The Carrie Fisher Sacrifice


Carrie Fisher passed just away for yet another member of Hollywood Royalty to peace out in 2016. Is it really any surprise with the prevalence of royal tributes that Princess Leia would join the dearly departed? And as we’ve been seeing with the Twins Trick Theory, Fisher’s mother died the very next day as she was preparing funeral arrangements. I mean c’mon.

  • Fisher died on 12/27, the Pi Code (22/7 = 3.14), a span of 12,270 days after Return of the Jedi. JFK Assassination =1227. Prince George born on 7/22. The 49th prime is 227. Donald Trump =49. Force Awakens =49.
  • Leia =35. Saturnalia =35. Jabba the Hut =35. Princess Charlotte of Cambridge =135. 
  • Fisher =65 died when Princess Charlotte was 605 days old. The 65th prime is 313 and Pope Francis (born on 65 numerology) became Pope on 3/13.

Ass we covered the George Michael connections to the Pope Francis =122 (Carrie Frances Fisher =122, Galactic Empire =122), there she is with the Frances middle name. Further, as a Christmas sacrifice her name Carrie Fisher =74. Jesus =74. Messiah =74. Y’Shua =74. Cross =74. Fisher =47. Leia Organa =47. Star Wars =47/119. Carrie Fisher =119.

Help Me Obi Wan Kenobi You’re My Only Hope =411. Carrie died 40 years 1 month 11 days after Stephen King’s film CarrieAssassin =411 like JFK assassinated from 411 Elm Street. And since we’ve been decoding the numbers on a Trump assassination, get this one: Star Wars Episode VIII =88. Trump =88. Force Awakens =67/121. Blood Sacrifice =67/121. So the latest installment of the series could be interpreted as code for Trump: The Blood Sacrifice.

  • Fisher died 67 days after her 10/21 birthday, which fell on 67 numerology this year. Force Awakens =67. Freemasonry =67. Human Sacrifice =67. Debbie Reynolds =67, Fisher’s mom who died the next day. Christopher Lee, who played Grand Moff Tarkin =76 in the new films, died last year on 6/7.
  • The Force Awakens came out 188 days after Trump’s birthday. President Trump =1188. President Kennedy =188. Trump born on 6/14 and Fisher died 6 months 14 days after Trump’s last birthday.

Fisher died exactly 2066 weeks after the 1977 release of the original Star Wars. Two Thousand Sixty-Six =111. Carrie Frances Fisher =1110 died 1 year 10 days after the release of Star Wars Episode VII and 11 days after Rogue One: A Star Wars Story =101. Donald John Trump =1110. The British Royal Family =111. Elizabeth II born on the 111th day


15 thoughts on “The Carrie Fisher Sacrifice

  1. Hollywood Ritual Killing =2027(J)
    John Wilkes Booth had breakfast with CARRIE Bean the morning of 4-14-1865. Later that evening, after a drink at the STAR Saloon, he shot Lincoln at FORD’S Theatre and stabbed another man with his BOWIE knife. His co-conspirators included: John HARRISON Surratt,Jr., GEORGE Atzerodt, DAVID Herold,and LEWIS Powell.(Trump’s maternal bloodline: Pagan clan MacLeod of Scotland Hebridean Island of LEWIS.)
    Before escaping, Booth dramatically shouted,” Sic semper tyrannis!’ =227. (Thus always with tyrants.)
    Booth and DAVID’s escape route went thru PRINCE GEORGE’S County(home to BOWIE,MD) and CHARLES County to POPES Creek Road. They hid in a pine THICKEt (Alan) for a week and finally rowed across the river to KING GEORGE County, VA. Happy New Year!

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  2. I neglected to mention poor MARY Surratt, John HARRISON Jr.’s mother (the first woman hung by the government).
    MARY FRANCES ‘Debbie’ Reynolds. She was the voice of CHARLOTTE A. CaVATICA (N?) the SPIDER (from Mars?) in the 1973, ‘CHARLOTTES WEB’ =151.
    The Fourth Vow = 2207(J)
    Jesuit Treason Plot = 1600(J)… as in 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
    Lincoln Assassination = 1434-239 = Jesuit Treason Plot……round and round we go!


  3. Back in 1977 while Carrie Fisher was brandishing a gun in Star Wars, Debbie Reynolds was playing Annie Oakley in a revival of ‘Annie Get Your Gun’ by the Los Angeles civic light opera. Oakland raiders were winning their first Superbowl, with ‘America is beautiful’ sung by Vikki Carr (break a leg Vikki !! ….. or was that Derek Carr lol).
    A score of 0 out of 10 must be given (for originality) to the B B C today for their viewing figure of 7.7 million for the Queen’s Xmas day broadcast to the nation / commonwealth – I always wondered where they got those such recorded figures from, now I know …. Out of thin air. Mind, 1977 was a fantastic year as a child, growing up (my favorite!). Back then there was no such thing as ‘International Boogie Men’, everything was carefree. Although, ‘The King’ Elvis died in ’77 which makes one think.
    Zach mentioned in one of his latest vids that a C N N article from a couple of months back, headlined ‘Crimson Tide’, a Russian river turning red, was connected to Alabama in the college football. The 1995 movie Crimson Tide was directed by Tony SCOTT, who’s most known for the movie Top GUN. Scott is the late brother of director Ridley Scott, who produced the famous Apple Macintosh commercial titled ‘1984’, which was shown nationally during time out in the third quarter of Superbowl XVII, which Los Angeles Raiders (Oakland) won, in turn their third on final Superbowl triumph.
    George Michael with his Wham partner Andrew Ridgeley had the song ‘Young Guns (Go for it!)). Ridgeley —> Wrigley —-> Ridley (Scott) ???
    Apologies for the long comment.


  4. Carrie – feminised version of Charles meaning man
    A “fisher of men”
    Carrie Frances Fisher…..francis a “fisher of men”….
    2066 weeks after the release of Star Wars
    stars are angels/messengers in scripture
    266th papist is Francis
    Selling a version of michael (who is like God?) who preaches slavery to sin as ‘freedom’
    Two pope’s consecrated a near nude statue of Michael at the vatican, charles depicted in the same manner in a statue in South america


  5. “Luke” – “a fisher of men”
    “I am your Father”
    Come on world….the media’s purpose is to make converts, compassing land and sea making converts to its religion – another Jesus, another gospel and another spirit


    • I am your Father = 960/160 (satanic rulers).
      Darth Vader = 983(J) (The Lords Prayer).
      It reminds me of all the black and white striped fish eagerly jumping into the boat of the anti-christ in I, Pet Goat 2.


  6. Carrie died “40y1m11d” after Stephen King’s film Carrie
    Prince Charles ‘I will save the world’ book Harmony released YMD “10-10-14”
    Released 2266 days before her death
    Carrie feminised version of Charles


  7. Carrie died at 8;55 am (hands on 8/11).
    Pope Francis closed Doors of Mercy on 11/20/16. From closing to her death=888 hrs or 10.11% common year. (Donald Trump=888.)
    From 11-20-16 to Superbowl ( 2-5-17) = 110,880 min. (President Trump=1188.)
    From Prince George’s birth (7-22-13) to Superbowl = 111,888,000 seconds, including end date.
    Trump Assassination / The Games Over = 1081(J) / 828/138 = Donald Trump.
    Murder by Numbers 1-2-3 =1188.


    • Quarterback = 45(r). Connor Cook is replacing Derek Carr as quarterback for the raiders in the playoffs.
      Connor Cook = 376 (j) = Carrie Fisher / Chicago Cubs / Lithium (Li element as in Superbowl LI).
      Connor Cook = 736 (s), 123 (o) = eighty eight / tombstone / Cleveland Cavs / Indianapolis.
      Connor Cook = 51 (r).
      His dad played for Indiana. Connor went to Walsh Jesuit High School. He is the first Rookie qb to play in the playoffs since ’66. Randolph Scott stared in the movie ‘Gung ho’, 88 mins long, movie about the Marine Raider Battalion. Gung ho means ‘Work Together’ in English – work together = 66 (r).
      Connor was a 3 Star pocket passing qb prospect. He was 33rd ranked qb by 247sports (ref. Bleacherreport . com). He was born 1/29/93 ..… duration of days from birth to Superbowl 2/5 = 24y 7d.
      Captain James Cook first voyage was aboard HMS Endeavour, linking back to Randolph Scott (astronaut) ——> Randolph Scott in the movie Colt 45 as previously went through.
      2+5+20+17 = 44 (sb 51 us time).
      2+6+20+17 = 45 (SB 51 UK time).


      • Cook’s ship HMS Endeavour started out life as the Earl of Pembroke, which is interesting because the ‘shooting’ in Fort Lauderdale airport, Florida is near Pembroke Pines. Broward county sheriff SCOTT Isreal held a news conference regarding the shooting.
        There was also the train collision on 16th Nov 2016 in central Florida which was heading to Tampa from Pembroke, Kentucky.
        The Fort Lauderdale airport ‘shooting’ is also near to where Miami Dolphins play. HMS Dolphin circumnavigation ship under the command of Samual Wallis renamed Tahiti ‘King George the Third’s Island’. HMS Dolphin was broken up in January 1777, which is interesting because Trump will be 777 on inauguration day.
        Cook’s third and final voyage, this time aboard HMS Resolution with Charles Clarke commanding HMS Discovery, ended with Cook being murdered in Hawaii 14th Feb 1779 (Obama supposedly born in Hawaii). James King completed Cook’s account of the voyage.
        IMO Superbowl 51 is in part a tribute to endeavor / exploration / discovery / space (Houston) / Scott / Cook.
        Cape Canaveral, Florida (C.C. / 33).
        Connor Cook (C.C. / 33).


      • The space shuttle ‘Endeavour’ was fifth and last shuttle. Last flight June 1 2011 …. duration to Superbowl 51 (incl. end) = 2077 days.
        Randolph “Dave” Scott final flight also called ‘Endeavour’, mission ended August 7 1971….. duration weeks to last flight of space shuttle ‘Endeavour’ (incl. end) = 2077 weeks 5 days.
        Both Endeavours named after Cook’s HMS Endeavour, which started out life as the Earl of Pembroke.
        The shooting at Fort Lauderdale is near Pembroke Pines.
        The transgender victim of the Oakland fire was Feral Pines.
        Randolph Scott played Steve Farrell in Colt. 45 movie. Chief Thundercloud was Walking Bear in the movie.
        Chief Thundercloud is best remembered as ‘Geronimo’ in the 1939 movie of the same name.
        Randolph Scott was ‘Jesse James’ in another movie in 1939. Both ‘Geronimo’ and ‘Jesse James’ are known for their Colt. 45 revolver. Samual Colt first made guns using gunsmiths from Baltimore.
        Jim Irsay bought ‘Prince’s’ Yellow Cloud guitar.
        Geronimo Allison plays for GBP. Aaron Charles Rodgers was on Celebrity Jeopardy and won the day of the Philly Train Wreck, Pennsylvania. He was on there with Astronaut Mark Kelly (twin of Scott). Jeopardy recently with cINDY Stowell who died from cancer.
        Jesse James plays football for Pittsburgh Steelers, Pennsylvania. Pittsburgh Penguins won NHL Stanley cup. The city also has the Pittsburgh Pirates.
        Randolph Scott was the pirate face of the Raiders who are now out.


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