7/20 (1969). A Trip To The Moon =72, released 1 year 20 days after the assassination of William McKinley =72. Illuminati =120. Death of a President =1020.

  • Apollo Program =69. Fake Moon Landing =69. Little Green Men =69. CIA Mind Control =69. MK-Ultra =96. Subliminal Mind Control =96.
  • Moon Hoax =42/105. Blood Moon =42/105. Zionism =42/105. Masonry =42/105.

And my final thoughts for now on the Trump election are not that anyone who voted for him should be rounded up into concentration camps and turned into fucking fertilizer, as other unnamed truth leaders want to see (because what kind of a sick & twisted mind thinks of that shit anyway?) but that of the two options, Trump’s at least appeared to be the most anti-establishment. Obviously they’re both horrible humans and left & right hand marionnettes controlled by the same source, but at least the bullshit that Trump promoted was something fresh and exciting and new. Of course he’s got awful plans to go along with that, so did Hillary! And all campaign rhetoric is always mostly bullshit, but Trump at least appeared to be positioned as the more authentic option, and awake Americans should be optimistic about that shift in public opinion, even if it was all rigged from Jump Street as it most likely was. 

As a Canadian, I saw Hillary as so fucking phony and contrived that it physically hurt, and at least Trump is a comic relief as brand spokesman – which is all that the President of the United States is. So I’m sorry but to call for the murder of every American citizen who decided that Trump was the better option of the two, especially when in the same breath stating that it’s all a rigged game, is beyond beyond fucked. It’s a detriment to the truth community to employ the same tactics as the Programmers and openly call for mass slaughter just because people don’t understand the game like you might. The average American is not only  a victim of intensive & systematic brainwashing, they’re too stressed out & preoccupied with making enough money to pay the bills to appreciate the luxury of truth, let alone have the time to educate themselves. And it’s a culture of victim-blaming that the Programmers have social-engineered in order to divert attention from their Conspiracy. So to fall victim to that mentality as a truth leader is a serious warning sign of the new world they intend to see fulfilled. And as much as I’d rather keep my own style of fight alive, real truth-telling means calling out distortions in the field, so that you, Dear Reader, may come to your own conclusions. 

And if you don’t know what I’m taking about or to whom I’m adressing, good on you. Keep fighting the good fight. Keep making the daily effort to rise above the divide & conquer bullshit to which They want us falling prey. And go do some strange & unexpected act for someone now sooner than later. And happy Thanksgiving! Remind yourself what you’re grateful for & then live positively for that. 

12 thoughts on “Moon Gems & Zen Lunatics

  1. Light On Gematria – Heavy on Common Sense. Very nice blog post.

    I’m surprised so many in the Truther community fall for the Trump is a racist bigot Narrative. Hillary is far worse with her words, & the worst in regards to her actions. Very few voted For Trump – most voted Against Hillary – Against the Establishment. Bernie would have beaten Trump – the establishment loses either way.

    Some people are too filled with Ego to be humble, & it hurts them in the long run. When you pump Hillary for 2 years straight, & she loses. Well, it means you made some mistakes with your Decoding. Big Mistakes, & you need to be a bigger person to first Admit them, & then fix them. Not join the Corrupted MSM in trumpeting hate speech, & the divisive Lies that come w/ it.

    I guess for those who literally Worship CNN 24/7 – they have no choice but to fall prey to the mind control. I’m thankful for staying Independent & Modest on this Thanksgiving. Hoping others can follow Brother Berg’s sentiment on this post. Good work.

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    • Right on. Ego is our enemy.

      It’s incomprehensible for one to fall for the same propaganda that one is claiming to expose. Also, to say all the candidates are nothing more than actors but then go on endless tirades about how only one of them is a terrible, disgusting person is very dishonest. I think there is some leftover Leftist/Marxist sentiment behind such outbursts. It’s too bad.


      • Absolutely buddy. It’s also too bad to lack the ability to at least project a consistent worldview to the public instead of constantly telling us how fucked and stupid we are unless there’s a bloody and murderous revolution in which 9/10 Americans deserve to be killed. It’s so fucking venomous man, all due respect for enlightening us, but the shit’s gone right off the rails. Wouldn’t be surprised if all donors end up directly on govt watch lists for essentially supporting genocide.

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  2. Great post, we certainly don’t need anymore leaders like Maximilien Robespierre of the French Revolution. Robespierre told the French of the injustices taking place and how the monarchy had to be overthrown. Then when it was overthrown he and his papal came to power and began guillotining everyone, even the common man. I understand the frustration though, most Americans are so conditioned that they ostracize and demonize anyone who stands up for truth. I know I’m not speaking for all Americans, but the vast majority are the walking dead. America is built on materialism and greed, the same attitude deeply instilled in its citizens. Most American men care about 2 things; 1. Themselves and maybe their families. 2. Sports. That’s what’s so frustrating, the vast majority of my country are selfish, rigged sports worshippers who lack the ability to think beyond the status quo. So much of it comes from the awful education we have here, there are only a handful of universities worth going to in the entire country, and we all know how terrible the k-12 programming is here. I’d assume you have better education in Canada, Americas education dosent teach how to think, it teaches you how to be a mindless drone worker who submits to authority and the status quo. Sadly, to break the veil of the American illusion, you have to be an outstanding individual. It’s a country with beautiful land inhabited by people who have less love than dogs, it’s all a trickle down from our Masonic overlords and our genocide of the natives founding.

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    • Well said buddy. I was in the Greek Islands a decade ago and came across these obnoxious Americans who were genuinely upset & distraught that there was no McDonald’s on the island, and being very vocal about it. This wasn’t the only incident and for a few years I had a disdain for Americans, I regret to say, until the wonderful epiphany that it wasn’t the people – for every time I visit America the people are so lovely and kind – it’s the fucking System that made them that way.

      You’re conditioned through the education system to be a slave, as you’re saying. And it’s not that much better in Canada but enough to see it for what it is. Rigged Sports & Ego, that about sums it up. Not much different anywhere in the West really (Asia is a different story tho and that’s why I live here now). And since I realized that I was projecting my anger in the wrong direction, towards the unconscious citizens instead of the Programmers, I made an extra effort to be better to all my fellow man – all in this and traumatized together. And to amp up the effort that is the Deprogram Program.


      • Wow haha, upset for the lack of McDonald’s while surrounded with great Greek cusine. Those people you encountered were probably fast food junkies and were addicted to whatever chemical compounds they make that food with. Couldn’t have summed it up better myself: rigged sports & ego. I used to laugh when eastern leaders like Ruhollah Khomeini called America and the UK “the Great satan,” but now I understand that he was speaking the truth. That’s great that you’re in Asia now, I imagine the entire continent having many enlightened beings, but I’ve also always had a special love for oriental culture. I will follow your example of directing your anger towards the Scripters, it can be very difficult to tolerate people’s unwillingness to break free of the matrix or to even begin researching. But as the saying goes, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make ’em drink. I suppose all you can really do for the common man is show him the door, not force him through it. Thank you for all your hard work and your lucid insights.


  3. Great post Brother Berg, I really enjoy your work and I love that I have found a great truthseeking community to keep me sane. I’m curious though, have you just been traveling the world your whole life? Is this a personal decision? Job? It seems you’re in a different place every time you post. Its awesome.

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    • Thanks brother. I’m usually based out of Vancouver but been doing the digital nomad thing for the past few years, copywriting & brand work etc. Got the lucky number 33 countries under my belt and shootin for 50. On my way up to the Thai islands now to meet some friends then will be making my way over to India. The world is far too awesome not to explore!


  4. Fantastic post. It’s nice too see someone with a lack of ego who IMMEDIATELY acknowledged he was wrong on his prediction. What’s the big deal? We are all imperfect.

    It’s also refreshing to see that you empathize with people and at least understand why people are drawn to Trump. You are so right. By design, people are exhausted and just trying to survive, with no energy remaining to become enlightened about the origin of their predicament. I like your objectivity as well and agree 100% that Trump is at least refreshing, funny, and has pulled back the curtain to expose some truth on a number of issues. No objective observer can deny that.

    Finally, it should be noted that if everyone was enlightened sufficiently to see exactly what the truth community sees, then what would we be fighting the system for? We need to tear down this rotten system. According to others, the problem is that everyone else is simply too stupid and need to wise up. It’s this disgusting apparatus that purposely keeps the majority in the dark. Our satanic overlords are the enemy, not our fellow man! People feel hopeless, and it should be easy to understand why so many would get behind a leader like Trump, regardless of how misguided it may be, in hopes of improving their situation. It’s refreshing to see someone who gets it! Thank you!


    • Hell yeah dude, so well said. Emphasis on “our satanic overlords are the enemy not our fellow man.” He is right that satanism is ultimately ego worship and it is a genuine malignant tumor in the psyche of the people, infecting even those among us who devote their life to truth telling.

      I tell ya, the vibe in SE Asia is very different. Community is alive and well and healthy, and any backpacker can chat up anybody. I just spent 12 hours with the local mafia and I’ll tell ya, they switched on to calling out corruption in their own sphere of influence. The system is truly fucked everywhere and deserves an overhaul but the people man, the people are waking up exponentially – despite what we may hear from other mavens with personal vendettas.


  5. It’s been reported that 90 million eligible voters didn’t vote, which is the majority in this election. I am one of them. It’s the first time I haven’t voted for a president. I sincerely believe my cat would’ve been a better candidate. I know many others that didn’t vote. We knew it was fixed–just like my cat! They control them all.
    The movie “They Live” has the longest fight scene I can ever recall seeing in a film. It is very strenuous and goes on and on and finally, you think it’s finished, but it goes on again, hit, fall and repeat. The protagonist is trying to force his buddy to put on the Truth Sunglasses, so they can unite in the fight against their mutual enemy. I watched it with some amusement and thought….yeah, that’s about right. Who wants to get up close and personal with the Big Lie? I do. We do.


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