Mayor Hudnut & The Colts Sacrifice

William H Hudnut III, the former mayor of Indianapolis credited with stealing the Colts from Baltimore, just died on 12/17 — a perfect span of 51 days before Super Bowl 51. He died at age 84. Indianapolis Colts =84. William Hudnut =167. Colts Super Bowl =1670. Colts Coach VP Confirm Team Move =120. William Hudnut =1002. Colts Super Bowl Fifty-One =102. Jetsons =102. LI =12. A Luck =12 wears #12 born on the 12th and drafted in ’12. Colts Super Bowl =1200. The active form of 12 is 112. Andrew Luck =112. Houston =112. Super Bowl 51 in Houston falls 112 days after Hudnut’s last birthday.

That’s some pretty tight connections as a Super Bowl Sacrifice, IMHO. Indianapolis Indiana =94. William H Hudnut III =94. Perfect fit for mayor. Colts have made the playoffs 16 times; Hudnut was mayor for 16 years and died in ‘16 exactly 16 weeks before the Super Bowl… Sixteen =96. Super Bowl Fifty-One =96. 

  • Hudnut was born on the 17th and died on the 17th. The Super Bowl in ’17 falls on 17 date numerology and the 17th prime number is 59. William Hudnut =59.
  • Indianapolis Colts Super Bowl Fifty-One =162. William Herbert Hudnut III =1620.

He was mayor until 1/1/92. Andrew Austen Luck =192. Indianapolis Colts =192. Sunday February Fifth Two Thousand Sixteen =192. Super Bowl LI =912. Luck born on 9/12. Hudnut was mayor of Indianapolis for exactly 835 weeks. Houston =538

Extra-Capsa previously documented some crazy connections between The Jetsons and a potential Colts Super Bowl – and just found this screenshot from the show of someone behind the scenes controlling robotic football players…. And Manning looking like he’s trying to hear what his helmet intercom is telling him to do. As it turns out, we have another Twins Trick as Mayor Hudnut died on the same day as a director for The Jetsons. Gordon Hunt died at age 87. Super Bowl Fifty-One =87. Twelve =87. The 87 jersey in the top pic.

  • Hudnut & Hunt were born 1270 days apart. NRG =127. NRG Stadium =45. Hunt’s last birthday was 40 weeks 5 days before the Super Bowl and Hudnut was the 45th Mayor of Indianapolis.
  • Gordon Hunt’s daughter is actress Helen Hunt (age 53 like Super Bowl LI =53) and her last birthday was 7 months 22 days before SB 51, the Pi code – and her next is 131 days after. Super Bowl =131. Championship =131. Grizzlies =131, the team in the following film.

Helen Hunt was in a 1983 TV movie (33 years ago) called Quarterback Princess =112. Andrew Luck =112. It released exactly 6 years 6 months before the birth of Andrew Austen Luck =66. NFL =66 (the first Super Bowl in ‘66) February Five =66 (date of SB 51). And what’s 6+6?

32 thoughts on “Mayor Hudnut & The Colts Sacrifice

  1. The Colts vs Vikings is the 16th most likely Super Bowl Match Up on 5dimes at +6600 while the Colts have a 3.4 percent chance of making the playoffs and the Vikings have 3.67. New England vs Tampa Bay is the next highest at +6000 and the lowest is the Titans vs the Cowboys at +7000. Incredible is right 🙂


    • Ha, no kidding. Worth at least 5 dimes though just for kicks, seeing as how we’ve used this method to predict several sports outcomes previously. Ex-Caps was calling Broncos in Week 5 last year which everyone said couldn’t be done – and hey, the trend this year is the Comeback Kid. So we’ll see what happens!


      • We saw what happened. You were all wrong and this was all for not. And now most everyone on here is talking about a “Plan B” for your predictions??? That’s just called duping or bate and switching, a thing you do to a bunch of fools. So this is where the entertainment value has been lost on me and I see you all for the mean spirited hapless assholes who don’t care about taking responsibility for being wrong. What a spineless and feckless bunch


  2. Colts last game before moving to indy was against Houston, Oliver luck was the houston QB.
    Baltimore Colts last playoff game was against the Raiders, Christmas eve 1977.
    That game is known as ‘the ghost to the post’ game. Dave Casper (the ghost) hit two big plays in a raiders win.
    Exactly 39 years later on this Christmas eve the Colts play the raiders again.
    The ghost = 39.
    Colts main receiver TY Hilton has the same nickname, the ghost.

    Dave Casper is from minnesota. Colts just beat minnesota on 12/18 with a total of 40 points.
    Dave Casper = 40.
    From TY’s birthday (11/14) to the raiders game is 40 days.
    11/14 – SB51 = 83 days.
    Caspers birthday 9/26 – 12/18 = 83 days.
    Casper was 38 when TY was born.
    Raiders = 38.
    Minnesota = 38.
    Prince = 38/65.
    Casper is 65 now.
    Prince died 4/21 – 12/24 = 8 months 3 days.
    Football = 83.
    Colts last year in baltimore was ’83.
    Sixty five = 49.
    Revelation = 49.
    Caspers birthday to TY’s birthday = 49 days.
    TY is 27.
    4/21 – 11/14 = 207 days.
    Prince’s birthday (6/7) leaves 207 days in the year.
    6/7 – 11/14 is 22 weeks 6 days.
    Prince rogers nelson = 226.


  3. A great Blog is the open scroll blog. He has been saying that they have relooped us back in time! Time has been re set so to speak, that’s why this summer they kept coding the term re set, it wasn’t for the economy, it was Time was being re set! 1977 exactly why the Raiders have been magical this year, Star Wars in the movie theatres, Its a Mind Fuck to try and explain it to people!!


  4. The Queen owns THOROUGHBRED RACEHORSES which are entered into races. She inherited several on the death of George VI, who died between 5th Feb and 6th Feb. She became queen on the 6th.
    The SB being on 5th Feb (6th UK time) with at the very least a Colts appearance, would be a tribute.
    The Queen’s racing silks color is purple / red / gold with a black cap.


      • Colin firth played George in the film The King’s Speech.
        Colin Firth = 60. Indianapolis = 60.
        Film came out in 2011 but Firth has just turned 56. That’s how old George was when he died.
        The kings speech = 149.
        From Firths birthday to SB51 is 149 days.
        His birthday (9/10) leaves 112 days remaining.
        Houston = 112. Andrew luck = 112 etc..


    • Excellent Point 224. The Colts=24 played in London=204 on 10/2 (Luck #12)… they lost to the Jaguars 30-27. Reduced thats 3-9. L I = 3 9. 3+9 =12.

      “Jaguar” is a “British” term. Jaguar =58. Makes me think of 1958, 58yrs ago when they played a lil something called “The Greatest Game Ever Played.”

      The Score of that game was 23-17 = 5-8. The Participants of that game… Colts Giants =139. L I = 3 9

      Greatest Game Ever Played =1171. Colts Cowboys =171. Makes for a great Plan B 😉

      Shout out Bro Berg – love this blog!!


      • Plan B? There is no plan B, you just made a bunch of non-correllating nonsense to try and excuse the fact that you were wrong all along. So your a dismissive loser who has no concept of checking your reality. What a piece of happy go lucky shit, go play on the train tracks with your headphones on


  5. Charles first met Diana in November 1977 (inDIANApolis Colts). If time was being reset to 1977 like Shawn C says above, then ‘Star Wars A New Hope’ could relate to Trump’s election as the 45th pres. in that he may be billed as a Peacemaker (a new hope so to speak).
    The revolver – Colt 45 : The Peacemaker =
    Colt Forty Five The Peacemaker = 2222 (eng gematria – ridingthebeast .com)
    2x2x2x2 = 16 (2016).


  6. Alot of people wrapped in in “right” & “wrong” right now. Neither matter to me. As it turns out…all the Colts coding will be for next year – SB 52.

    Hadnut died 12/17/16. SB 52 is on 2/4/18. Thats a difference of 414 days. COLTS =414. See ya in Minnesota.


    • “A lot of people wrapped up in right and wrong,” what the hell??? How about a lot of people realize how you were just wrong and were proven to be charlatans. What a dismissive, shitty attitude for anyone who had any respect for you. You just waive them off with your hand like their passive morons scrabbling over your information. NO, at this point your a naked emperor and you should get ready for the rotten fruit and veg thrown your way. Have you no sense of shame? Are you completely unfamiliar with the aforementioned concept of right and wrong in a society amongst others? Lying at length then squirming your way out of it with another prediction makes you look like the worst kind of person. Do consider ending it all, you choose how but you’ve shown that your a truly horrible personality and you have no spine, no dignity and hold no value to others.


  7. I like how maestro just waves his hand to say that this wasn’t everyone being wrong and being idiots but instead it’s just happening next year. How about go cutting from your elbow to your wrist and back again to see if you find any silly numbers to predict upon in there. What a bunch of feckless losers. Can’t admit when your wrong, you double down and say you didn’t “carry over the 1,” ya like it was some conversion problems and not a bunch of jackasses peddling meaningless horse shit. If all you have to say about being wrong on both fronts is “see you next year” then i hope we don’t. I hope you consider how people feel about you and seriously consider hurting yourself forever the sake of society.


    • I love how it’s so easy to criticize others and be a troll on the internet. If you’re so righteous then where’s your work? Instead of being a NEGATIVE NANCY, do some work to help solve the puzzle! Put your energy into helping the cause and not into negative thoughts because that’s what “they” want…divide and conquer so we’re too busy fighting each other instead of breaking their code.


    • BTW, how are these Gematria predictions any different than predictions by so called “experts” of ESPN and other sports websites and networks? They post their predictions for FREE as well and I have yet to see any “expert” make accurate predictions at the beginning of the year. Do you listen to them religiously? Do they apologize and admit they’re wrong on TV or internet? Do you write nasty emails and comments to them every year after they’re wrong? Get the sand out of your vagina and WAKE UP!


    • Yea, bitter much? Did you lose a bet? We clearly have fuck all control over what the psychopaths who rig this shit do with their kid’s games. The coding was undeniably for the Colts. That means either they changed their plans midstream (due to factors mentioned in mainstream articles about tons of futures bets put on the Colts), or it was a ruse all along, knowing full well how people are catching on (quite according to plan). I tend to think the latter. Either way, asking someone to kill himself over a wrong sports prediction (based on incontrovertible numerological coding) makes you sound insane.


    • Haha shut the fuck up dude. We’re all trying to solve a jigsaw puzzle without seeing the complete image on the box and nobody is claiming to be an authority or a prophet. Together we called Broncos Cavs & Cubs using the numbers, and we show undeniably there is a pattern to all things – the predictive nature is the next level that is slowly coming together as we learn from our mistakes. I was wrong about Hillary and I apologized, even though I didn’t have to.

      This fool here talking about us lying because we have the courage to go public with our interpretations of the data…. Your right to freedom of speech ends the moment you start telling people to kill themselves, motherfucker. You just outed yourself as a little bitch who takes authority as truth over truth as authority – from cats who don’t even claim to be authority. And it’s painfully obvious that you’re projecting so go talk to someone who cares and start looking for the light & love in the universe – it’s all there for you to find for yourself.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thanks for your work and words. Let’s keep on keeping on. Are you in a position to weed out the chaff and keep their negative energy off?

        One more thought I had today on last weekend. In theater you tell the actors to ‘break a leg’ for good luck and put on a great show. Interesting phrase, that truly has no physical harm wishes. Quite simply, the base of the curtain is called a leg, and when you say break a leg, you are actually hoping that the performance was such, where the curtain rises up and down so much, that the ‘leg gets broken’. The audience is applauding for more….

        Maybe that’s why 3 legs were allegedly broken this past weekend.


      • Yeah good call buddy. Break A Leg =44. Kill =44. Like “Kill it/em”. Also, I’m in the perfect position to block the haters, beach bungalow in Thailand and all the vibe that comes with it. It’s all about how we frame things, and even some troll telling cats to kill themselves can be taken as destruction as the precedent for creation. The trick is to always be renovating ourselves. And what happens when a horse gets a broken leg… one-way trip to the glue factory.


  8. Brother Berg please take a look at this? …… The same day as the Philadelphia Train Derailment (May 12 2015 9:23), wiki has GBP quarterback Aaron Charles Rodgers as a winning contestant on Celebrity Jeopardy (Dan the Man has done some vids on Cindy Stowell on Jeopardy). Anyways, Rodgers triumphed over ‘spaceman’ Mark Kelly (Scott’s twin) and Shark Tank panel member Kevin O’ Leary (Canadian – don’t know much about him). With all this space coding and the SB being in Houston, there seems to be a connection. Wiki also says 33yo Rodgers played for the California Golden Bears.
    Also May 12 1937 King George VI and Queen Elizabeth were crowned.
    Rodgers reminds me of ‘Roy Rogers and his horse ‘Trigger’.
    ‘Trigger’ originally named Goldencloud (think Thundercloud from Colt 45 movie with Randolph Scott connection to the Raiders) and Roy Rogers known as the ‘King of the Cowboys’, known for his Colt 45 Single Action Army Revolver (The Peacemaker). Rogers was a Freemason and a Shriner’.


  9. Gematria is fun to see hidden patterns in our news,Bullshit stories the media try and feed us. I learned when N Carolina was coded out the ASS and I lost a bunch to just have fun with Gematria because like the 3D world we are trapped in its Duality in everything especially Gematria.. In one multiverse the Colts might Win the superbowl, In ours they were coded to lose the same day the Vikings were eliminated!! The Joke was on us.. What ever team Wins the superbowl they will be coded out the Ass to Win trust me we just haven’t picked up the codes yet..Last week the day before the Colts game our local paper here in INDY ran a story by Colts insider ZAk Keefer a Colts writer, He basically said in his story the Colts were an 8-8 team and they lost there chance at the playoffs when they got beat by Houston at home last week!! He said for you fools out there clinging to the 3.4 percent chance the Colts will still make the playoffs keep dreaming… I KNEW THEN HE was warning us THE COLTS LOSE !.He was tipping us locals off that Raiders will end the Colts season ..All we can do is keep up decoding and find the patterns… Bro Berg is great at it..


  10. Brother Berg, I believe they changed the script because too many people were onto it. You probably saw all this shit already but anyway:

    Zach’s house hit on the exact same day as the Colts get eliminated (by 33 points). They hit the corner of his house were his does his gematria videos.

    Key point: by decoding and exposing what they’re up to, it can force them to change the script, which they will most likely HATE doing since it knocks all their alignments out.


    • They didn’t change any script. As Shawn says above, the eventual winner will be coded to the tits. Our job is getting harder and harder, and the more people find this shit out, I have a hunch they will just continue to make the coding more and more convoluted.


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