Quebec City Mosque Shooting

As the story goes, on 29 January 2017 a lone wolf named Alexandre Bissonnette (a man with a twin brother, to continue that theme) shot up a mosque in Quebec City, killing 6 and injuring 19. It’s said he was a supporter of Donald Trump, to play into that narrative. One witness said two gunmen entered the mosque shouting “Allahu Akbar” before opening fire, that old worn-out psyop trope as well. The level of coding should suggest what really transpired behind the scenes here.

Quebec City Mosque Shooting =307 at the Islamic Cultural Centre of Quebec City =370. The shooter was Twenty-Seven =73, a White Nationalist =73 who attended Universite Laval =73 (also in Quebec City Quebec =73) and the targeted prayer service began at 7:30. A Terrorist Attack =73, as Trudeau called the Quebec Mosque Attack =73.

  • Bissonnette =61/142. Terrorist =61/142. Forty-Two =142. It happened in Sainte Foy =42 with Six Dead =42 a span of 420 days after the 26th anniversary of the last major massacre in Quebec =26:

The ’89 Montreal Massacre =1062 at École Polytechnique =1260 on 12/6 (December Six =62) was called a hate crime against women. This hate crime was Anti-Islamic =162 (leaving 6 dead 2 critical) and happened in Quebec City =162 on January Twenty-Ninth Two Thousand Seventeen =162, or 1/29. The Montreal Massacre had 29 casualties. The Mosque Massacre happened 10 months 26 days before the next birthday of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau =126. He and Premier Philippe Couillard =1620 (born 6/26) called the shooting a terrorist attack, but the Royal Canadian Mounted Police =1620 did not charge him with terrorism.

With that massive thread of 26/62 obviously we’re seeing yet more abundance of tributes to the Queen =26/62. The shooting happened 82 days before her next birthday (and 82 days after Trump’s election): Alexandre Bissonnette =82. Twenty-Seven Years Old =82. White Nationalist =82. Anti-Immigration =82. Quebec Mosque Attack =82. January Twenty-Ninth =82. Hate Crime =82. Quebec City Quebec =1082.

  • The 28th anniversary of the Montreal Massacre on December Six =107 is 107 days after this event. Royal Canadian Mounted Police =117 and its Police Commissioner is coded up perfectly: Bob Paulson =117.
  • That’s 44 weeks 4 days (311 days) and it happened 444 days after the (11/13) Paris Attacks and 44 weeks 4 days after the Brussels Bombing. It’s also 40 weeks 4 days after the Queen’s birthday. Forty-Four =144. Canada =144Prime Minister Justin Trudeau =144Premier Philippe Couillard =144. It happened 144 weeks 4 days after Couillard took office and (31 weeks 1 day) after his birthday.

It also happened exactly 33 weeks after the Pulse Massacre & 330 days before Trudeau’s next birthday. False Flag =33. Muslim =33. Islamophobia =330. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police =303. The 33rd prime is 137: Prime Minister Trudeau =1137.

Another curious factoid is that the Mosque Shooting happened 1 year 2 months 25 days after Trudeau took office and the Prime Minister is born on 12/25. Christmas =411 and Justin became Prime Minister Trudeau =114 on 11/4.

We’re also reminded of the 22 October 2014 Shooting Hoax at Ottawa’s Parliament Hill, blamed on Michael Zehaf-Bibeau =83. The Mosque Massacre happened 830 days later. Ant-Muslim =183. Justin Trudeau =183. Canadian Security Intelligence Service =183. Nathan Cirillo =381, the soldier on ceremonial sentry duty shot at the Canadian National War Memorial the very day a bill was to be introduced to expand surveillance powers of CSIS. How bout them coincidence theories eh.

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