Pegasus World Cup Royal Sacrifice


Many Clouds, the horse that won the 2015 Grand National, collapsed and died of a pulmonary hemorrhage after a race on 28th January, the very same day that Arrogate won the 2017 Pegasus World Cup at Gulfstream Park, the richest horse race ever staged. As the alphanumeric synchronicities imply, this was no natural death.

  • Many Clouds died aged exactly 510 weeks old. Arrogate =510, the jockey 51 years old.
  • Furthermore, Arrogate =324 was foaled 302 weeks 4 days after Many Clouds.

Making these connections even more intriguing is the royal connection to Queen Elizabeth II. Many Clouds was born on 4/21 of 2007, the Queen’s 81st birthday (Royal Sacrifice =81), and Arrogate was born on 6/2 of 2013, the 61st anniversary of her reign (God =61). As we’ll see, the synchs between rigged horse racing and the Royal Family are abundant.


Pegasus =88/43. Elizabeth =88/43. Gulfstream Park =168. Queen Elizabeth II =168. Arrogate won as Many Clouds died, a span of 2 months 25 days before the Queen’s 91st birthday, matching her birth name: Elizabeth Alexandra Mary =225. Twelve =522.

  • That duration is also exactly 12 weeks, a perfect span for the Pegasus World Cup =1200 with its record-breaking $12 million purse. Twelve =87. Queen Elizabeth II =87.
  • Gulfstream Park in Hallandale Beach Florida =165. Pegasus World Cup =65. Arrogate’s jockey won 6 months 5 days before his birthday and exactly 65 weeks after American Pharoah completed the Grand Slam. Elizabeth =650. The Queen Is Dead =65. 

Elizabeth II was born on the 112th day with 254 days remaining. Arrogate’s jockey is Mike E Smith =112 (sponsored by Jeff Ruby’s =112) and his trainer is Bob Baffert =254. Yet more major tributes to the Queen and her upcoming death / retirement.


Bob Baffert =77 is known for training American Pharoah =77, the first horse in history to complete the Grand Slam of American horse racing – the Triple Crown plus the Breeders’ Cup Classic. American Pharoah =131 accomplished this feat on 10/31, appropriately enough. Baffert was born on 1/13.

  • The Pegasus World Cup was held 260 weeks 2 days after American Pharoah was born: Queen =26/62 like Elizabeth born on 2/6/26 and coronated on 6/2. American Pharoah completed the Grand Slam exactly 26 weeks after Princess Charlotte was born.

Charlotte =367. American Pharoah won the Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing =367 aged 1367 days old and Arrogate won the Pegasus Cup when Charlotte’s brother Prince George was 3 years 6 months 7 days old, yet more pieces of evidence that show these races are rigged via occult numerology as tributes to much larger chess moves.

Princess Charlotte was exactly 91 weeks old for the Pegasus Cup in Hallandale Beach Florida =91 in the lead-up to Queen Elizabeth’s 91st birthday. Ninety-One =121. Pegasus World Cup Invitational =121. Blood Sacrifice =121.


4 thoughts on “Pegasus World Cup Royal Sacrifice

  1. Great post BB.
    Arrogate = 324(J) = The Eagle Has Landed
    The Eagle Has Landed = 464/131/786/68 = Prince Charles
    Can you amend your post slightly? Before some smart arse (not me, lol), points out that the Queen was not born 2/6/26, she ascended to the throne 2/6/52…… sorry!
    Take care.


  2. Been Waiting for an A+ Decode like that. I think if we keep digging – this year for Arrogate will shape up just like American Pharoah’s big year.

    Arro =211. Gate =113.


  3. Fantastic decoding Brother. Did you see the second horse sacrifice on February 10th? A 9 year mare called. Royal Delta=113. Charles Prince of Wales=113. The horse was born 13 weeks after Prince Charles birthday. 13th Prime is 41. Royal Delta=41.

    Royal Delta was foaled on 2/2 and died 2 months, 22 days before Princess Charlotte’s birthday. The Princess born 5+2+15=22. Princess Charlotte of Cambridge=135. Eclipse Awards=135. Royal Delta was a 3 time Eclipse Awards winner. Which is why we see this horse sacrificed on the day of a real but mild eclipse. Penumbral Lunar Eclipse=102. Charlotte Elizabeth Diana=102. The media was calling it the: Snow Moon=38. Masonic=38 and it was paired with a crazy greenish comet. Lunar eclipse=63. Green comet=630.

    Eclipse=42. Nine=42. Royal Delta reportedly died 9 days after turning 9 years old giving birth to a colt from Galileo=142. Giddy-up Brother Berg!


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