The Carrie Fisher Sacrifice


Carrie Fisher passed just away for yet another member of Hollywood Royalty to peace out in 2016. Is it really any surprise with the prevalence of royal tributes that Princess Leia would join the dearly departed? And as we’ve been seeing with the Twins Trick Theory, Fisher’s mother died the very next day as she was preparing funeral arrangements. I mean c’mon.

  • Fisher died on 12/27, the Pi Code (22/7 = 3.14), a span of 12,270 days after Return of the Jedi. JFK Assassination =1227. Prince George born on 7/22. The 49th prime is 227. Donald Trump =49. Force Awakens =49.
  • Leia =35. Saturnalia =35. Jabba the Hut =35. Princess Charlotte of Cambridge =135. 
  • Fisher =65 died when Princess Charlotte was 605 days old. The 65th prime is 313 and Pope Francis (born on 65 numerology) became Pope on 3/13.

Ass we covered the George Michael connections to the Pope Francis =122 (Carrie Frances Fisher =122, Galactic Empire =122), there she is with the Frances middle name. Further, as a Christmas sacrifice her name Carrie Fisher =74. Jesus =74. Messiah =74. Y’Shua =74. Cross =74. Fisher =47. Leia Organa =47. Star Wars =47/119. Carrie Fisher =119.

Help Me Obi Wan Kenobi You’re My Only Hope =411. Carrie died 40 years 1 month 11 days after Stephen King’s film CarrieAssassin =411 like JFK assassinated from 411 Elm Street. And since we’ve been decoding the numbers on a Trump assassination, get this one: Star Wars Episode VIII =88. Trump =88. Force Awakens =67/121. Blood Sacrifice =67/121. So the latest installment of the series could be interpreted as code for Trump: The Blood Sacrifice.

  • Fisher died 67 days after her 10/21 birthday, which fell on 67 numerology this year. Force Awakens =67. Freemasonry =67. Human Sacrifice =67. Debbie Reynolds =67, Fisher’s mom who died the next day. Christopher Lee, who played Grand Moff Tarkin =76 in the new films, died last year on 6/7.
  • The Force Awakens came out 188 days after Trump’s birthday. President Trump =1188. President Kennedy =188. Trump born on 6/14 and Fisher died 6 months 14 days after Trump’s last birthday.

Fisher died exactly 2066 weeks after the 1977 release of the original Star Wars. Two Thousand Sixty-Six =111. Carrie Frances Fisher =1110 died 1 year 10 days after the release of Star Wars Episode VII and 11 days after Rogue One: A Star Wars Story =101. Donald John Trump =1110. The British Royal Family =111. Elizabeth II born on the 111th day


The George Michael Sacrifice


George Michael =230. Bergoglio =230. Turns out dude’s got a few connections to Pope Francis Bergoglio, appropriately enough with his trademark cross earring and his hit “Faith” (which he died 10,666 days after). Michael died at age 53 on 53 date numerology. Fifty-Three =59/122. Pope Francis =59/122. Prince George =122. Michael died on Christmas, the occult celebration of Saturnalia =35. Religion =53. George Michael died 3 years 5 months 3 days after the birth of Prince George and 35 weeks 3 days after the death of Prince. Blue Blood =353, the 71st prime number.

  • Seventy-One =144. Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou =144. Prince Nelson =144. Royal Sacrifice =144. That’s Michael & Prince’s birth names synching up to the master assassin number.
  • Limp Bizkit’s cover of Faith released 11 years 19 days after Michael’s original. Master Plan =119. Star of David =119. All-Seeing Eye =119, you know the drill. And I appreciate how Faith =124. Lies =124, the mirror of Prince’s 4/21 death date on the Queen’s birthday.
  • End date included that’s 11 years 20 days. Queen Elizabeth II married on 11/20 synched up with her full title equalling 1120, this number of Divinity =112. Elizabeth celebrating her coronation 1 month 12 days after her birthday. The character George Michael Bluth from Arrested Development is born on 11/2.

Michael =33 was born 151 days before the Kennedy =33 Assassination. Royalty =1051. Global Takeover =1051. That’s also 41.10% of the year, Assassin =411 like JFK shot from 411 Elm Street. That’s also 216,000 minutes (6x6x6) and Michael died in 2016. That’s also 3600 hours and the 36th prime is 151.


Wham! =270. George Michael =72. Careless Whisper =72. Last Christmas =72. Prince William =72. President Trump =72. The Establishment =72. 

Apologies for the lack of posts, I’m still living on a beach in Thailand and wifi comes and goes. And how bout them Colts eh! Straight to the glue factory. So it goes.

Mayor Hudnut & The Colts Sacrifice

William H Hudnut III, the former mayor of Indianapolis credited with stealing the Colts from Baltimore, just died on 12/17 — a perfect span of 51 days before Super Bowl 51. He died at age 84. Indianapolis Colts =84. William Hudnut =167. Colts Super Bowl =1670. Colts Coach VP Confirm Team Move =120. William Hudnut =1002. Colts Super Bowl Fifty-One =102. Jetsons =102. LI =12. A Luck =12 wears #12 born on the 12th and drafted in ’12. Colts Super Bowl =1200. The active form of 12 is 112. Andrew Luck =112. Houston =112. Super Bowl 51 in Houston falls 112 days after Hudnut’s last birthday.

That’s some pretty tight connections as a Super Bowl Sacrifice, IMHO. Indianapolis Indiana =94. William H Hudnut III =94. Perfect fit for mayor. Colts have made the playoffs 16 times; Hudnut was mayor for 16 years and died in ‘16 exactly 16 weeks before the Super Bowl… Sixteen =96. Super Bowl Fifty-One =96. 

  • Hudnut was born on the 17th and died on the 17th. The Super Bowl in ’17 falls on 17 date numerology and the 17th prime number is 59. William Hudnut =59.
  • Indianapolis Colts Super Bowl Fifty-One =162. William Herbert Hudnut III =1620.

He was mayor until 1/1/92. Andrew Austen Luck =192. Indianapolis Colts =192. Sunday February Fifth Two Thousand Sixteen =192. Super Bowl LI =912. Luck born on 9/12. Hudnut was mayor of Indianapolis for exactly 835 weeks. Houston =538

Extra-Capsa previously documented some crazy connections between The Jetsons and a potential Colts Super Bowl – and just found this screenshot from the show of someone behind the scenes controlling robotic football players…. And Manning looking like he’s trying to hear what his helmet intercom is telling him to do. As it turns out, we have another Twins Trick as Mayor Hudnut died on the same day as a director for The Jetsons. Gordon Hunt died at age 87. Super Bowl Fifty-One =87. Twelve =87. The 87 jersey in the top pic.

  • Hudnut & Hunt were born 1270 days apart. NRG =127. NRG Stadium =45. Hunt’s last birthday was 40 weeks 5 days before the Super Bowl and Hudnut was the 45th Mayor of Indianapolis.
  • Gordon Hunt’s daughter is actress Helen Hunt (age 53 like Super Bowl LI =53) and her last birthday was 7 months 22 days before SB 51, the Pi code – and her next is 131 days after. Super Bowl =131. Championship =131. Grizzlies =131, the team in the following film.

Helen Hunt was in a 1983 TV movie (33 years ago) called Quarterback Princess =112. Andrew Luck =112. It released exactly 6 years 6 months before the birth of Andrew Austen Luck =66. NFL =66 (the first Super Bowl in ‘66) February Five =66 (date of SB 51). And what’s 6+6?

Berlin Christmas Market Attack

2016-12-21 (2).png

“On 19 December 2016 at 20:14 CET, a truck ramming attack killed twelve people and injured 48 others in the Christmas market next to the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church at Breitscheidplatz in the Charlottenburg district of Berlin. Police and the Public Prosecutor are treating it as a terrorist incident. The perpetrator is believed to be on the run and expected to be armed. A Pakistani asylum seeker has been arrested, while the original truck driver was found shot dead.” – 2016 Berlin Attack

First of all, the pic CNN gives us with a WALL phone. Trump & his Mexican-American wall elected on the 27th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall – and all the Pink Floyd connections we’ve done previously. Wall =48 like the 48 injured next to the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church =148 and the trucking company, Usługi Transportowe Ariel Żurawski =408. Illuminati =48. Hoax =48. Evil =48. Socialite =48. 

  • Reduce that and you get 12 like the 12 killed. They also reduced the time by 12 minutes, now it happened at 20:02 they say. It happened on 22 numerology (1+9+1+2+2+0+1+6) and the letters on the license plate of the truck (GDA 08J5) sum to 22. This reminds us of the Pulse Massacre Hoax which started at 2:02 AM with 202 days left in the year. 22 the Master Builder Number =220. 

This event happened 155 days after Angela Merkel’s birthday, 5 weeks 5 days after Trump’s election and 5 months 5 days after the Bastille Day truck-ramming event in Nice. Melania =55. Satan =55. An Eastern-European model/socialite, Melania Trump reminds me of Zsa Zsa Gabor, who just died the day before the Christmas Market Attack. I’m also reminded of the interesting theory that Jackie Kennedy was a Jesuit assassin and the magic bullet came from  a gun inside her handbag.

And get this, the 12/19 Berlin Attack happened exactly 22 years 7 months after the death of Jackie Kennedy. That’s the Pi Code again, 227 the number of the license plate behind Kennedy’s car in Dealey Plaza motorcade. JFK Assassination =1227. Vatican Secrets =1227. Governor Connally, who was shot alongside Kennedy, was born on 2/27 and they were shot exactly 227 days after Oswald supposedly attempted to assassinate one General Walker. The full name of the Warren Commission is The President’s Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy =722. 

  • William & Kate’s son Prince George was born on 7/22 and Princess Charlotte’s full title is Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte of Cambridge =227. The attack happened in the Charlottenburg district, 1 year 2 months 27 days after the Hebrew Jubilee on 9/23/15.
  • United States President =1137. JFK Assassinated =1137. This Berlin Attack happened 11,137 days after Jackie died. 137 the 33rd prime number. False Flag =33. Berlin =33. Melania =330. Kennedy =33 shot from the Texas School Book Depository =330 supposedly by Lee Oswald =33 in a plaza named after a 33rd-degree Freemason.

Lorry =88. Trump =88. President Kennedy =188. President Trump =1188 was born exactly 881 weeks after Jackie was born and 881 is the 152nd prime. The All-Seeing Eye =152. The Star of David =152. The Secret Sign =152. Powers That Be =152. 

The Christmas Market Attack happened 1245 days after the birth of Prince George. Donald & Melania Trump were born exactly 1245 weeks apart and the sum of the divisors of 1245 is 2016, the year they were elected. But I digress. It’s all part of a gigantic Psychological Operation =1116. Merry X-Mas =1016. This truck-ramming incident occurred 11,106 days after Maximum Overdrive, the Stephen King story about killer trucks that come to life in the wake of a comet. Royalty =116. Monarchy =116. Monarch of the United Kingdom =272. Prince Charles of Wales =1272. Maximum Overdrive =1272. The Berlin Attack happened 27 weeks 2 days after the Pulse Massacre and 272 days after the Brussels Bombings.

  • That’s also 191 days after Pulse for the Jesuit connection, their full name the Society of Jesus =191. House of Windsor =191. Regis =191. 
  • There’s another connection to Prince Charles here as his full name Charles Philip Arthur George =996 synchs with the location Breitscheidplatz =996. 

As 9’s can play as 6, that’s essentially a 666. We discussed Pi coding and the first 144 decimal points of Pi sum to 666. Mark of the Beast =144. Number of the Beast =1044. X =144 (like X-Mas). Lorry Attack =144. Lukasz Urban =1144, the driver of the lorry who we’re told was shot and killed by some terrorist passenger who hijacked his truck and now remains at large, armed & dangerous as manhunts scour the city, just as we saw in Paris & Brussels. History repeating in subtle variations until we figure the shit out for our dang selves.

Thailand Wins Suzuki Cup


In hindsight this should have been eazy $$ (baht). A nation still in mourning, with shrines & memorials in every establishment in the Kingdom, Thailand won the Suzuki Cup 66 days after the death of King Bhumibol Adulyadej =66 (a.k.a.) Rama IX =66 (a.k.a.) Thai Monarch =660. Thailand has a population of 66 million and the +66 calling code. And the final match was played in Bangkok’s Rajamangala Stadium =166. Thirty-Three =66. Thailand =33. Rama =33. 

Apologies for the short post + lack of content lately but I’ve been getting tropical with some pals on Ko Chang in Thailand, paying my respects to Rama IX by enjoying the goodness to the max. 

Alan Thicke RIP


First the headline: NEWS NOTE =690. Allan Willis Thicke =69. Dead at 69.

Alan Thicke =197. Prince =197. That’s the 45th prime like Thicke’s birth surname: Jeffrey =450. Thicke died 7 months 22 days after Prince died on the Queen’s birthday, the Pi code of wheels within wheels of history. 22/7 =3.14. Twenty-Two Divided By Seven =314. Prince died 314 days before Thicke’s next birthday. Okay there’s a connection.

  • And we know that Prince’s death was a Super Bowl Sacrifice, so let’s examine that headline again: NEWS NOTE =1230. Minnesota Vikings =1230, both in Jewish Gematria – just sayin.
  • Alan Willis Thicke =1245. The sum of the divisors of 1245 equals 2016, the year of the Dead Celebrity. And again, 666+666+666+6+6+6 =2016. Also just sayin.

 Thicke’s birth surname is Jeffrey =1102. Houston =112. He’s best known for his role on Growing Pains =912 and he died 9 months 12 days after his birthday. Super Bowl LI =912. 


Thicke’s last birthday was 11,117 days after Growing Pains premiered and the 1,117th prime number is 8999. Thicke died 8999 days after the series finale.

  • Thicke died playing Hockey =31. Alan born 3/1 and his son Robin =31 born 3/10 when Alan was 30 years 10 days old. Houston =31. 

Death of Maester Aemon


Of course when an old man dies at age 93 it may seem like a stretch to cry conspiracy, though the coded synchronicity that these seemingly natural deaths so often entail are worth noting for the beauty in their pattern, at least. And if in the process of deeper than cursory digging we find some true gems, then hey right on. Pretty patterns such as that of Game of Thrones actor Peter Vaughan and the #126, which we’ve been seeing a lot of lately. For example Secretary Clinton =1026 born 10/26 like Cersei Lannister =1026, the former Queen in the series, both of whose rise & fall we’ve witnessed. Her Majesty the Queen of England =126, the sum of all the letters in the alphabet. 126 is considered the active form of 26 in Thelemic ideology and God =26. Queen =26. Sacrifice =206. Vaughan died 2060 days after the premiere of Game of Thrones. 

The actor who played Maester Aemon =126 died on 12/6 a span of 1 year 6 months 12 days after his character of the Night’s Watch =1266 died in the show, passing away peacefully in his sleep (after his awesome last words that he’d just had a strange dream that he was an old man). Born with the surname Ohm =216, Peter Vaughan also passed away peacefully in his sleep on the palindromic date of 6/12/2016. Continuing this sick 126 thread, an actor named JJ Murphy was cast on GOT as the oldest member of the Night’s Watch but died during production, 126 days after Vaughan’s birthday. Saturn Worship =1206. 

The actual quote Aemon said on his deathbed was, “Egg, I Dreamed That I Was Old” =210. Aemon =21. Saturn =21. It could be said that his death bares a connection to Saturn sacrifice, as the episode of his death was the 47th of the series (Saturn =47) and the actor died at age 93 (Saturn =93) a span of 5 months 11 days after the latest season finale (Saturn =511). 

  • Vaughan died 80 weeks 2 days after Maester Aemon died on the show and 8 months 2 days after his birthday. Aleister Crowley =82?
  • Aemon Targaryen =157. Maester Aemon =57. Peter Vaughan =57/75. Saturn Worship =75. “The Gift” =75, the title of Season 5 Episode 7 where Maester Aemon dies.
  • It aired on the 144th day of the year & Vaughan =444 was born on 4/4. April Fourth =144. Murphy died 4 months 4 days after Vaughan’s birthday.

Now some might point out that Kill =44 and death coding in name/birth numerology in general is evidence of murder by numbers, but perhaps we are all pre-programmed with possible expiration dates. As one of the Game of Thrones slogans says, All Men Must Die. My grandfather the Grandmaster Mason told me several years before he passed that the Christmas we were then celebrating together would be his last. Perhaps he knew of one possible exit date and held on for a few more years to the even more auspicious death date of 11/11/11 when he finally peaced out of the matrix. Based on my current understanding, the numbers alone don’t necessarily indicate an outcome nor prove a causation – rather it’s the relationship of past codings as synchronized with the harmonic resonance of present/future codings that matters most. 

Indeed we do see the pattern of, say, Death =38 coinciding with 38 date numerologies in many ritual sacrifices, and although we could easily tie that to Masonic =38 and fulfill our confirmation bias of Masonic ritual sacrifices occurring by the numbers (as we’ve more than established to be so), my personal take on the decoding & deciphering of occult methodologies is to draw as detailed a web of the current event in focus as possible using the data there present. I find that’s the most persuasive angle as well. We still reveal the patterns encoded within the specific scenario as they relate to larger ongoing themes (like Vaughan/Aemon’s ties to Saturn & the ongoing 126 saga) but I reckon the correlation of event details is the primary motive, then we show how the strongest weave ties to a larger narrative. Vaughan died 119 days before his birthday and All-Seeing Eye & Star of David equal 119, sure – one of the main alphanumeric symbols of the occult – but when there’s nothing else in the story that ties to 119 it’s not worth even pointing out, in my opinion. Indeed it muddies the waters when we introduce too many numbers. 

But hey that’s just my personal style, and much respect to everyone else who does it his or her own way. For the trick is to be doing something. Taking action in one way or another as you best see fit at this vector in space/time.