RIP Mary Tyler Moore


Mary Tyler Moore has passed away on 1/25/17 at the age of 80. As a baby of the mid-eighties I associate her first and foremost with Weezer’s song Buddy Holly. Moore & Holly were both born in ’36, a span of 113 days (3 months 22 days apart). Was that song dropping occult clues to the Skull & Bones 322 or something? I Don’t Care What They Say About Us Anyway I Don’t Care Bout That =223. Masonic =223.

So that’s 113 days in ’36 and Moore died on 36 numerology a span of 36 years 3 months 11 days after the death of her only son Richie (due to accidental shotgun blast to the face, 3 months 11 days after his birthday). Richie was exactly 1267 weeks old when he died and the 1267th prime number is 10331. Wouldn’t ya just know it: Mary Tyler Moore =1331.

  • Moore =66. The Mary Tyler Moore Show aired for exactly 6 years 6 months. She died of Complications From Pneumonia =1066.
  • Her ex-husband Grant Tinker, former CEO of NBC, happened to pass away just 59 days before Mary. Kill =59Tinker =77. Mary Tyler Moore =77. The Powers That Be =77. Judaism =77. Zionist Israel =77. Shadow Government =77. 

On 5 November 2014, an internet hoax circulated about the death of Mary Tyler Moore at age 77. She died 812 days later. Mary Tyler Moore =1218. And how symbolic that one of the leading icons of the feminist movement dies five days after the mysoginist president takes office. Feminism =88. Trump =88. 


One thought on “RIP Mary Tyler Moore

  1. I used to watch this mind-control pablum at age thirteen as I babysat on Saturday nights, after the kids were put to bed. I thought it was just so-so. The first show was 9-19-1970. It wasn’t until “3-22”-1972, when the Supreme Court established the right of unmarried people to possess contraception in “Eisenstadt vs Baird” = 1330(J).
    Mary Richards, her character, lives in Mini-Apple-Us and works as a producer of the EVEning News after breaking up with a boyfriend. It is let known through jokes that she is on the pill (Enovid =808(J).
    Her best friend: Rhoda Morgens / anagram : gonorrhea (606).
    Her landlady: Phyllis / anagram: syphilis (117).
    Mary: means beloved or loved. Richards…well we all know the nickname for Richard(s), right?
    (The writers wicked sense of humor on the plebeian viewers.)


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