The Ventura-Marte Twins Trick

In yet another Twins Trick ritual sacrifice from the wide world of sports, former teammates Yordano Ventura and Andy Marte, baseball players from the Dominican Republic, both died on the very same day – in unrelated car collisions in their home country. 22 January 2017 was a date with 33 numerology (1+22+2+0+1+7). World Series =1333. Ventura died 13 weeks 3 days after his birthday; Marte died 133 days before his next birthday and 33 weeks 3 days after his 33rd birthday.

  • Thirty-Three =66. Andy Marte =606. Ventura =606.
  • Andy Manuel Marte =167. Yordano Ventura =67. Car Collision =67. Blood Sacrifice =67. Human Sacrifice =67.

Ventura was part of the Kansas City Royals squad that won the 2015 World Series (the 111th in New York =111 on 11/1). He died 1 year 2 months 22 days later on 1/22, a span of 2 months 21 days after the last World Series.

  • This latest Twins Trick came 449 days after the 2015 World Series ended and 449 is the 87th prime number. Dominican Republic =87.

Marte’s final MLB plate appearance with the Arizona Diamondbacks =90 was against the Royals =90 (with Ventura as the starter) on 6 August 2014. Exactly 900 days later (9 the key number in baseball) they would both die in car wrecks, mere miles and minutes apart in their home country. But just when you thought it couldn’t get any weirder…

Ventura dedicated his losing performance in Game 7 of the 2014 World Series vs the San Francisco Giants to his Dominican buddy from the St Louis Cardinals, Oscar Francisco Taveras, who also died in a car accident in the Dominican Republic shortly after the Cardinals were eliminated from the playoffs. His last ever tweet was “Thanks for all the fan support.”

  • Yordano Ventura Hernandez =117 died exactly 117 weeks after Taveras and they were born 1 year 17 days apart, Taveras with birth numerology of (6+19+92) =117. Taveras died on Hillary Clinton’s 67th birthday. 
  • Ventura & Marte also died exactly 17 weeks after Miami Marlins star pitcher Jose Fernandez (also part of the Twins Trick ritual with Arnold Palmer) died in a boat crash. Kill =17/59 and the 17th prime is 59. Miami Marlins =59. Kansas City =59. Kansas City Royals =59. Andy Manuel Marte =59.

The Royals =641. Twins Trick =146. Jose D Fernandez =146. Boat Collision =146. His boat was named “Kaught Looking” =1464. Seventeen =46. Dominican =46. Puerto Plata =46, the city Taveras was born and died in.

Oscar Taveras =142 and Jose Fernandez =142 were born 42 days apart. Forty-Two =142. That’s also 1 month 13 days and they would die 1 year 10 months 30 days apart. Meant to be or what?

  • Taveras & Fernandez died 700 days apart, Taveras on 70 numerology. Jose Fernandez =70. Aguilas Cibaenas =70, the Dominican team that Marte & Ventura both played on at the same time.
  • Fernandez’s 33-foot boat overturned at 3:30 am a span of 330 days after the Royals won the World Series and exactly 33 weeks after Super Bowl 50. His final birthday was 3 months 3 days before the Cubs won and he wore number Sixteen =33.

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