Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting


Fort Lauderdale =61/142. Terrorist =61/142. President Obama =61/142. Airport Shooting =87/204. False Flag Terrorism =87/204. An interesting triple-double to kick off this shindig. My apologies for the post drought but I’m still in Thailand and fresh off a glorious media detox. It took about one minute of digging through the forensic evidence of this story to call it as yet another blatantly theatrical event rigged up for the captive home audience.

And it took me another five minutes to realize wow this is all really negative. Reading some of the comments on Free To Find Truth definitely didn’t help that feeling. It’s my goal moving forwards here to help reframe this all in more positive light. Reveal the artistic beauty of these patterns that are based on natural rhythms – the difference between synthetic and authentic synchronicity, as I like to say. So I’m just gonna touch on this here with a couple interesting points then get back to the good vibes, as should you.

As Wiccapedia summarizes the latest staged terror attack: “A mass shooting occurred at Fort Lauderdale–Hollywood International Airport in Broward County, Florida, United States, on January 6, 2017, near the baggage claim in Terminal 2. Five people were killed while six others were injured in the shooting. About 36 people sustained injuries in the ensuing panic. A suspect, Esteban Santiago-Ruiz, was taken into custody after surrendering to responding police officers.”

Fort Lauderdale Airport =239. Mind Control Technique =239. We Are Under Hypnosis =239, the 52nd prime. Fort Lauderdale–Hollywood International Airport =52. Imaginary =52. Subconscious =52. Abracadabra =52. Matrix =520.

Esteban Santiago-Ruiz =1330. Zionists and Freemasons =1330. Government =133. Psychological Operations =133. This Is A Hoax =133. Santiago served in the Iraq War for 303 days as a combat engineer, this story in part a continuance of the demonization of veterans. The 33rd prime is 137. Mind Control =137. Dissociation =137.

  • Masonic Mind Control =211. He joined the Alaska Army National Guard on 21/11 of 2014, a span of 777 days (Order Out of Chaos =777) or 111 weeks before the airport shooting. Subconscious Programming =111. Radicalization Process =111. Conspiracy Theorist =111. ISIS-Linked =111. Operative =111. Govt Agent =111. Project Monarch =1110. All words that could be associated with Esteban Santiago-Ruiz.
  • Murder =399. Santiago was exactly 1,399 weeks old for the shooting and 1,399 is the 222nd prime number. Mind Control Matrix =222. Natural Born Killers =222.

Esteban Santiago =541, the 100th prime. Esteban Santiago-Ruiz =100. Lone Wolf Terrorist =100. Psychological Warfare =100. President Donald J Trump =100. Assassination Target =100. Fort Lauderdale–Hollywood International Airport located at 100 Terminal Drive.

Santiago states that he’s a victim of military mind control, just as the Uber driver was claiming in the Kalamazoo Massacre – all of which making great fodder for YouTubers to froth over. Those two events occurred 322 days apart, the number of Skull & Bones, reminding us of the airport bombing hoax in Brussels on 3/22 last year. Military-Industrial Complex =322. Which encompasses all the Hollywood psyops, the police state & the divide-and-conquer cognitive dissonance distractions that keep keeping too many good cats down.

  • Both Santiago & the Uber driver were allegedly being told to KILL =17. Santiago was born exactly 1 year 7 months before the Luby’s Massacre in Killeen Texas, which I decoded in 2015 and was reminded of with its connections to Fort Hood and the mind controlled assassin stories associated with it.
  • We’re also reminded of the LAX Shooting Hoax of 11/1/13, which happened exactly 106 weeks before the Paris Attacks of 11/13. Paris happened 60 weeks 1 day before the FLA Shooting Hoax on 1/06. Prophecy =106. Divine Plan =106.

I’m off to Myanmar for a few weeks and plan to reconnect with the divine myself so the infrequent posts are likely to continue. I have also stream-lined an awesome system of personal numerology and have been doing readings for people out here and every single one has had their mind blown by the accuracy. As life is all about timing, knowing your numeric cycles allows you to anticipate upcoming states of being and use the energies of the numbers to your benefit. Based on the feedback I’ve received I’ll soon be offering these readings as a service, so stay tuned for more information on that – and stay positive, people!

14 thoughts on “Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting

  1. Good stuff brother, miss your posts. The divide and conquer is quite evident on all fronts; your voice is a breath of fresh air. The service sounds interesting, do you have any resources you wouldn’t mind sharing regarding the occult meaning of these numbers? I sort of have been giving armchair readings myself, but without any basis in their true essence/significance, trying to explain it to people is kind of like trying to grab onto water. Cheers


    • Thanks brother. A year ago I stumbled upon an old book on numerology at a used bookstore on Vancouver Island that explained the numbers better than anything I’ve ever read. I forget what the title / author but I wrote down all the meanings and will attach as a separate pdf with the personal reading – along with some explanation of how it works on an energetic influence level. Some sort of proverbial earthenware pot to collect and contain that water essence. I’m finalizing the template and price point and will have it available ASAP.


  2. I vibe with your positive message and your ‘get the most out of life’ outlook. Life is about experiences and as we all know is too short.
    Youtube is a psyop in itself, a platform to maintain confusion. I see it for what it is, which is why I no longer subscribe to any channels or comment. Yes, divide and conquer is the name of the game, evident over recent months by certain channels, whether by design or not, feeding into the meme. Real ‘truth’ is not forthcoming from youtube as its based on opinions, personal or other. The media sells bullshit stories, we don’t know what is really going on behind the scenes. Anyone wishing to investigate anything outside of youtube, as you know, would come up against privacy / data protection / secrecy laws.


    • Word up man. Feed the beast and it only makes it hungrier. The ultimate goal of truth-seeking is to advance beyond the stories and upwards into the essence of reality itself.


  3. Guys I decided to put my name and my wife name in the Gematria calculator. shawn erron just like that, I then was blown away by the phrases and words that were incredible matches for our life together..I mean personal challenges that only we know about were words that matched ..I still don’t know what to think about it?? Amazing.. Does anybody have a way I can explain it to her better than I could.?? The High Priests have give us a BIG clue for this weekends game Green Bay / Dallas, I think I have the WINNER ciphered from a Drudge story …………..


    • I’m going with the Packers, what’s your thinking?

      And about the weird number connections I get them a ton in my life as well. All I can think is that someone or something intelligent but outside of what we think of as the ‘physical world’ has somehow orchestrated all these things in some kind of divine order.
      The Powers That Be might have figured out how the system works and are trying to tap into it themselves.


  4. I call them ‘harmonic synonyms’. As our personal numerology reveals, the gematria of our full name is equivalent to our Life Lesson Number – that which we are here to learn in this lifetime. Proven over and over again, resonant words / values synchronize with other resonant words / values in an energetic harmony that is directly connected to our own personal frequency / vibration which is responsible for attracting people and experiences into our life that resonate in kind.


  5. Welcome back, BB, always love your posts. And I agree about the negativity, it has really gone into over-drive since the Colts got knocked out. There is obviously a deliberate move to divide us and spread negativity among us as we try to figure this system out, but also a few bad apples floating around too.

    On another note, I’m seeing so many connections and coincidences and synchronicities these days that it feels like I’m starting to peek through the veil, or I’m like Truman in the Truman Show. What a time to be alive eh?


  6. Safe travels, BBerg. I appreciate the intutiveness, brilliance and passion shown in the body of your work- lifting the ugly veil of deception in our world, yet staying centered in a heart filled with vibrancy for life. I hope your posts aren’t going to be too infrequent- looks like we are in for quite a show for 2017!


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