Detroit Masonic Temple

The Masonic is the world’s largest Masonic Temple, located at 500 Temple St in Detroit Michigan, and serves as grand case study for Masonry by the numbers. Masonic Temples are allegorical references to the Temple of Solomon, supposedly constructed by enslaved demons and anti-gravity technology, and the mythos of King Solomon is integral to the foundation of  Freemasonry – and the ritual reenactments of legends that we see unfold as theatrical productions posing as actual events.

The cornerstone was laid on 9/19/22, exactly 41 years after the assassination of James Garfield =41. Temple Street =41. Detroit MI =41. Morality =41. Fortitude =41. Prudence =41. Temperance =41. Compass =41. Twin Pillars =41. Ritual Symbol =41. Allegory =41. Re-Enactment =41. Ritual =410. Templars =41. Occultist =41. Craftsman =41. Geometrician =41. Lodge Master =41. King =41. Cipher =41. Foundation =41. That word is key to Masonic iconography, revealing itself coded into the very address: Foundation =500. Rituals =500. Brotherly Love Morality and Truth =500. Detroit Michigan =50. Detroit MI =50. The Compass =50. Compass & Square =50. Ritual Symbol =50. Abiff =50. Lodge Master =50. Numerologist =50. Holy Temple =50. Satanic Temple =50. America =50, with its 50 states.

Fifty =69 and the cornerstone was laid with a Trowel =69 on 69 numerology, corresponding with the 69 on the keystone of the Masonic arch. It was designed by architect George D Mason =69. Freemasons =690. Morality =690. The Masonic Lodge =69. Lodge =69. Ritual Building =69. Ritual Symbols =69. Checkerboard =69. Initiation =69. Pillars of Boaz & Jachin =69. The Twin Pillars =69. Thirty-Third =69. The Stonemasons =69. Numerologists =69. Illuminati =69. Masonry =691. Lafayette Boulevard =69, where the Detroit Temple was originally located.

The ritual building features stands 64m tall with 16 floors and 1,037 rooms. Sixteen =33 and the 33rd prime number is 137. (Government =137. Authority =137. The Templars =137. Church of Satan =137). G =33. Masonry =33. Craft =33. Hall =33. Squares =33. Checker =33. Trowel =33. Boaz & Jachin =33. Symbols =33. Morality =33. Order =33. Federal =33. Secrecy =33. Blood Oath =33. Shriner =33. Templar =330. Solomon =330. Satan =330. Scottish Rite Cathedral =330. The Royal Arch of Heaven =330. The Craft =330. Kingdom =33. Kings =33. The Gods =33. The Temple =333. Chessboard =333. Domination =333. The Masonic Temple Association =303 was incorporated here Detroit =33 and the Gothic =33 Temple also hosts the Detroit Roller Derby =303.

  • As for the 64 metres: Detroit Michigan =64. Michigan =64. Masonic Temple =64. The Satanic Temple =64. Masonic Hall =64. Solomon’s Temple =64. First Temple =64. Palace =64. Open-Air Masonic Temple =64. The Royal Arch =64. Blue Lodge Mason =64. Stonemasons =64. The Brotherhood =64. Temple Mount =640. Scottish Rite =64. White Stripes =64. The Scottish Rite Cathedral, now known as the Jack White Cathedral, has a 64-foot wide stage.

When the Detroit Masonic Temple was reported to be in foreclosure, the majority of the debt was paid off by none other than Detroit native Jack White of The White Stripes – all very much by the numbers: Jack White =142 and he footed $142,000 of the bill. The Temple is located on the 42nd parallel in an area known as Cass Corridor =142. Royal Arch =142. Cass =42. Freemason =42. Masonic Temple =42. Ritual Building =42. Craft Lodge =42. Checkered =42. Satanism =42. Masonry =42. Architect =42. George Mason =42. The Gods =42. The Royals =42. Illuminati =42. Shriners =402. Cornerstone =42 which of course was laid in a ceremony on matching 42 numerology.

White Stripes =223. Masonic =223. Craft =223. Blue Lodge Mason =223. Open-Air Masonic Temple =223. Synagogue of Satan =223. Jesuit Order =1223. Theatre of the Mind =223. Manifestation of Will =223. Skull and Crossbones =223. Ancient Mystery Religions =322. Freemasonry is described in its own ritual as a “Beautiful system of morality, veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols” =322, the number of Skull & Bones.

223 is the 48th prime number. Masonic Temples =48. Satanic Temple =48. Grand Lodge =48. Foundation =48. Craft =48. Establishment =48. Illuminati =48. The Masonic =48.

  • Jack White’s birth name is John Gillis =155. Gillis =155. Detroit Michigan =155. Freemasons =155. Masonic Ritual =155. Pillars of Boaz & Jachin =1550. The Knights Templar was founded 1,055 years of the Great Fire of Rome and Emperor Nero =155, the first False Flag Operation =551. Royal =551. The Illuminati =551. The auditorium contains a 55-by-100-foot stage, one of the largest in the country.

The Masonic =44 in Detroit =44 Michigan =44 is home to the York Rite Sovereign College of North America =440. Masonic Rituals =44. Masonic Symbol =44. Occult Symbols =44. Boaz & Jachin =44. Checkerboard =44. Satanists =44. Shriner =44. Masonic Hall =44. A Masonic Temple =444. Chessboard =444. Masonic =444. And the Auditorium =44 in Wayne County =44 seats exactly 4,044. I’ve got a huge piece upcoming on the 44-Assassination Code but here’s a teaser: Aldous Huxley & CS Lewis both died on the same day as JFK and the two authors were born 4 years 4 months 4 days apart. John and his wife Jackie? They were born 4444 days apart. OH yeah. That happened.


Detroit Masonic Temple =314. The Royal Arch of Heaven =314. Shriners International =314, previously known as the Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine =227. DeMolay International =227. Theosophical Society =227. Masonic Emblem =227. A Satanic Ritual =227. Veiled in Allegory =227. If you’re new here, the fraction for Pi is 22/7 = 3.14, just as Twenty-Two Divided By Seven =314.

And is it any coincidence that Detroit is also home to America’s largest chapter of the Satanic Temple? The group was founded by two men with identical Gematria: Malcolm Jarry =193 and Lucien Greaves =193. Solomon’s Temple =193. The Mystics =193. The Crusaders =193. That’s the 44th prime: Satanists =44. Magick =44. Witches =44, and the Satanic Temple headquarters are located in Salem MA =44.

The Baphomet Statue in Detroit was unveiled 6 years 6 months 6 days after Obama took office. Witchcraft =666. God of Israel =666. Fire Sacrifice =666. King Solomon earned 666 talents of gold per year (1 talent = 33 kg) or approximately USD $832 million annually.

PS I’ve began using the Reversed Methods along with Bacon, Chaldean, Septenary and (only if it’s really great) Satanic. I’ve been working hard on my book, deciphering lots of calculations, and all those methods have proven substantial. The others, including ALW & KFW I’m still on the fence with. 

7 thoughts on “Detroit Masonic Temple

  1. Hi Brother Berg,

    I have used your outstanding blog in the past and have promoted you on my YouTube Channel @ Global Agenda. My name is Mark. My sister is a huge Matthew Nicholson and Zachary Hubbard follower. I am in perpetual contact with both of these YT Bretheren. Anyway, I just wanted to say that when I saw that Baphomet Statue in Detroit back in 2015 I thought that this was totally being put in our faces. Thanks for this. I had no idea that the largest Masonic Temple in the World was in Detroit. I am going to do a video essay on this ‘cool scary’ topic for all my viewers and the Public to see. I love your work as a fellow Canadian (Toronto). I like the fact that – quote – …Reversed Methods along with Bacon, Chaldean, Septenary and (only if it’s really great) Satanic. I love the Reversed Method and I always have Satan open. His Numbers Don’t Lie. Peace Mark @ Global Agenda.


  2. 4/4 Chemical attack in Syria.
    4/6 Thursday eve Trump attacks Syria…. Missiles hit Syria 4/7, early morning hrs.
    End of WWII (9-1-39) to 4/7/17 = span of 77y 7m 7d.
    Sickening. God help us all.


  3. Mea culpa, Capsa! Your last line in prior post calculates the 77/7/7 connection. Your posts are so rich, I have to read them slowly and often, and still, my mind is like a sieve.


  4. Hope your book is released before WWIII, BBerg. I want one and I thought I’d donate one to the Newtown, CT, library. My childrens’ school was in lockdown 12-14-12, it’s about 15 minutes away from Sandy Hook. My first thought was — Homeland Security Wetdream. Your school-shooting posts: Bull’s–Eye! More 444 than you could aim a Bushmaster 223 at.

    I was never schooled about this Detroit temple, or its averted foreclosure.
    Foreclosure = 589 (J) = Donald Trump. =822/137= Washington D.C.
    Bankrupt = 493 (J) =The Art of the Deal. =618/103= Solomon/Swastika/Jesuits.


  5. We know that we all live in a world of Pi (cycles and circles). For some truth hidden in plain sight in entertainment, please watch an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond, entitled ‘Ally’s F”.
    Basically, the episode is about Raymond’s and Debra’s daughter Ally, whose school report shows she has an F grade for math and they suspect the reason for this lies in the fact that she has a crush on a boy in her class. In essence it’s a story about Pi, and what happens from generation to generation.
    Debra goes to the math teacher to explain. He is busy, on the whiteboard behind him is the calculation for Pi, and explains away Debra’s concern as not being his problem as it happens to other kids he teaches. He looks at the whiteboard and points to the Pi equation then looks at Debra and says “the answer to my problem is Pi”. Basically, telling the viewer that we live in a world of Pi (cycles and circles).

    What’s interesting is that behind Debra in the classroom on the door is a poster which reads as follows:-
    Good Mathematicians.
    1. Substantiate their work.
    2. Double check their work.
    3. Try again.
    4. Don’t give up.
    5. Think outside the box.
    6. Use technology wisely.
    7. Discover Patterns.
    8. Ask Questions.

    Sounds like a chech list for a good seeker of truth, if you ask me!
    American Pie indeed.


  6. According to the Holy Quran… King Solomon was the son of David. Solomon was granted wisdom and authority over all creatures including Jin*** ( Jin are beings in another realm made of smokeless fire) They can be described as demons… so you are correct. The Quran states that Allah (God) granted him control of the Jin to build his palace / temple. It also states that he and only he was granted permission to use the assistance of Jin. Others performing such a deed would be sinning and commiting blasphemy*** ( because if you do not have authority over them you must submit offerings to them- this is blasphemy) . Solomon was said to have gathered and collected all sorcerer books and buried them under his chambers…. it is said that during the times of the first crusades, this is the very thing the knights Templar dug up. ( Knights of the temple of Solomon )


  7. interesting about “Chaldean”…. these people derive from Babylon … long ago had a King named Nimrod*. Nimrod transgressed against our creator Allah (God) and also challenged our lord. The people of Babylon were sent a test from God ( 2 angels ) named Haroot and Maroot. They were sent to tempt people into learning the “dark arts” and black magic using Jins. BUT the people were warned against using the practice for they would be sinning. The chaldean / babylonians / assyrians had a great impact on the tulmad and torah when the jews were enslaved. The kabalah itself is ritual practice and contains some of these very same practices taught back then.


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