Split (2017) Decoded

I watched M Night Shyamlan’s Split last night in Bangkok, the audience all standing for the national anthem set to a visual memorial of the King. James McAvoy kills it as a man with 23 different personalities who kidnaps 3 girls, a thrilling examination of the fascinating phenomenon of dissociative identity disorder. Subtextually it was an expose on trauma-based mind control, research into MK-Ultra and Project Monarch showing that fragmenting the psyche into various altars is required to successfully program an individual. DID is also evidence of the holographic universe model, each identity behaving as a unique being taking turns inhabiting one body, the physical chemistry actually changing as a result. Further evidence that our beliefs manifest our reality.

SPOILER ALER: The film suggests the character’s split has opened him up to becoming possessed by a demonic entity referred to as The Beast. This is also consistent with research into trauma-based mind control, most apparent in the alter-egos of pop-stars like Beyonce’s Sasha Fierce. Niki Minaj talks openly about her dissociative identity disorder, discussing all the entities that coexist within her mind and are able to come forward (into the light, as the movie calls it) and take control. It’s revealed that the protagonist has also suffered ritual trauma and her and the Beast identify with each other, each transcending through their abuse.

I knew I had to do a blog post when I saw the psychologist’s case file number for Kevin Wendell Crumb: 617. That’s the 113th prime number. The Beast =311Manoj Shyamalan =48. Illuminati =48. Evil =48. Abuse =48. Hollywood =48. Six-Six-Six =48. The Beast =480. 

Split =76. Kevin Wendell Crumb =76. Stockholm Syndrome =76, a psychological condition that causes hostages to develop sympathetic sentiments towards their captors, which occurs in the film. Satanic =67. Human Sacrifice =67. Blood Sacrifice =67, as is the purpose of the kidnapping, to empower the Beast.

  • The film released 39 weeks 1 day after McAvoy’s birthday. Kevin Wendell Crumb =193, the 44th prime. Forty-Four =144. Dissociative Identity Disorder =144. MK-Ultra =441. 
  • MK-Ultra =24. Satanism =24 and The Beast becomes the 24th altar; the film released exactly 24 weeks after Shyamalan’s birthday. (Split =102 released on 1/20. Shyamalan =120. Personality Disorder =120. Illuminati =120. The British Royal Family =120).

James McAvoy was born on the Queen’s 53rd birthday, yet another connection to Her Majesty. Casey =53, the protagonist, and the 53rd prime is 242. Trauma-Based Mind Control =242.

  • Multiple Personalities =99. Elizabeth Alexandra Mary =99, the Queen’s birth name and on 9/9 she became the longest serving monarch. M Night Shyamalan =990 and Split came out 199 days before his 47th birthday. Beast =47. Obey =47. Authority =47. Unbreakable =47.
  • It’s revealed that the film takes place in the same universe as Shyamalan’s other film, Unbreakable, which also features a man who develops superhuman abilities after suffering a traumatic event.

Split came out 5903 days after Unbreakable and 5903 is the 777th prime. Seeing how the 617 case file number was the 113th prime, I don’t think this duration was an accident.

6 thoughts on “Split (2017) Decoded

  1. HOWA! Funny. I was just looking into this film last night. Before that I was coming up with 311, 44, and 144 for the Space Needle. Amazing work as usual friend


  2. Is it our beliefs which manifest reality or is it that the reality we perceive is dependent upon our beliefs? A hypnotised man perceives the suggestion in his mind, ie the audience as naked when it’s actually fully clothed or he perceives he has awoken only because the hypnotist said he would awake when he snapped his fingers….


  3. Good stuff BB. Did you hear Major Albert Stubblebine died. His death could tie to this movie. Albert=22. Split=22. The movie speaks of 23 personalities and a 24th to come. The 23rd Prime is 83. Psychic Warfare=83. The 24th Prime is 89. Psychic Powers=89. This movie debuted(1/20/17), 2 weeks 3 days or 2 wks 4 days including the end date before his death on (2/6).

    February Sixth=2111. Mason=211/17. ’17 or (2017 or 20+17=37). Seventeen=37. February 6th is the 37th day of the year. Nicknamed Bert and died on 2+6+20+17=45. Bert=45. He died Feb 6 on his 87th birthday. Eighty seven=58/139. Freemasonry=58/139. Albert=58. Controlled Remote Viewing=139.

    86’d after being 86 years old. Do you think he saw it coming? “The men who stare at goats=86.” Never saw the movie but he had a character in the movie based on him. General Hopgood=79/387. Psychic Power=79/70. Project Stargate=70. That “Goat”movie debuted (Sept. 8, 2009) 387 weeks before his death(2/6). Date first 6/2. Mason=62. Super Soldier=62.

    The Major was the quote unquote Face for the government’s MK-Ultra, Project Stargate, and Super Soldier projects. The Major also spoke out about the credibility of the 9/11 Pentagon attack. Pyschic=38. Pentagon=38. The fact the Major spoke out about the credibility of the attack AND that he tried to walk through walls only lumps truth-seekers into one category by design of course.

    It looks like the Major’s death connects to another psychic that died in 2016. The Major was enlisted for 32 years. Miss Cleo=32. She died on July 26. From her death to the Major’s is 195 days. Youree Dell Harris=195. That’s her “real” name. The Major dying at 87. Psychic Reading=87. Eighty Seven=85*. Free Tarot Reading=85. Psychic Hotline=85. I always thought those hotlines were CIA agents collecting your info. CIA Agent=166. Free Tarot Reading=166. Call Miss Cleo Now=58. Freemasonry=58. Her death was another by the numbers. Miss Cleo=50. She died 50 weeks after her last birthday. But, I’m sure she saw it in the cards. Miss Cleo died at 53. Uri Geller=53. A tribute to the Zionist spoon-bender Uri? Uri might be digging a grave soon with that spoon of his. Would that only leave the MINDFREAK? Criss Angel=107. Uri Geller=107.


  4. That huge figure in the movie poster brought to mind a very interesting interview: ‘Marion Knox — Interviewing Deprogrammers: In the House of the Strong Man Sodomy is the Key,’ by Elana Freeland. I read it on The Open Scroll Blog.
    Hollywood and the medical community obfuscate truth in this area tenaciously.
    I watched the trailer and noticed at 1:43-44, the psychologists (signaling ‘as above so below’ Baphomet arm/hand placement) discussing the case in a park with a suggestive naked male white statue doing ‘something’ (it’s partially obsured by a hedge, thankfully).


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