Oakland Ghost Ship Fire & The Ongoing Fire Ritual

An inferno at a warehouse party in Oakland has killed at least 33 people, or so we’re told. This is but the latest in a series of ritual fire events that have occurred over the past year, including the wildfires in Fort McMurray, the Great Smoky Mountains, & Calabasas California, as well as the housefires at the former residences of Aleister Crowley and Bill Clinton (all previously decoded here). The Oakland warehouse space was ominously named the GHOST SHIP =67/121. Blood Sacrifice =67/121. Blood Sacrifices =422. Golden State =422. Fire Burn =422. GHOST SHIP =422. On 4/22 of this year a “Ghost Ship” was discovered adrift off the coast of Liberia, “gutted by fire” with the crew vanished. The Ghost Ship party burned down 224 days later for the perfect mirror reversal, in tune with the Satanic/Saturnic overtones.

Ghost Ship =422. The sum of its inverse (244) equals 666, here in the year of the 666. [As refresher: 666+666+666+6+6+6 =2016]. Satanic =244. On 24/4/09, reggae artist Sean Kingston released a track called “Fire Burning” (On the Dancefloor). 7 years 7 months 7 days later, the Ghost Ship ignited a fire burning on the dancefloor. Trump will be 70 years 7 months 7 days old on Inauguration Day. Order Out Of Chaos =777, the motto of the 33rd degree.

  • The Oakland Ghost Ship burned down exactly 736 weeks after the 2002 release of the horror film Ghost Ship. Conspiracy =736. That’s also 5151 days between, emphasis on Conspiracy =51. Conspiracy =51.
  • The Oakland Warehouse Fire also came 216 days (6x6x6) after Beltane, the most important Satanic festival of the year, which demands sacrifice by fire and climaxes on May Day – incidentally the very date this year that the Albertan oil town of Fort McMurray was set ablaze – on the 50th anniversary of the Church of Satan. (May Day is the 122nd day with 244 remaining; we’ve covered the 244 connection & 122 corresponds to the 12/2 date of the Oakland Inferno).

Witchcraft =666. Gatlinburg =666, the Tennessee town also burned in the Great Smoky Mountains Wildfires =2190. Dolly Parton =912, the country star whose Dollywood resort suffered some fire damage & who has become a bit of a spokesperson for the Smoky Mountains Wildfires. The Ghost Ship Fire occured 9 months 12 days after the 13th anniversary of the 2002 Station Nightclub Fire in Rhode Island, which racked up 330 casualties (100 dead). Holocaust =33, which is a religious animal sacrifice that is completely consumed by fire.

Golden =126. Oakland =126. The DJ that fateful night was called Golden Donna =261. Flames of Hell =261. Golden Donna =51/105. Zionism =51/105. Wildfires =51/105. Other truth-seekers have pointed out how the DJ’s stage name is a reference to the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, the occult society affiliated with Aleister Crowley – whose Scottish manor burned down on 12/23 of last year. The Rhode Island Fire occurred on 2/20/03, a span of 2 months 23 days after the 60th anniversary of the deadliest nightclub fire in world history at Cocoanut Grove in Boston. The Synagogue of Satan =223.

  • That’s also exactly 22,000 days between The Station Nightclub Fire =1590 and that at Cocoanut Grove =159. Satanist =22. Satanic =22. Master Builder Number =220, and 22 is indeed the Master Builder number in numerology.
  • The Smoky Mountains Wildfires began on 11/28, the 74th anniversary of the Cocoanut Grove Fire. What a coincidence. Fire Worship =74. Masonic =74. Lucifer =74. Energy =74. Ceremonial Magic =74. Burnt Offering =74.

The Ghost Ship fire, meanwhile, occurred 11 months 9 days after the Crowley Manor Fire (the day after the anniversary of Crowley’s death). That’s also 1 year 1 month 19 days after the Paris Attacks with its own staged Death on the Dancefloor symbolic event.

  • Fire Ritual =119. All-Seeing Eye =119. Crowley died 1 month 19 days after his birthday. Trump was born 9 months 11 days after the end of World War II. Dolly Parton was born on 1/19 and her Dollywood Resort is located on 119 hectares.
  • Joel 1:19 was the sole page of a bible found by a Dollywood employee cleaning up after the fire. It reads: “To you, O Lord, I call. For fire has devoured the pastures of the wilderness, and flame has burned all the trees of the field.” Spooky scene to the uninitiated & a juicy riddle to us on the path of enlightenment.

10/19 of ’91 was the Oakland Firestorm, the last major fire in the city. Between the two infernos was a perfect span of exactly 1311 weeks. MK (13+11), as in MK-Ultra. The Beast =311, as was Crowley’s nickname. The Ghost Ship fire broke out at 11:30 PM in synch with the show’s name: Golden Donna’s 100% Silk West Coast Tour =113.

Golden Donna’s real name is Joel Shanahan =45. Golden Dawn =45. Firestorm =450. Joel like the Joel 1:19 passage discovered at Dollywood the night that Dolly Parton sang Jolene on The Voice. Joel =675. Burned To Ashes =675. And that Fire Chaser Express is a ride at Dollywood.

Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn =1699. Aurora Aurea =699 (Latin for Golden Dawn, in perfect Gematria coding, of which Crowley was an outspoken adept). Mother Nature =699. Again the 1 prefix representing the active form of 699, and the Golden Dawn (a precursor to Wicca) relies heavily on earth-based forms of magick. And in the passive form: Secret Society =996. One World Order =996. Nines are sixes & sixes are nines, as they say.

  • The Oakland Ghost Ship =1272. Bavarian Illuminati =1272. The Great Smoky Mountains Wildfires broke out exactly 1272 weeks after the last major Gatlinburg fire in 1992. Charles Prince of Wales =1272, just to show another connection to him & sacrifice by fire. Also, there are 272 numbers mentioned in the Book of Revelation.

As testament to wheels within where of history repeating,  that 1992 Gatlinburg Fire happened 38 weeks 3 days after the 1991 Oakland Firestorm, corresponding to the verse from Joel 1:19: “For fire has devoured the pastures of the wilderness, and flame has burned all the trees of the field” =383. Satanic Elite =383. 

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  1. Brother Berg, excellent analysis and breakdown once again. Hope you are keeping well on your travels? I havnt commented for a while, however still read your blog entries with enthusiasm.
    Having done a little research into the latest news ‘stories’, incl. the Oakland and Dolly fires as you’ve documented, I have found some interesting connections, which also relate back to your ‘Colt 45’ blog.
    The 1950 film ‘Colt 45’ stars Chief Thundercloud as Walking Bear (Wall King Bear?).
    The main star is Randolph Scott as Steve Farrell. The film was reissued under the name Thundercloud.
    On I M D b under reviews for this film, one reviewer states the movie should have been correctly titled Colt 44, as the movie is set circa 1840 and the colt 45 revolver was first made in 1871. As you know Trump will be the 45th pres but the 44th person to be pres.
    As you’ve mentioned before, Houston had the Colt 45’s. Why does the film Colt 45 relate to the Oakland fire and Oakland? – Randolph Scott (check out his bio on wiki). Incl. “Scott’s face was supposedly used as the model for the football helmet wearing pirate on the American Football League (now NFL) Oakland Raiders redesigned logo in 1963.” Still in use today. In 1997 Randolph Scott was awarded a Golden Boot award in memorial.
    There has been recent news coverage of the Iceland Pirate Party trying to form a govn’t in Iceland. As well as the story of Buzz Aldrin’s evacuation from Antarctica, which reminds me of ‘Scott of the Antarctica’ from history. (‘Great Scott’ from BTTF?).
    Captain Scott was Captain Robert Falcon Scott, b. 6 June 1868 – d. 29 March 1912. This made him 2286 weeks old when he died.
    So I searched 2286 and found out that Star Trek IV The Voyage Home film was set in the year 2286 and was essentially Time Travel between that date and 1986.
    Kirk was an admiral in this film, and the Captain of the USS Yorktown in the film was …. CAPTAIN JOEL RANDOLPH! I mean what are the odds of that in light of recent stories (page from the book of Joel …. Page from the captain’s log essentially?)
    This trekky movie was about a probe wanting to destroy the world, so the crew had to time travel back to 1986 to get a humpback whale, to communicate with the probe. Anyway, the film is set in 1986 San Francisco. I M D b mentions the movie featuring Punk and Pizza. Filmed around the San Fran area, Golden Gate and Oakland.
    There has been a b. b. c. News story recently supposedly asking UK pm T.M. what she will be watching Christmas day. It states she will be watching Dr Who and an Agetha Christie …. Hmmm. Dr Who and a murder mystery interesting.
    Sorry to go on so much, whether you can find any gematria connections from what I’ve documented, I’ll leave it to you?
    Take care and safe travels.


      • B b c headline today …. “Fridge may have caused Oakland fire.”
        William Perry “the refrigerator” or “the fridge” played for Chicago Beards in 80s / 90s. A lot of bear references ….. Golden Bear (toys) – Willett.
        Little Bear (Indian in the cupboard) – Chicago Cubs.
        Walking Bear – Colt 45 film – Oakland Raiders?


    • Brother Berg, apologies about hogging the comments section, but wow! I just watched Dan Behrendt’s latest video on Pakistan plane crash, and he mentions J.J. Abrams in relation to the double J named people. He lists films the made, however failed to mention the 2009 Star Trek movie. I have linked Star Trek to the Oakland fire, via Randolph Scott / Joel Randolph as I’ve documented.


  2. The evil never ceases to amaze me. Knowing the “Sandman” scene in the original ‘ Back to the Future’ was loaded with symbolisms, I still was puzzled why the ‘Hill Valley Stationers’ shop was prominently placed when Marty realizes he is back in time(11-5-1955) as he retrieves a newspaper from the trashcan. Your post solved the riddle. The ‘Stationers’ shop has a large red and white striped awning. A vintage streetlight is in front of the shop and the torch-like lamp ( in height) runs above the awning up to the letter ‘n’ in Stationers as if igniting ‘Station’ and the ‘er’ hints at ‘Re’ the sun-god.

    I never saw the ‘Station’ nightclub before the fire and searched its image. The whole front of the nightclub was painted like an American flag…red and white stripes everywhere.
    Hill Valley Stationers= 1768= Aleister Crowley.
    From BTTF release on 7-3-1985 to the fire on 2-20-2003= 17 years 7 months 17 days.
    The whole scene could be a dissertation –it’s that loaded. This is a few seconds decoding!
    The Rolling Stone interviewed two survivors from the fire: Scotty Dunbar and Adam Tanzi…hmmm.


      • “Turn on your Magic Beam, Mr. Sandman bring me a dream.” This lyric is juxtaposed in BTTF with a music speaker, sporting an ‘OX’ mark of the beast symbol in its design. B. StanWYCK (beast ‘n wick) is on a movie marquee. Hill Valley STATIONers is on the West side of the Road (according to street signs and in relation to Marty.) The Station fire took place in WEST WarWICK, ROAD Eye-Land.
        Speilberg drives the shot home with a slow moving Memphis Coach Co.1955- looking “Memphian” Hearse going down the road, disguised with large red and white stripe flag-like banners draped across the sides and rear door obscured by an election sign. After Marty sees the 11-5-1955 date (remember,remember the Jesuit Treason of 1605…411 years to the day to Trump’s Reno scare) he holds the newspaper up and we see a full-sized ad for “the car of the future….the STUD-e-BAKER. The Great White band (Jaws) would be the last music heard by those murdered at The Station.

        As for Bears, the storefronts sand-witch-ing Hill Valley Stationers include a golden sign, “J D Armstrong Realtors” (D J Strong-arm Trump) and a phallic-looking “Elite Barber Shop” sign, where we will be given a Raze-or financial haircut one day. The (MK Ultra)’ Bluebird ‘ Motel is just before the big red ‘ 9’ (11-9-2016 or 9-11-2001.)


    • Wow, excellent connections between BTTF / Star Trek and the Station nightclub fire. Incorporating historical figures, places and events into movies and psyops.
      Dunbar, Scotland = 888 / 148 (Donald J Trump).
      Looked into the history of the town of Dunbar, which suffered historical fires. On 3rd Jan 1987 a fire destroyed much of the town parish church.
      Many battles as well incl. Battle of Dunbar 1650 – Oliver Cromwell defeated scottish army commanded by David Leslie, which was loyal to King Charles II.


      • Berg notes 74 year anniversary between Smoky Mtn Fire and Cocoanut Grove. 74×12= 888 months. The road sign shown in BTTF near Marty and newspaper/trash can scene reads, ‘8 South’, ‘395 East’ = 644= Scottish Rite (J). There was a creepy blood-red musical note and ‘Live Music’ on The Station sign out front that didn’t burn. Live Music=1066=Burned Alive (J).
        Musical Note=548=Cernnunos (J)

        Druidry.org. has an interesting writing describing “Cernnunos-Ancient Celtic God,” by J.M. Reinbold.
        He describes how he sits under an ancient Oak, has Nut-brown skin, eyes flash Fire, is at the sacred centre–in the Grove of all Worlds, Master of Time and the Sacrificial Hunt, born of ‘Anu’ or ‘Golden Don’ -the All Mother. “As Lord of the Dance He is present in the billions and billions of infinitely small movements that make up the seemingly chaotic Dance of Life. The Dance of Making and Unmaking.”
        Those who wish to commune with Cernnunos and receive his power dress with Skulls and Bones.


  3. Lights out stuff Brother Berg. Thank you for your hard work. The song “Jolene” has just been nominated for a Grammy this year. A group by the name Pentatonix and Dolly Parton released the song on September 16, 2016. That leaves 106 days remaining. 106=prophecy. Dolly=408. Pentatonix=48. 48 Prime is 223. 2220 weeks 3 day is the span from Dolly’s album “Jolene”(Feb.27, 1974) to the Pentatonix/Dolly release on 9/16/16.


  4. Awesome work Bro. You mentioned the terrible film Ghost Ship, but without seeing the complete waste of celluloid, you’d have missed that there is a fucking scene wherein a dancefloor full of people is killed instantly, by a wire. Wire/fire.


  5. I don’t get the correlation between the words and numbers. This is new to me. How does one go about learning of this? “I’m going to find out on my own, I’m sure”. Helpful advice is aways appreciated. Just seems like a great tool for seeing more then you would without it.


  6. I was a tenant of the Satya Yuga/The Ghost ship.
    There is a reddit article that was deleted about a survivor who heard a girl telling people to stay up stairs (who most likely increased the level of the tragedy). I personally witnessed this girl as well, along with my friend who was visiting me. This girl was telling people not to come down the stairs, she was chanting “This is the will of the spirits of the forest”. There was a fight that broke out that seemed sinister by the intonations of the voices right before the fire, in my opinion I believe someone caught someone else in the act of starting the fire and may have caused a fight or scuffle (which is what me and my friend heard) when I went to go check, multiple people fled the scene, so it could have been a group effort. I personally have been very into the occult as an avid reader and intellectual, and have been knee deep in the electronic music scene for quite some time. Satya Yuga was an art enclave/installation/stage for Symbiosis 2016. The thing that really spooks me, was that the last DJ of the festival at the Satya Yuga stage played the song “Burning down the house” and I refused to dance to it because I got an extremely weird “vibe” as if there was some sort of mockery going on. The night of the fire, the DJ that night was also playing a song about fire according to other witnesses (I couldn’t tell because I was downstairs, it all sounded the same to me). Someone asked him to turn down the music because there was a fire, he supposedly handed him a water bottle and said “Then just put it out yourself” and continued to turn up the music. There are other elements and suspicions but these are the facts.


    • Somehow my comment got deleted here…. but in a nutshell what I said was that your story reminded me of something some people last Halloween told me about symbiosis last year. … They said that a group got onstage and told the crowd “we are selling your souls” & the entranced crowd went along but my friend called out “bullshit!!! WtF is this selling your soul shit?!?”… also I got the feeling that the flat earth panels at LIB and Symbiosis were a mockery of our intelligence and a psy op… even if the one at symbiosis was supposed to be a joke… it was still mindfucking half the audience who didn’t know it was a joke (true mk uktra style)…fake news is a psy op and often Satanists use humor to draw people into their rituals… if you look up the video series “silicon valleys secret weapon: the shadow history of burners” you will learn that west coast festival culture is not what it seems… the electric koolaid acid tests are alive and well today! If you dig deep you will find that the grateful dead were CIA (bob weir and mickey hart are confirmed members of bohemian grove )…wavy gravy and ken kessey were CIA…the CIA created LSD as a mind control drug…the whole hippie movement was a socially engineered psy op to distract the hippies from protesting the war (research lauryl canyon and the manufacturing of the deadhead) ….so called hippie rockstarts like jerry garcia and jim morrison were ex military. …etc…burningman was created at presidio military base fort baker (baker beach misleading ) just 1 mile from high ranking military satanic priest Michael Aquino’s temple of set ….and mirrors ancient human sacrifice ritual the wickerman….and rites of eluesis ….the presidio where burningman started was where the satanic ritual abuse pedo ring scandal with all the children at the military day care centers got exposed 1986_88 and they were forced to shut down and move. No one was charged for the horrendous acts against numerous children where they were trafficked in underground tunnels… Aquino was questioned and never charged. Pedo OTO member George Lucas ‘s ‘industrial light and magic ‘ (partnered with pedo satanic Disney ) moved into the presidio. …turns out that android jones trained in his VJ sigil craft with George Lucas’s company…. the name ‘android ‘ has a transhumanism tone to it…& he also VJED for the grateful dead’s fare thee well concert…. the presidio is also home to military mind control psy op programs as well as affilisted with bohemian grove and silicon valley surveillance tech corporations. …the Internet and Google sprung up around the time burningman moved to black rock desert and was held within the Pentagon shape… rothschilds owned blackstone financial before black rock. The arch of the city lies at exactly . 666 degree % each year …. and the temple in the center sits at exactly in the center of the upside pentagram that lies within the pentagon (look up ‘burners me: burningman magic on a grand scale ‘ for more info )…. it turns out that a Rothschild and rockefellar are some of the investors funding burningman….and for years silicone valley surveillance tech billionaires attend. The mega rich (and masonic kind of shady)billionaire owners of Google and twitter (amongst others) just dropped 6.4$billion to purchase burningman’s 24/7 bliss base ….’Fly Ranch’…. some say that burning is indoctrination into slave labor style concentration camp living….dressed up as a wild and free party with costumes and drugs…kind of like. ..’uncle same wants you…to join fly ranch….our bohemian grove psychedelic stylee military concentration camp’! Other festivals aren’t any different. …people piss away their energy on meaningless hedonistic pursuits while the govt destroys america and strip peoples rights away from them right under their noses. I could go on…but my research has found that most festivals are shady too….one example (of many that i wont get into here)…is how my friend witneseed at the emerg_n_see festival (whose logo is a creepy all seeing eye) that they were opening a portal…and that it was going to bring in demons not the light. ..so he stopped it…but became a target after that…another story: a friend of mine was a stilldream during eproms set… and she saw him play juicy vibes…but then saw the VJ projected baphomet on the screen ….with opening DNA imagery and then portals… and then eqyptian gods…she said it felt like the VJ was throwing sigils & her guard went up at the same time eprom played a horrible dissonant tone…. for like a minute…causing people to yell out but not in a good way and cover their ears…then he went back to playing music as if it never happened….the point is …is that some of the “hippies” in the west coast scene aren’t hippies at all….Alex grey’s logo has the 666 in it and looks exactly like the trilaterol commission logo also w the triple 6…. (just like the cern and google logos have triple 6) ….many of these “hippies” are nasty fucks projecting black magic and harm just like there are many of us who wish to be of great benefit….use discernment always…people are more sensitive to subliminals on psychedelics …always be aware of what is going on around you…


      • Also I want to add that no one was charged for the Oakland warehouse fire…if anything screams blood sacrifice that is it… w derek ion saying that he can ‘practically get away w murder ‘ months before…masons are above the law… just like how no one was charged in thr mcMartin pre school satanic abuse pedo ring case….same w Aquino and the satanic abuse pedo ring scandal at the military day care centers at the Presidio. ..no was one charged! If you dig deep w the titanic you will find out that it was likely an inside job as well…a fire blazed in the coal room when it departed and blazed th3 whole trip out and melted the steel where the iceberg hit….also white star seemed to have swapped the titanic for its sister ship olympic that had much damage (pierced and patched in the same spot where titanic was pierced w iceberg) for insurance fraud….white star received $12.5 million after the titanic sank…3 wealthy men who opposed the federal reserve died w the ship (women and children on boats first ensured their demise)…the greek translation fornthe name of lucifer is teitan… the gematria for teitan is 666… no one was charged for thr murder of 1500 people on that ship…even though there was a 14 month dialogue with the board of trade about adding more lifeboats which were refused….another man who inspected the ship requested more lifeboats and he was hushed and threatened his job…also morgan Robertson wrote a book 14 years earlier about the sinking of an ‘unsinkable’ ocean liner on her maiden voyage…hidden in plain site. ghostship was an obvious illegal fire trap and no one was charged?!?! Bullshit.


      • I meant to add in my last comment about the titanic that morgan robertsons book about the unsinkable ocean liner that sank on her maiden voyage…was ‘wreck of the titan ‘ written 14 years before titanic sank.


  7. A few more observations that I would like to share…golden Donna is really Joel shanahan (tying into your Jolene link to ghost ship above) ….it has been reported thst he actually escaped. ..which is suspicious because likely he would be playing the 2ND floor w the others who perished. I searched his fb page. ..low and behold I found this pic of his album
    “secrets” (<<classic symbol of occult) yeah it is gold and you see 7 keys dangling on either side of the center of the cd. Above the center is a symbol resembling an abstract G (<< another obvious symbol) & my intuition said that G must be a 7 in gematria…cuz that would make 777 in a triangle no less…low and behold…the G is a 7!! W@w. See link here to observe… http://www.tinymixtapes.com/chocolate-grinder/listen-golden-donna-secrets. .plus the whole cd is gold….golden dawn/golden donna…..how did he escape the 2nd floor when mostly everyone else didnt??? I found another article of the guy who jumped out the window and survived. He reported that all the walkways on the 2nd floor were blocked. More evidence it was as if on purpose… http://www.sfchronicle.com/bayarea/article/Survivor-who-jumped-from-Ghost-Ship-window-10805005.php


  8. Another observation….this interview w survivor bob mule left a bad taste in the mouths of many who watched it…as evidenced by the comment section. Both the interviewer and Bob proved very insensitive to the deceased…by neither one of them knowing the number dead (especially w Bob I mean …come on, you lived there and you are doing Hella
    interviews. …”however how many are dead…” does not fly. He puts on this facade of spirituality but really he went back in the building to get material stuff and didn’t really think of the others…and then he is seizing his 15 of fame. ..anyways…suspicious that he is always wearing sunglasses and the same outfit in interviews. …always rocking the charred vest. ..yet had a perfectly white masonic eyes wide shut style orgy t_shirt and no singed hair… one thing that stood out for me here… is the sms in the corner (perfect mirror symbol hints satanic just like mirror word bob) & also how Bob holds the mic. ..it is in a way that it shows a double red sms on the mic….on a hunch I felt that the sms must be 666…with the three sms subtly displayed…and sure enough yep…gematria shows the triple 6 for the three sms!!! Just the awkward nature on this interview should be obvious something was up. Bob’s behavior is very odd. Also he mentions being one of the first to see the fire…perhaps he knows more than let on? If what zero alluded to above with a fight and possible people starting the fire then he would know more….anyway this interview is telling…aND they were blasted for their behavior in the comments…https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=-eiy1-iWZJ4


  9. Also on on October 13th 2014 on their fb page golden donna recommends to people to see lucifer rising …just a quick scan at the description you can see the people involved in the film are shady satanic masons..http://www.ubu.com/film/anger_lucifer.html… also in another post the event poster fetuses god and he wrote “I am defying god tonight and playing this show…poster has all seeing eye and the two masonic towers… lastly, in this last picture here shows a couple walking in a world of radiation (creepy! Ya know how they have to tell you what they r gonna do to you?!?!) Lots of references to being hot (fire sacrifice )… -there is a rocket ship (spelled racket ship) in the back ground (ghostSHIP) & the ship actually says ‘no cooking after burners’ ….it also says Adam and eve…fem and masc principles …. then it says ‘hot jet but soon ‘ the ship/no cooking after burner connection is what stands out for me most. Reminds me of marina abromovich’s creepy spirit cooking which is a direct reference to blood sacrifice. …see picture. He even says that he is going to be spinning some heat in the invite. (Link broke up but you can copy n paste if need be) https://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10155426065495576&id=869730575&set=a.10155001382460576.1073741835.869730575&__tn__=C


  10. I want to add another obvious thing:. Satya yuga was one of 14 “environments” at symbiosis….But let’s look at the description of the environment on their page:. http://symbiosisgathering.com/satya-yuga/. …..”Twisted wood and bone”?…. “A living offering?”. “Ghostship? “. This is a bit obvious don’t ya think? A living offering to me is people…! Also “resurrected” (<note how this subtely subconsciously cues fire into the psy op ritual…As the pheonix is resurrected through fire and also these key phrases fall in sequence of telling the story 3 months after Symbiosis when the ghostship burned down… It would be interesting for the author of the article to do gematria with the ghostship and connect it to their "environment" at symbiosis gathering…. I bet more will be revealed. Also I have found ghostship to be connected w the satanic CERN ritual done in Switzerland (a creepy and hypnotic sinisterly beautiful satanic ritual which also looks like burningman man)…. It seems both events opened a portal to call in dark forces,. Rocked the Shiva "the destroyer" statue for symbology….also what stood out for me was how the mannequin arms that reach out from the 2nd floor of the ghostship look like spirits reaching out thru a portal for me….And in during the hour long CERN ritual in Switzerland at some point on the screen there was an obvious portal w similar ghostlike white looking mannequin arms reaching out from the portal on the screen…. So I would be interested in seeing the numerology correlating the CERN ritual in Switzerland with the ghostship since both seem to open portals… Also…There was a hexagram on the floor on the rug in the ghostship….Hexagrams have the triple 6 and is the most powerful symbol to conjure demons….It has six points, six sides, and six triangles…So I would also add the numerology for hexagram to the mix as well…. Here in this link you can see the hexagram on the rug inside the warehouse. http://www.rollingstone.com/music/pictures/inside-oakland-ghost-ship-warehouse-before-the-fire-w453774/nbsp-w453786. …In pictures # 1, #10 & #12 ….It is the star of David shape in a circle…. The hexagram was also on the rug at the conference center where the maps conference is held (<another pay op) as well now on the back of the my 4th dimension hoody and would lay over where the back of the heart would be! Also the hexagram was used to symbolize the anahata heart chakra…How convenient! Here on this link if you scroll down to the 5th picture you can see the hexagram looks like on the back of my hoodie. https://fourthdimensiondesigns.net/collections/atara Also it seems that people were tricked into meditating on the hexagram by meditating on the wretched merkaba! So in summary, I would add Symbiosis, CERN, and hexagram to the ghostship numerology as well! Should be pretty interesting….Blessings to all! May all be happy and free of suffering. _/\_


  11. A few more observations… this ritual indeed has saturn all over it (saturn is satan)… if you research satya yuga literally means ‘ushering in the golden age’….& then you have this golden donna DJ… golden dawn….ancient freemason eqyptian magic worships saturn as king of the year as most high…old crone. .. (chronus) …crowned gold…. also… Satya Yuga’s logo at symbiosis (and was displayed on the warehouse as wwll)… is a sword going thru one eye of a skill w a crown on its head. The phallic sword pierces the mind thru the one eye of horus…shattering the mind thru trauma….control perception…phallic sword is the missing golden penis of osirus. … the crown and skull telling you who they are (ozzy Osburn and other famous figures have used the same imagery )…. the nose of the skull is upside down heart inverting love. Black and white colors duality programming colors. Now if you go to the symbiosis gathering website and look up the symbiosis gathering website… the Satya Yuga page descriptin their environments….they use the word ghostship…and say it is a ‘a living offerring of wood and bone….” !!!!! They are telling you right there…it was a living offering…just months before it burned. They have to tell you what they are going to do. It goes on to say ” Resurrected from ashes…” subtly implying fire…now max Harris was arrested along w almena recently. Gematria of max Harris is 666. Also the eye w the lightning bolt on the front of the warehouse is the eye of horus and lightning is the as Nazi sigil craft symbol. ..the eye w lightning bolt underneath has been used by many douche celebs….grateful dead (CIA fake ass rebel posers ) as well as hendrix etc…. all of the videos by this guy truthiracy on you tell are so deep and on point. This last one he did about the titanic being an inside job and the occult ritual behind it. ..he speaks about how most blood sacrifices are done during the witching hour from midnight to 1 am. …yep same as ghostship. Gematria OF Teitan 666 …https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Le_WcV02jrU. Lastly look up the occult signifcance of the significance of number 36… it is the number of Babylonian-Egyptian demons that make 37. 36 is the total number of gods and is equivalent in meaning to the 666. 36 is the magical seal of the sun … the sun seal is gold w yellow being the sun color and associated w the philosophers stone or hexagram used to conjure demons. http://blog.world-mysteries.com/science/numbers-magick/

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