Bliss N Eso Stuntman Death

Johann Ofner, stuntman, was shot and killed on January 23rd while filming a gunfight scene for Australian hip hop group Bliss N Eso’s latest video. “The exact cause of his fatal injury is still to be confirmed,” the band said, “but as the gun was loaded with blanks, not live ammunition, the cause was not a bullet or live round.” As you may also be thinking, this sounds a lot like Brandon Lee’s ‘accidental death’ on the set of The Crow (which as we’ll see, connects to the sacrifice of Heath Ledger). Ofner & Lee & Ledger all died at age 28 — Johann & Brandon exactly 8,700 days apart. Truth =87. Justice =87.

Ofner died on 23/1 in Brisbane Australia =1032. Max MacKinnon =132 (MC Eso). Lee =132 and Brandon =32 was born on the 32nd day of the year, the son of Bruce Lee =320. Stuntman =32. Joker =32. The 32nd prime is 131. Lee died 1 month 31 days after his birthday. Ofner =31. Lee =13. Lee was pronounced dead at 1:03 pm on the 31st of March.

  • Bliss N Eso =33. Gold Coast =33. Ofner died on happened on 33 date numerology (23+1+2+0+1+7) and Lee died on 3/31. Ledger =33. Sixteen =33 and the date also had numerology of 16/61. Bliss =16/61.
  • The 33rd prime is 137. Brisbane Australia =731. Ledger was 730 weeks 1 day old when Lee died. The 137th prime number is 773. Brandon Lee & Heath Ledger died exactly 773 weeks apart. This is particularly interesting because Ledger also died age 28 during production of The Dark Knight, where he played the Joker, in similar makeup as the Crow.

Johan Ofner =720. Chad Stahelski =720 (Lee’s stunt double who took over his role in The Crow). Eric Draven =72, Lee’s character in The Crow =92. The Joker =92. Johan Ofner =920. Stahelski was born on 9/20. Ofner died 9 years 2 days after Ledger.

The Joker =38. The Crow =38. Lee died 308 days before his birthday. Death =38. Kill =44. That’s also exactly 44 weeks and he was shot with a .44 Magnum in North Carolina. The Bliss N Eso music video is for ‘Friend Like You’ featuring Lee Fields, a soul artist from North Carolina.

  • Blood Sacrifice =67. Human Sacrifice =67. North Carolina =67. Brandon Bruce Lee =67. Brooklyn Standard =67, the name of the bar in Brisbane where the ‘accidental shooting’ took place. Circus in the Sky =67, Bliss & Eso’s previous album.

Sacrifices to Saturn =93. Heath Ledger =93. Lee died in ’93; Ledger began his acting career in ’93. Ledger was 5110 days old when Lee died. Saturn =511. 

4 thoughts on “Bliss N Eso Stuntman Death

  1. BB, thanks for this post and for allowing me the opportunity to use your blog as a platform to post my SB51 observations. This will be my last comment on the SB as I want to bring together and detail here in one place, the observations I’ve documented since your Oakland Ghost Ship Fire blog up to your Carrie Fisher blog.
    Firstly, TRIBUTE TO THE QUEEN, look at the SUM of the scores in the NFC and AFC Championship games –
    Packers 21 Falcons 44 .… 21+44=65. As I’ve mentioned before, SB51 will be shown live in the UK on 2/6/17. Feb 6 was when the Queen assended to the throne in 1952. She will celebrate 65 years as Queen on that day, matching the 65 total score in the Packers / Falcons game.
    Steelers 17 Patriots 36 ….. 17+36=53. The Queen was coronated in ’53.
    So both scores were tributes to the Queen, who was born in 1926 (19+26=45). Trump the 45th President, 44th person. SB51 on date numerology (2/5/2017 = 44 in US). (2/6/2017 = 45 in UK).
    This is the same pattern I mentioned to you during the NBA finals when the scores matched dates specific to Royalty events. Whatever happens in SB51 keep an eye on the final score and how it fits in to a Royalty event date. You mentioned to me before that you think the CROWN is involved in the scripting, and with the New England Patriots in the final it makes me think that the patriotism is to England and the crown, as well as the patriotism shown in ’45 at the end of WWII.
    Randolph Scott was a huge piece in the puzzle, from the Oakland Fire. This linked David Randolph ‘Dave’ Scott who was Apollo astronot on Endeavour with the moon landing module FALCON. He was the first man to ‘drive on the moon’. Falcon linked to Robert Falcon Scott, the Englishman from history who led expeditions to Antarctica, which in turn linked to Buzz Aldrin’s evacuation from Antarctica to New Zealand. This then linked to Cook’s HMS Endeavour from history and links to New Zealand. The moon landing Endeavour named after HMS Endeavour as was the last Space Shuttle Endeavour. Of course now we have the FALCON Rocket of ‘SpaceX’.
    All ties back to the ‘Space’ theme and the Falcons being in SB51 in Houston, the home of ‘Space’. As well as a tribute to England’s Robert Falcon Scott.
    The other theme running in conjunction was the western, cowbow / Indian theme which I documented was again in regard to Randolph Scott and the movie/revolver Colt 45. It is interesting that the other two teams to reach the NFC and AFC finals … Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers both lost. I’ve mentioned these two team with Geronimo (player for GBP) and Jesse James (player for the Steelers), and their namesakes from American history with connections to the Colt 45 revolver, Randolph Scott and Chief Thundercloud. As well as Jesse James (actor) who was on celebrity apprentice with Donald Trump and was the first to endorse Trump for president in Jan 16. I also mentioned that on the day of the Philly train wreck Aaron Charles Rodgers (GBP) was on celebrity jeopardy. A big deal was made of Cindy Stowell on jeopardy in the US who recently died of cancer.
    Zach clued me in on a Falcons SB appearance with his video prior to the NFC/AFC Finals when he phoned the NFL to speak to someone regarding the scripting. He left a voicemail message with Robert Roberts to ring him back, then said “who has a name called Robert Roberts?”. Me instantly thinking of Robert Falcon Scott, so I am beginning to wonder about him.
    Ultimately, the scripting was not for the western / cowboy and Indian theme, perhaps that was just for the NFC/AFC finals. The scripting for SB51 was for the Royalty / England / Patriotic / Space theme we have with the Patriots and Falcons matchup in Houston on the Queen’s 65 anniversary of being the Queen.
    Looks like they script to certain teams, eg the Raiders in this instance with the Randolph Scott connection (Oakland Fire), which is really scripting for other teams (Falcons) to go on to the final. Once the falcons beat GBP, I knew that that they were not going for the cowboy / Indian SB51 theme, and that the Patriots were going to win their game, which they did.
    BB good catch with your Falcons / Taz post from last year, whether its for them to win or for them getting to the SB we shall have to wait and see.
    All the best, safe travels, love to you and everyone who reads your blog from me here in Wales, UK.


  2. An eye was kept on the final score of SB51 and again the sum of the score was a TRIBUTE TO THE QUEEN on 2/6 her 65th anniversary of being the Queen.

    Falcons 28 New England Patriots 34 ….. 28+34=62
    The SB on 2/6 (6/2 or 6th Feb UK time).
    The Queen ascended to the throne 2/6 (6/2 or 6th Feb 1952)
    The Queen’s coronation 6/2 (2/6 or 2nd June 1953)
    The Queen born in ’26.

    New ENGLAND Patriots – America’s Team …… lol.


  3. I don’t watch sports ever, but I heard about the 91-yard drive by Brady that magickly turned the score around…an early Happy 91st Birthday present to Queen-bee.


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