Aaron Hernandez Ritual Sacrifice

In my New England Patriots Super Bowl LI post-game report (read here) I opened with the Aaron Hernandez tribute – and now we’re told he’s hanged himself in his jail cell, five days after being acquitted of double-murder charges, and on the same day his former team visits the White House. April 19th is known on the Satanic calendar as ‘Blood Sacrifice to the Beast’, and indeed it would appear his death is just that – a perfectly coded ritual for something much larger than he.

Hernandez’s body was found with “John 3:16” scribbled in red ink on his forehead. He died 3 months 16 days before Tom Brady’s birthday. The Bible verse reads: “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life” =1441. Three Sixteen =144. Everlasting Life =44. Avielle Jenkins-Hernandez =144, his daughter, born on his 23rd birthday.

  • Aaron Hernandez =144. Patriots =144. Hernandez =44. Shayanna Jenkins =44, his widow. Not Guilty =44. Ritual Sacrifice =44. The game in the predictive programming Simpsons episode between Boston Americans VS Springfield Atoms =144 finished with a total score of 44 points and the Super Bowl was on 44 numerology. Forty-Four =144. Lady Gaga =441. New England Patriots Win Super Bowl LI =441. Hernandez was found not guilty on 14/4. He died 41 weeks 4 days before Super Bowl 52. Colts =414.

When we research John 3:16 we find another NFL allegory in the so-called 3:16 Game of 1/8/12 between the Broncos & Steelers in the first round of the playoffs. Tim Tebow went 316 yards passing, 31.6 yards per completion, and 3.16 yards per carry, exactly three years to the day after he started wearing John 3:16 on his eye-black during college games. The only interception of the game was thrown by Ben Roethlisberger on 3rd down & 16. Pittsburgh’s time of possession was 31 minutes 6 seconds and the game’s Nielsen ratings peaked at 31.6. Leading up to this scripted ritual, the Broncos lost the previous 3 games by an average of 16 points. I mean, c’mon. As if it’s not all rigged by the numbers.

The 3:16 game came exactly 213 weeks before the Broncos won the Super Bowl. Avielle Hernandez =213. Hernandez aka Chico =213 committed murder in 2013 and died 3 years 10 months 2 days after the murder.

And as per the Boston reference in the Simpsons epsiode, Odin Lloyd, the dude Hernandez merked, was the boyfriend of Shayanna’s sister and played linebacker for the semi-pro Boston Bandits =314. Aaron Josef Hernandez =314. Blood Sacrifice to the Beast =314. Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr =1722. Hernandez was arrested 72 weeks 2 days after his one and only Super Bowl appearance. Here’s our Pi-coding, and 227 is the 49th prime. Three Sixteen =49. Patriots =490. 

Hernandez murdered Lloyd 3 years 7 months 2 days before Super Bowl LI. Queen =372. Belichick =372. Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr =273. Hernandez was exactly 27 years 3 days old for the SB. That’s also exactly 190 weeks after the murder. New England Patriots Atlanta Falcons Super Bowl =190.

  • Aaron Josef Hernandez =91. John Three Sixteen =91. Hangs Self =91. New England Patriots =91. Odin Lloyd died 9 weeks 1 day after the Boston Bombing. Hernandez died exactly 191 weeks after his indictment, and 1901 days after his only Super Bowl, killed on the 109th day. Blood Sacrifice to the Beast =109. Hangs Himself in Prison =109. Town =1090 like the Simpsons’ episode “The Town” that aired on 10/9 and predicted Patriots Win Super Bowl LI =109. The 109th prime is 599 and it was episode #599.
  • Aaron Josef Hernandez =199 died exactly 199 weeks after his arrest. John Three Sixteen =199. The New England Patriots =99. New England =99. Committed Suicide =991. Aaron Hernandez Ritual Sacrifice =99. Shayanna Jenkins =990.

NFL Champion =666. Patriotic =666. Hanged Himself =666. Hernandez was indicted for two other murders 999 days before Super Bowl LI. (6x6x6) =216. Hernandez died 2 months 16 days after Super Bowl LI, aged 10,026 days old. Hernandez Blood Sacrifice =216/126. The King =126. Elizabeth Alexandra Mary =126. Her Majesty the Queen of England =126. New England =1062. Odin Lloyd =162. Hernandez died 162 days after Trump’s election and 12 weeks 6 days after he took office.

Hernandez killed Lloyd 223 days after the birth of his daughter. 223 is the 48th prime. Hernandez =148 hanged himself with a Bedsheet =148 a span of 11,480 days after the birth of Lloyd and exactly 1148 weeks after the Oklahoma City Bombing, or 22 years. That’s also the anniversary of Ruby Ridge, Waco, and the Boston Bombing capture. The murder happened 2 months 2 days after the Boston Bombing and he died 200 weeks 2 days after the murder, 202 days before his next birthday, and 20 weeks 2 days before the next NFL season begins.

  • April 19th is the start of “Blood Sacrifice to the Beast” which runs to Beltane on May 1st. April 19th is also Landing of the 33 Patriots Day in Uruguay =33, celebrating the event that led to their independence – Hernandez was arrested exactly 33 weeks after the birth of his daughter and died on 33 numerology, 3333 weeks after Elizabeth II’s coronation. His daughter was born 303 days after the 3:16 Game and Hernandez was arrested 303 days after his contract extension. Hanged Himself in Prison =3803. 

Eighty-One =423. Aaron Hernandez =234 hanged himself 23 weeks 4 days after his birthday. Hanged =234. Masonic Ritual Murder =234. Landing of the Thirty-Three Patriots =2334. “Absolutely no chance he took his own life” =2334, tweeted his agent. The New England Patriots =243. Lloyd =243. Hanged Himself in Prison =342. Hernandez died exactly 3402 weeks after Queen Elizabeth ascended the throne and 1024 weeks 3 days after the death of Princess Diana. Avielle Jenkins-Hernandez =234. 

Hernandez was pronounced dead at 4:07 AM. Suicide =47. Obey =47. Odin Lloyd =47. Initiation =470. Illuminati =470. Trump =470. Odin LJ Lloyd =47. 

10 thoughts on “Aaron Hernandez Ritual Sacrifice

  1. Way too much man. way too much. makes you wonder the supercomputer running this .. or is it simply an evolution of our subconscious minds from years of programming. playing out in the evolution of our human race a necessary step towards the next .. amazing research and write up. thank you


  2. Hello, I need to contact you privately about a past post on here. I left a comment on your page and it gives out my information and I need it to be deleted. Please provide your email so i can tell you which one…I will donate if need be. Thank you


  3. If ever a story was FAKE….its this Fake Suicide story. Hernandez is 100% alive & well. Being programmed for his future assignment.

    Hernandez wore #81. Death =118. Patriots =118. Eighty-One =108. Aaron Hernandez Eighty-One =108. A.H. =1 8.

    Eighteen =73. Sacrifice =73. Pats will be sacrificed in ’18. Gonna be fun watching all the Bandwagoners go down hard, ha. Thank goodness we know Gematria 🙂

    Great Decode by Brother Berg – he goes down paths I didn’t even know were there.


  4. 16For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. 17For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him

    The crafty men of hollywood give us a condemned man, guilty of one murder, being not condemned for two other murders. But as they do, in their pulpit of media, they twist and pervert the gospel by making AH perish instead of being saved through the son, casting him in the role of Freemasonic hanged man/judas. AH is 18 = 6+6+6, placing 3:16 on the forehead is a sublimanal mark of the beast programming in their continually swaying of the crowds to reject the son of God.

    This incident of a caged man / 3:16 comes exactly 30m16d after the Nicolas Cage’s Left Behind movie released on 3/10/’6′, a film filled with 3:16 symbology.

    Be very wary that this media is a pulpit giving the world the another Jesus, another gospel and another spirit, but that despite it, every last word is fulfilled – God did not send his son into the world to condemn it, but to save the world through him.


    • Trance/ Cattle/ Lucy/ Nicolas Cage = 229 (J).
      Go to Sleep/ Distract/ Formula = 387 (J).
      Lights Camera Action = 557= The Satanic Bloodline. =1068/178= Hollywood Sign.
      AUDience…….AUD, Ancient Germanic & Old Norse etymology : “Property” & “Inheritance”.
      CAST (a spell on AUDience).


  5. when your income reaches a certain number amount-you must join the Satanists, otherwise you or your family will pay a price-as with jon benet ramsey, the girl who owned the lab test company, Theranos, the list goes on. Hernandez chose not to join the club-and to sacrifice himself instead of his family, he is in heaven, unlike Brady and many others who joined the Satanists at the cost of their souls-what does it gain a man if he aquires all the wealth and power-at the cost of his soul-the same can be said for soldiers-or anyone who thinks evil (War) is good rather than the satanic soul destroying ritual to satan that it is. Hell is a real place that those who have lost their souls go to forever-you can’t get your soul back-David Rockefeller is in Hell now, what did all his greed profit him?


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