A113 on Koh Lipe (A Personal Post)

Timeout from the conspiracies for a moment. Back from Bali for a quick visit to Vancouver I’d been grinding my way through four major cities to finally get to a proper paradise, traveling by boat for eight hours yesterday to reach my dream destination of Koh Lipe in SW Thailand on the Andaman Sea. I came in from Penang Malaysia and went through immigration barefoot on the white sand beach, instantly in love with this little island. As is my style, I rocked up with nothing booked – trusting that I’d find the perfect place. And indeed I did, a beachfront thatch hut for $30/night.

As much as I wanted to share this experience with my readers, when I discovered my bungalow number I knew I had to: A113 like my life is a damn Pixar movie. (In case you don’t catch the reference, Pixar drops this gang-sign into all their movies). I took it as a sign from the Universe, the Gaian Mind communicating through the sacred language of synchronicity: HIGH VIBRATIONS =1113. 

  • JUSTICE BE DONE =1113. DELIVER US =1113. As if it’s a message to keep fighting the good fight on Extra-Capsa to help deliver us from evil. And here’s what makes that phrase extra special considering the circumstances:
  • Deliver Us =690. Thailand =69. 
  • Deliver Us =43. The Andaman Sea =43. Heaven on Earth =1043.

Paradise =37. Andaman Sea =37/73. Koh Lipe Thailand =73. 

Apocalypse =113. Unveiling =113. Universe =113. Fake Reality =113. Dream World =113. Earthlings =113. Human Beings =113. Uprising =113. It’s Bava Kamma 113 that permits Jews to circumvent Gentiles via subterfuge, which means it’s A-OK to be deceitful. Though here on the backpacker circuit with all the authentic experiences I find and all the truth-seekers I meet from all over the world, honesty is the only way forwards. I caught a quote earlier today and it went something like, “The world belongs not to the rich nor the powerful, but to the pure of heart.” And sometimes it takes getting outside your comfort zone to practice compassion.

I’m telling you guys, go backpacking through SE Asia. It’s my fourth time here, third in Thailand, and I honestly can’t get enough. It’s my break from all the western bullshit & ego worship and not a day goes by that I don’t have a conversation that gives me goosebumps – that beautiful human reaction when stimuli resonates so profoundly. I must have gotten at least fifty genuine smiles today. And now here typing this on my patio listening to the waves wash in, everything is right in the world. We’re all exactly where we need to be, each & every one of us. It’s the Apocalypse which means the Unveiling, both in Gematria & definition, and we’re each of us playing our special role in this Mass Awakening.

For as much as many of us see a devolution of the human species with the mind control & ignorance increasing, that’s just not my personal experience. Perhaps it really is testament to the ancient truth that we get what we give and we attract people & experiences that vibrate on our same wavelength, but I meet people every day here that are switched on and actively working to rewrite the programming in their own wonderful way.

So if your own community is deeply ensnared in the brainwashing then it’s on YOU to make a change. And that just might involve giving your soul the reward of experiencing what it’s like in the Orient, where the operating system is naturally based on the collective field as opposed to the objective materialism of Western Greek-rooted philosophy in which we were indoctrinated. Westerners are generally known as bad drivers over here and it’s true: that’s not MY lane, that’s OUR lane. They pay attention to signs from the Universe here and take traffic signs as mere suggestions. And somehow it works. Better than it does back home, in my opinion. Of course we also have things to teach and that’s part of why it’s so important to get this experience – or something like it – encoded into your databank.


9 thoughts on “A113 on Koh Lipe (A Personal Post)

  1. Long time reader, first time posting. You have educated me beyond schooling and I want to thank you.
    In regards to your post, I feel stuck in my loop here in the states and would love to travel more. When you say to backpack SE Asia, where would I begin? and was curious if you’re open to mentorship :]. Thank you for your wisdom.


      • Juliet: What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

        Some say Shakespeare based his Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet on a couple with the same names. They wed in Citadella, Italy, on 3-11-1302. Their 715th anniversary is tomorrow….

        Romeo and Juliet = 1194 = Love is Immortal, The Paradise of Love.


  2. I bet they don’t lay the chemtrails down in the east like they do in the west… I used to watch Japanese anime because I found it so refreshing compared to American TV. Brother, I hear you out completely in saying that it’s on me to bring truth to my community. I have brought truth to my community at the price of much ostracism. Westerners, Americans especially, are so conditioned from the tv and the schooling system to reject truth that anyone speaking anything alternative is deemed crazy. However, I live in a place in America that is especially stagnant and dense in consciousness. The movement for truth in America has and always will flourish on the west coast meaning the states of California, Oregon and washington. Of course there are truth seekers scattered all over the world, but in America, it almost seems to be a lost cause unless you’re on the west coast where people are naturally open minded. Where I live, people can’t even fathom that our sky is being sprayed with chemicals or that pro sports are rigged. Getting through to most people here is like trying to educate a brick wall.


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