This bullshit is almost as much a waste of time as truther infighting drama but I’ll weigh in. WikiLeaks is confirmed controlled opposition & not to be trusted yet elite pedophile rings apparently are very much a thing, so this psyop works effectively by both relieving the heat on the satanic sex offenders while lowering our vibrations through forcing us to dwell on horrible shit and also by coinciding with all the news about fake news stories – as even a shopkeeper here in Penang told me he’s aware of – and further dividing & thus conquering the truth-seekers who these days seem to spend more time calling each other frauds & shills than actually deciphering. It’s embarrassing, man. We should be ashamed of ourselves for debasing our dedication to seeking & speaking truth to power and acting like all the other brainwashed idiots programmed to see the world as Us vs Them whenever we simply don’t agree. Because like it or not, we’re all in this together. The lack of trust and surplus of contempt is killing this community by our own hands, as extensions of our own thoughts. The essence of mind control is to be in control of one’s own mind. And when we become victims of paranoia and fall prey to the same psychological warfare we are trying to expose by turning on each other and name-calling instead of working together with all our unique points of view each shedding different angles of light into the darkness – we end up just as fucked as all the sheep think we already are. 

That being said I recognize that professional trolls/shills are a real thing but that’s our freedom to choose what we accept from what we hear & read. If you think half the stuff I write is bullshit then hey, enjoy the other half! If you think it’s all bullshit then hey, read something else. To talk shit about someone just because they want the majority of the population turned into fertilizer (recognizing that some sort of drastic action needs to be taken & that some sort of purge will be required in order to precipitate real change) or because they believe in the clearly contrived PizzaGate psyop which ultimately has no definitive evidence one way or another (aside from all the other evidence about elite pedophile rings – and the blatantly rigged Gematria, as we’ll see yet more proof of), is ultimately going in the wrong direction, for we are all each of us seeking truth in our own ways. And sometimes that creates static but we need to be our higher selves and stay focused on the real goal here – unveiling the Programmers & rewiring our hijacked operating systems. I understand how it might appear to be helping others seeking truth by calling out those we feel are dishonourable, but we gotta use our own discernment to take all other opinions in with a grain of salt. As we show on the daily, there’s much truth to be found even in the corporate psyop media – we just have to read between the lines. 

And yeah, the PizzaGate psyop is full of deliberately coded alphanumerics but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a total hoax. It could just be the scripted narrative telling a piece of a semi-true story in a way that mindfucks on another level, like some flat earth rift business, which could really go either way. And it could also be all 100% bullshit! But that’s why I stay out of the flat earth debate and stick to the numerological facts. Personally I think there’s solid arguments on both sides and I remain agnostic as to the exact size & scope of our world, though my perspective through my own experience sides with the Holographic Universe theory which explains the conflicting perceptions entirely. But I’m not trying to force my opinions on anyone – I’m trying to stay focused on exposing the undeniable data of the decipher while using my intuition & awareness to do my small part to help solve this riddle. So please, drop the drama everyone. And a big shoutout to all you who use your freedom of speech to promote positivity. But also a shoutout to everyone who uses it to speak their mind, in whatever capacity they feel like. As Chomsky said, “If we don’t believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don’t believe in it at all.”

Rant concluded, PIZZAGATE =666. Illusion =666. This Is A Hoax =666, in Jewish Gematria which is just hilarious. And of course PIZZA =33. GATE =33. MK-Ultra =33. Elitism =33. Satanic Cult =33. Selfish =33. Narcissus =33. Obviously the 33-coding is a dead giveaway but let’s see if I can’t find some more synchs that really seal this one up.

  • COMET PING PONG =461. Pleasure =461. Ugliness =461. The Horror =461. American Culture =164. Welp, all of those energetic synonyms certainly fit the propaganda.
  • COMET PING PONG =154. Chevy Chase =54 (its location). Pedophile =54/540. Child Porn =54. Child Sex =504. Fake News =504. And there we have the 154 as the active form or ‘fulfilment’ of all the accompanying 54-themed rhetoric encoded into this tale.
  • COMET PING PONG =73. Hillary Clinton =73. Jeffrey Epstein =73. Satanic Sex Ring =73. [That last one’s not a perfect match as it uses 1/2 S-Exceptions but if we take it as a proper noun it could fit as confirmation bias.]
  • Pizzeria =110. Global Democratic Sex Ring =110. Underage Sex Trafficking =110, 227. That’s the Pi code, like a Pizza Pi. And as Zach pointed out, there’s an Illuminati card that is ominously pizza-themed — with a Pi symbol on it. And is the Pi symbol not also a symbol of a gateway?

NPR is calling it a Political Fake News Attack =111. Satanic Pedophilia Ring =111. Pizzagate =111. Political Fake News Attack =237. Conspiracy Theorist =237. A Global Democratic Sex Ring =237. Ritualistic Sex Abuse =237. As well as A Coordinated Political Attack =262. Clinton =262. That’s also the sum of the divisors of 154 like Comet Ping Pong =154. It doesnt’ take a genius to see where this is directed, as many people will believe that the Trump Administration now has a unique power of propaganda – and that truth-seekers are dangerous and need to be censored. 

Pizza For the Secret Meeting =140/293. Child Trafficking =140. Ceremonial Magic =293.

As I understand it at this point, Satanic-based pedophilia is ultimately about channelling the energy of Saturn =511. Which just so happens to coincide perfectly with the pizzeria’s official description: Comet Ping Pong is a Fun, Kid-Friendly Neighborhood Pizza Restaurant That Has Outdoor Seating Bands and of course Ping-Pong =511. 

  • Chevy Chase =99. Child Pornography =99. Child Porn =99. Kiddie Sex =99.
  • Alefantis =87. Clinton =87. Clinton Sex Abuse Ring =87. Chevy Chase Maryland =187. 

Also, as mentioned on FTFT, Pizza Hut recently ran an ad campaign making fun of conspiracy theorists. Pizza Hut =46/127. John Podesta =46/127, the former Clinton aide whose WikiLeaked emails are helping fuel PizzaGate. And if anyone knows the date this psyop broke & when this commercial aired, we could find even more gems! Turns out my initial statement that it’s a waste of time was a bit out of line as this is a actually a pretty tasty psyop. And again, speak your own truth but hey let’s keep it together now.

15 thoughts on “PizzaGate

  1. Was sent a link to your blog right before the Cubs won the World Series. Have read all of your blogs since and went back and read some from the archives. Your work is very intresting to say say the least. Lets just say I’ve placed my bets on the Colts Super Bowl already.

    I’ve been a Truth Seeker since I got my first solid Internet connection(2005 ). I kinda fell away from it all for awhile cause i reached a point where my research was going in circles. Then I ran across a Flat Earth video.

    That video lead me down an awesome path of enlightenment. So many dots started connecting. After months of research and observation I have concluded that the Earth is Flat, space does not exist as we know it, Big bang and evolution are hoaxes along with the idea of aliens.

    When I read your comments on Flat Earth I knew I had to comment. I guess my question to you is why stay out of the debate. If Flat Earth where true (it has been proven to me through things done directly to me. Its a long story and if your intrested just ask) it has the power to wake up millions of sleeping people to the fact that nothing they have been told is the truth. You say you like to stick to facts. Well Flat Earth has plenty you can stick to.

    I respect you and would love for you to take another look at Flat Earth and start to talk about it more. I also realize that we are all in this together and need not fight with each other so I hope you dont think im attacking you at all.


    • Thanks for the message brother. Again, my interpretation of reality based on first hand experience and quantum physics research is that the holographic model is the best at explaining phenomena. It certainly seems flat to me and NASA is a total conjob so makes sense. And I’ve seen UFOs in the daytime and some other triply alien encounters so there’s something to it – tho i tend to see it as interdimensional in nature and and expression of the Cosmic Mind. And maybe the Antarctic edges are the point where the processing power diminishes, like open world video games. Honestly the flat earth debate doesn’t really interest me anymore as either way it’s ultimately based in the Greek western thought of an objective and quantifiable physical universe as opposed to more qualifiable field theory Confucian thought which I personally resonate more with. That being said I’d very much like to hear your personal experience!


      • While I was researching Flat Earth I kept saying to my friends Im about 50/50% on the world being flat. A week woukd go by and I would have to change that to 60/40. Another week another 10%. I would research at night. Then the next day I would talk about what I had learned the next day with my co-workers. Once I got to about 90% sure I begun to make threads on a hip-hop website called It one of the only sites I go to on a regular basis. I had been a member for a long time but never very active.

        Well 1st I made a post in a thread about aliens after I saw some other flat earth comments. The post was saying I had been looking into Flat Earth and other topics for about 6 months and had come to the conclusion that Earth was Flat,aliens are a hoax,evolution is a hoax, the vig bang is a hoax, and dinosaurs are a hoax. The condecending questions started. As I said I was well versed on the topic so i started answering questions to the best of my ability.

        This thread about aliens turned into a 23 page Flat Earth discussion. Mainly of people asking me questions and people calling me every name in the book. I saw that there where people interested in the subject on the site so i decided to make my own thread (1st one ive ever made online) about Flat earth.

        Same thing started to happen. Lots of question to insinuate that my views where pure non-sense. Also lots of nane calling. I then made threads on evolution, big bang, dinosaurs and aliens. Comments started coming in. This is when i started noticing the same screen names coming in all my threads asking the same questions. Calling me and anyone that believes me dumb idiots that love in our parents basement with no life. You know the normal things “conspiracy theorist”(I hate that term. Im so glad we have changed it to truth seekers”. Not such a loaded phrase.) Get labeled with.

        Now know that everything that has happened so far was before the Flat Earth topic hit mainstream. There where only a handful of people making videos on Flat Earth. It climate was nothing like it is now. This is when i saw a interview with rapper B.o.b.(I was always a fan of his even before he made it mainstream. Like he was my favorite at one point. I stoped listening to him when he stopped putting good content in his music.) The interviewer asked him about some tweets he had made. They showed some of the tweets and I was immediately reminded of Flat Earth. In his answers I could tell he was talking about Flat Earth because of how much I was looking at the topic.

        I have never had a facebook page or a twitter or any other social media site. Hearing my once favorite rapper hinting at Flat Earth I had to make a twitter account so I coukd follow what he had to say. I started reading his recent tweets and the comments to thise tweets. There was not any tweets directly talking about Flat Earth But the language he was using was very familiar. There where some comments about Flat Earth though.

        I have more to the story just want to post what I have so I dont lose it.


      • This is when things started to get weird. 1st Tila tequila came out with a rant about celebrity cloning and Flat Earth. Making Flat Earth look ridiculous. It was obvious controled opposition. Then B.o.b came out tweeting about Flat Earth. He was not making it look as bad but was also talking about celebrity cloning as well. He started tweeting a lot. Like 20 to 30 tweets a day. Most of them about Flat Earth.

        One night about 3am I went to his twitter page and saw he had just tweeted. I thought to myself that lots of people where following B.o.b. at this time and reading comments one his tweets just like me. So I was going to try to get a phrase treanding on twitter. So I go into the comments of the tweet he just made and said.

        Have you talked to @ericdubay. You and him should get together and campaign for a debate with @neiltyson.

        I left twitter and went back to I had been making threads that where all going pages deep. I read comments and answered some questions and went back to twitter. It was like an hour later. Went back to read the comments in tweet. I noticed that my comment was gone. Aslo noticed that b.o.b had just tweeted again. So I made a comment in both tweets about my comment getting deleted. Also made comments in both tweets

        @bobatl you and @ericdubay should campaign for a debate with @neiltyson

        As soon as I posted these tweets they were takin down. I then started going in and out of the two tweets ranting about being censored. Then b.o.b tweets again. I am now commenting in all three tweets. tweeting the same tweet about campaigning for a debate and about being censored. In the first tweet now the comment section is closed. B.o.b tweets again. Im now jumping through all the tweets. Ranting. I also went to and made a thread about what was happening so I could somehow document it. I go back to twitter and go in one tweet and start commenting the tweets that are getting takin down. I watch all the tweets dissappear and comments disable. So this is two tweets now that I can no longer see any comments(not just mine) in or comment on. I go into the third tweet and start to comment to purposly get it shut down as well. My girlfriend has been asleep next to me this whole time. I wake her up. Tell her what is going on and tell her to watch me shut down the comments section. I do it. She says “thats weird” and goes back to sleep.

        So there is only one tweet left now that you can comment in. I go in and ask if anyone else is seeing this. One person responded “Yes. There is more censorship on twitter right now than in North Korea.” Then I shut the comments down in that tweet.

        At this point its like 5am (eastern time) and Im freaking out. But i have to go to bed. When I woke up I figured out that the tweets b.o.b tweeted the night before had all been taken down. For some reason I could still see them on my phone. If I logged on to my computer I could not see them. Just on my phone. You could also see the tweets I made about being censored on my phone but no where else. Its like the way they where censoring me froze all the information that got censored in my phone but you couldn’t find it anywhere online on any other device.

        So I had proof on my phone of Flat Earth Twitter Censorship and I was not being quiet about it at all!! I was talking about it at work. I was talking about it on I was going to all of Eric Dubay’s sites talking about it. Was posting screen shots. I was telling random people I at the bar. Which i worked at one at the time so lots of people.

        This is when things started to get really weird. Im typing on my phone and dont want to start over so im gonna post what I got so i dont lose it. Back soon for part 3


      • Now Im still making Flat Earth threads on But now the comments are getting scary. Death threats to me and my family. At 1st they where vage but as days past and I kept talking they got scarier and more specific to me. Not the online me but the real life me. Things where being said that where hinting at them knowing who I was. But I still keep running my mouth,on and off line. It was not making “them” happy.

        So far I Haven’t left anything out but from this point on things got really really fucking weird and I dont know how much of it was my imagination and how much of it was the paranoid state that “they” put me in. So not everything I will discuss as to not discredit my story.

        One night after work maybe 3to4 days after the twitter censorship I got off work and had a drink a5 the bar. Almost as soon as i sit down a fuy walks in dressed in all black (I am thinking nothing of it at the time) and trys to sit right next to me at an otherwise empty bar. I stop him and tell him to give me some space. He lifts up his pant legs to show me he has a brace on his leg and tells me he got a bum leg in the war. Im like ok but still give me some room. I can tell he is shit faced drunk but that he gets that way a lot. Ive been in the bar buiness a while so I can notice a drunk when I see one. He orders a beer and a shot for both of us and we start to talk. I start off by asking what happended to his leg. He said he did not want to talk about it. I then ask him if he is in the restaurant business. (Most restaurant workers dress in all black.)He replys yes he is a bar tender. I ask him where and he says a little mom and pop spot down the road. (This is the 1st thing that seemed off to me about him. We are sitting at


      • Bar in a bar district. Like I said I’ve worked in the bar buiness for a long time. Ive never met a bar tender that did not promote his bar! Not to mention bartenders need to be able to move fast behind the bar especially in the part of town he claimed to work. I really doubt he was a bartender with his bum leg. All things I did not think about at the time.)

        So we small talk a bit more. I have to get up and leave the bar for about 10 minutes. I pat the guy on the back and tell him “be right back”. I walk away pivot step and go back to where i was sitting because i left all my things on the bar and I did not want to leave my phone unattended because you know “the proof”. I grabbed my phone and left. When I came back the guy and my e-cig was gone.

        I ran out to look for him but he was no where to be found. I even went into a couple of the surrounding bars to see if i can find him. Still not thinking much about it even though i thought it kinda stange he didnt take my money and credit cards. They where laying on the bar too.

        Next morning I wake up and go to the website is down. There is a messege on the screen that seemply says “brb”.
        I took that as a message directly to me. When the website came back up all of the headlines in the section I go to are all pertaining to me. Not the stories themselves just the headlines. I cannot go into detail because its hard to remember. I do remember scrolling down thinking this is crazy. This cant be happening. Then I get to the last headline on the page. It was the only one that didnt seem like it was talking to me. So I clicked on that one. It was a throwback thread (someone making a new thread about a popular thread in the history of the site.) That was remembering one of the first threads I had ever looked at on the site. The shock of seeing it made me throw my phone. This was the 1st of many times I would do that over the next few days.

        Now the order of how things happened after this are very blury. I feel like it was three days. These three days I felt darkness around me. I was not thinking clearly. I collapsed in the shower one night under presure of some mental energy I could only feel. The shit was scary.

        So the day wemt down I had to go to work. I was paranoid as shit. That dark feeling was there but I didnt really no it yet. Only in hindsight do I know this. I get to work and my co-worker starts talking to me all frantically. Talking about “I have really done it this time. I had to keep running my mouth. Now my family and everyone I love is in danger and it’S all my fault. why cant I just keep my mouth shut”
        I ask him what he did. He said he doesnt want to talk about it. I had this strange feeling he was talking about me. Later that night is when i got home and collapsed in the shower. The next two days i was off work. I told my girl I didnt even want to get out of bed. I was just feeling gloomy and dark. Its a feeling I never want to feel again. But at the same time when it stopped I craved to feel it again. It was some crazy black magick demon shit.

        My girl got me to go to the grocery store. I went with her and her 7 year old daughter. This was the most intense grocery store trip ever! I was walking around in a paranoid daze. Everyone I saw I thought was watching me. Well not everyone its hard to describe. Im just gonna leave this part of the story out cause I dont know how to put what happend into words without discrediting myself by sounding completely insane. That is if I dont already. Trust me I know this is all hard to believe. If it didnt happen to me Im sure I would have a hard time buying it.

        So day two of being off work my girl has to work all day. Im home with her daughter. At one point I sit down to watch tv because I want nothing to do with the Internet or my phone (I forgot to mention my phone doing things to tell me things. Like in one of the threads one of the screen names on there that I now know is part of the luciferian cults that runs things made a comment to me “stfu faggot”. Now if I was at work talking about the twitter censorship and I would check my phone when I turned it on it would be on that comment. Even though thats not where it was when I used it last. I would go somewhere else on the sight. Put my phone to sleep. Go back to talking about what I was talking about. Next time I opened my phone it was back to the “stfu. Faggot” comment. That comment came back a lot. Also twitter was showing me things it wanted me to see ine day. Like I clicked on one thing and a page Ive never seen before popped up. Didnt think anything of it at 1st. Just thought I hit the wrong button so i did it again. Same page popped up. Clicked a different button. Same page came up. Started reading it and relized it was talking to me. Woke up my girl again so I could get a witness again. The page went away. She went back to sleep and it came back. So I read it. Clicked the refresh button and another page popped up talking to me. Now when I say talking to me, I mean it was showing me tweets from several people that where talking about the censorship. I ASKED MY PHONE what it wanted me to do? Then hit the refresh button. To make a long story short it wanted me to tweet that b.o.b is awesome and twitter was censoring him.(b.o.b is not awesome he is controlled opposition)

        Sorry about that sidetracked insert. Hust thought it was worth mentioning.

        So Im sitting down to watch tv. As crazy as it sounds every show I watched was talking to me. I was turning off shows and starting new ones because the 1st one was creeping me out. Then my girls daughter came to watch a show with me and that shit was talking to me too. It was like in a movie when the show they are watching is indirectly talking to them. It was crazy. Not crazier then what happened when I sat in silence after I put the child to bed.

        I dont want to talk to much about what happened only that I was having a conversation with something. I assume it was the dark presence that I had been feeling. I cant really quote it cause it comes to you in thought, but it started by saying do you see/understand now what your dealing with. This is real. I responded real. The rest of the conversation is blury but the deal that we came to is I would talk no more about Flat Earth Twitter or Jewish control. I could talk freely about anything else. If I did that they would let me be. They where only giving me that option because they said I earned it. Told me the dark feeling would be gone in the morning.

        Woke up the next morning and it was gone. My paranoia was gone for the most part.(by the way. I am not a paranoid person at all)it was like a spell had been lifted.

        I could write more but that is the bulk of the story. Its still an ongoing thing. Life, isnt it grand!

        So what do you think. Im curious to hear your feedback. Ive never put this online. After that night I stopped making threads for a long time or commenting on that site is a propaganda machine full of cult members.

        He you ever looked into the Gematria of the Steven Avery case (the netflix doc. Series “Making a Murder”)
        Also have you done anything on the Beatles?


  2. Thanks for another great post. As I say, “Who cares what shape the Earth is. I’m more concerned about what shape the Earth is in.” Too much infighting about small stuff. Not everyone is going to have the same “ah ha” moment.


  3. Truth. I know I don’t comment much here or anywhere anymore, but I am still reading your work. This madness and infighting is what they really wanted, besides the basic labeling of fake news. You keep doing what your doing, brother, and enjoy your journey off the second farm.


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