Logan the Wolverine


IMDB Trivia for Logan reads: “In the UK, the first wide release showing of this film was at the unusual time of 10:23 p.m., rather than the usual midnight showing for a major release. This is a reference to the film including the character of X-23. X is the Roman numeral for 10.” As always, Gematria tells the real story; the alphanumeric coding behind your favourite Canadian antihero with an adamantium skeleton, Logan the Wolverine.

Wolverine =123. Adamantium =123. Logan the Wolverine =1230, the film’s alternate title, directed by James Mangold =123. Canadian Superhero =123. Logan =23 and it opened on (3+3+17) =23. James Howlett =203, Logan’s birth name (born in Alberta during the 1880s). The 23rd prime is 83. Logan the Wolverine =83. Old Man Logan =38, the graphic novel on which it was based. The 308th prime is 2029, the year in which the film is set. Marvel Entertainment =229.

  • The alter-ego version of Wolverine =48 is called X-24. As X=24, his codename sums to (24+24) =48 & the movie premiered on the 48th day of 2017. Transigen =48, the evil corporation. Evil =48. Illuminati =48. Transhuman =48. Destroyer =48. Jackman is currently 48 years old, the prime time to retire his character. The Wolverine =84. Roy Thomas =804, the character’s creator —  proof yet again that the dudes in the comic game are well-versed in Gematria. The 48th prime is 223 like the London premier in military time, 22:23. Masonic =223. Manifestation of Will =223.

The 223rd prime is 1049. Wolverine =149. Hugh Jackman =149. Superheroes =149. Logan =49 and this last Wolverine movie released exactly 409 weeks after the first one. The 49th prime is 227. James Logan Howlett =2027. 

3 thoughts on “Logan the Wolverine

  1. x is also female chromosome, as in transgender hugh jackman. TransIGen…interesting company name featured a few times in close up shots.


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