Death of John Glenn & The Masonic NASA

Glenn =112. Mason =211. Let’s first understand that most if not all astronauts are Freemasons and NASA is first & foremost a Masonic occult organization deeply entrenched with the Military-Industrial Complex =322. Masonic =223. John Glenn died 223 weeks (& change) after Neil Armstrong died – and 20,016 days (6x6x6 =216) after he supposedly became the first man to orbit the Earth. That was the 51st day of 1962. Freemason =51. Conspiracy =51. 

As we move forwards, it’s also crucial to understand the Masonic iconography of Boaz & Jachin, the twin pillars that guarded Solomon’s Temple =58. Freemasonry =58. Secret Society =58. TPTB =58. Aldrin =58. Solomon’s Temple was burned to the ground in 422 BCE (Ghost Ship =422), a probable source of symbolic reenactment with all these deep coded fire rituals we’ve seen this year. The second paragraph of the Wikipedia article states that Josephus says that “the temple was burnt four hundred and seventy years, six months, and ten days after it was built,” implying the occult importance of date counts – as we profane truth-seekers united have discovered sans initiation.

Solomon’s Temple =193. Glenn orbited the Earth 1 year 9 months 3 days before the Kennedy Assassination and 193 is the 44th prime; Kennedy the 44th-term president who died surrounded by the #44. Kill =44. Military =44. Space Race =44. NASA =44. Boaz & Jachin =44, the prime root numerological symbolism behind the pillars of Solomon’s Temple. John Glenn & Buzz Aldrin were also born exactly 444 weeks apart. Masonic =444. Order of Thelema =444. Occult =444. It was also 4 years 4 months 4 days between the deaths of JFK & Yuri Gagarin, I mean damn.

  • It should also be noted that Yuri Gagarin, the first human in space (as the story goes) died exactly 68 weeks before the Apollo 11 mission launched. Marduk =68, the god of Law & Order and father of Nebuchadnezzar. Donald John Trump =68. 
  • Glenn’s Masonic Lodge was #688. Ninety-Nine =688. John Glenn =99. Neil Armstrong =990. Edwin Eugene Aldrin Jr =99. Hoodwink =99. Glenn was hospitalized five days after Aldrin was hospitalized after a visit to the Antarctic Outer Rim. 

Nebuchadnezzar II =166. Neil A Armstrong =166. Jachin =661. Boaz =553. Neil A Armstrong =553. Double coded with the twin symbols of Freemasonry of course he was the first man on the moon. Armstrong & Glenn were born 3305 days apart and sum those together: Astronauts =888. Donald J Trump =888. Nebuchadnezzar =888, the Chaldean king of the Neo-Babylonian Empire who burned down the Temple of Solomon =330. Another deep meaning behind the Masonic obsession with the Master Teacher #33.

  • Jachin =45. Buzz =450. (Trump the 45th President-Elect.)
  • Boaz =44. Armstrong =44. (Trump the 44th President elected.)

I mean c’mon! Can a Masonic ritual be any more blatant.

Boaz & Jachin is represented in the Tarot on the card called the High Priestess =72. BJ =72. Dr Rendezvous =72, Aldrin’s nickname. Jachin =27 and the pillars stood 27-feet tall. 12/7 was the late news of Glenn’s hospitalization. Lunar Landing =127. Notice the three “eyes” above the Saturn symbol hat, like the three eyes on the Ghost Ship warehouse (as seen in the previous post). And of course the folds in her dress would look like a man sitting on the moon.

Freemason =122. Buzz Aldrin was hospitalized on 12/2, the same day as the Ghost Ship Fire. Like a spacecraft with the lights on but nobody home. Buzz =1202. Edwin E Buzz Aldrin Jr =221. And 2/21 of ’67 was the originally scheduled launch date for Apollo 1, which ended in a cabin fire killing all three astronauts aboard. That was 49 years before the fire at the Ghost Ship =49. 

It’s also been 47 years since the Moon Landing, and we’ve already discussed the connections with Trump born on the night of a lunar eclipse. There’s a big riddle here that is slowly but surely taking form with each new piece to the puzzle we receive. Obey =47. Saturn =47. Authority =47. Master Plan =47. President =47. Trump =470, and as we just learned, Solomon’s Temple stood for 470 years.


5 thoughts on “Death of John Glenn & The Masonic NASA

  1. What a tangled web! However, this is what I’ve found ….
    John Glenn supposedly the first man in orbit. When his capsule splashed back into the sea, the waiting recovery ship was …… USS Randolph.
    AstroNOT – David Randolph “Dave” Scott made first space flight with Neil Armstrong (Gemini 8) in march 1966. Scott’s final space flight Apollo 15 (being first man to drive on the moon) called Endeavour after Captain Cooks HMS Endeavour which discovered Australia / New Zealand. The lunar module had the call sign Falcon.
    Buzz Aldrin evacuated from Antarctica to New Zealand.
    Captain Robert Falcon Scott from history led 2 expeditions to Antarctica.
    So, Randolph Scott seems to have connections all round.


  2. 12-7-16 was also the 44th anniversary of Apollo 17–the last Apollo moon mission launch, which photographed/shopped the ‘Blue Marble’. Gemini Trump in June turns 71=Apollo. This reminds me of that golden colored J D ” Armstrong” Realty sign in Hill Valley, BTTF.
    Gemini 8? What an eerie synching with the Iroquois Chicago Theatre Fire. The fire started in Act II while 8 men and 8 women were singing, “In the Pale Moonlight,” lit by a spotlight (444). Trump=88
    Act Two=1154=Harvest Moon Man On The Moon=444/882/147=EightEightEight. (888=Donald J Trump.)
    The time: 3:15 (hands on 3/3) and killed at least 571 by 3:30. Fire Engine 13 responded at 3:33. The theatre is on Randolph St.
    The Station Fire started shortly into the first song,”Desert Moon.” I wonder what was was playing at the Ghost Ship?

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  3. Keep it coming Brother Berg. Fantastic work as always. “Whats in a Name” comment about 71 & pale moonlight sparked an idea. “Have you ever danced with the Devil in the Pale Moonlight?
    Jack Nicholson’s line he said before killing Bruce’s parent in the 1989 Batman. The parent’s death which leads to the birth of the Batman. Bruce Wayne=45. Mike Pence=45. With Donald’s assassination Pence will be the 45 man to hold the office. Batman released in the US 6/23/89 exactly 10,000 days before Election Day on 11/8/16. Jack’s character name was Jack Napier=88. Trump=88. Murder=79. Jack who’s 79. is starting to look ripe for the chopping block. Being the year for royal deaths and all.
    On Jack’s wiki page is states his mother married a DONALD Nicholson. A rumor that Jack’s bio father is Eddie KING. Mr. Nicholson a son of a King, known as a Jack, and played a Joker. The Royal Suites in a deck of cards. Who will probably go down like a house of cards after Donald’s 71 birthday. House of Cards=71 with the double S math.


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