Saint Petersburg Bombing

We should flip back a few pages in time and examine the St Petersburg Metro Bombing from April 3rd 2017, hours before our previous target date of 4/4. Duration synchs by nature come with a 48-hour window, depending on whether or not we include the end date, so while this Russian Attack may seem like just another false flag staged terror event, perhaps it’s more important than it first appears.

Soviet Union =134. Saint Petersburg Metro =1134. Its latest bombing happened on 4/3 by an assailant named Akbarzhon Jalilov =43 and the metro itself opened a perfect 1134 days after the birth of Vladimir =43 Putin (in St Petersburg). The Soviets =43. 

  • That’s also exactly 162 weeks. President Putin =1162. St Petersburg =162. Akbarzhon Jalilov =1062. Russian False Flag =162. Bombing =62. It happened between the Sennaya Ploshchad and Tekhnologichesky Institut Stations =620. Putin =26. Djalilov =26. IS =26. The KGB =26. Soviet =26. Russian Federation =261.

Russian False Flag =262. Vladimir Putin =1262. The British Empire =262. International Banking =262. The Alphanumeric Source Code =262. The Blueprint of God =262. The Hidden Truth of Reality =262. Holographic Matrix =262. 

Soviets =1044/44. It happened at 14:40 on 44 numerology like the Westminster Attack happened at 14:40 with 40 injured 4 dead. In the image above, mourners have formed a 1440 in tribute. Governor of the World =1440. Kremlin =44. Djalilov =1404, the alternate given spelling of the terrorist’s surname. Akbarjon Djalilov =44. False Flag =44. Trump+Putin =44. Donald Trump + Vladimir Putin =144.  

  • Prior to the bombing, ISIS reportedly distributed propaganda stating “We Will Burn Russia” =256 [Kabbalah]. The metro bombing occurred exactly 256 weeks into Putin’s current term as Russian President. Government Conspiracy =256. Elite World Government =256. The All-Seeing Eye =256. 
  • From the date the St Petersburg Metro opened to this False Flag Terror Attack =323 was exactly 3203 weeks. Lucifer =323. Satan =232. Act of Terrorism =232. Russian Federation =232. Sennaya Ploshchad & Tekhnologichesky Institut =232. Operation London Bridge =232. 

Putin =76. Russian President =76. The bombing at the Saint Petersburg Metro =76 occurred 7 years 6 days after the previous Russian suicide subway bombing in Moscow. Akbarzhon Jalilov =67. Djalilov =67. The Islamic State =67. Act of Terrorism =670. Sennaya Ploshchad and Tekhnologichesky Institut =607. Hostage Crisis =607. The Kremlin =167. 

This metro attack happened 1 year 13 days after the Brussels Bombing hoax with its own subway scene. We’re reminded of the Moscow Theater Hostage Crisis of 10/23/02 when Chechen rebels seized the crowded Dubkrova Theater in Moscow to demand the withdrawal of Russian forces, resulting in 133 hostages killed. That happened 1 year 1 month 13 days after 9/11. Russia =113. Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin =311. Saint Petersburg Metro Bombing =311. The New World Order =311. London Bridge =311. As the previous post expands on, the 311/113 coding is integral to European Staged Terror.

  • 311 is the 64th prime and the bombing came 6 months 4 days before Putin’s birthday. Saint Petersburg =1164. The Islamic State =164. Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin =164. Vladimir Putin =164. St Petersburg =64. Soviet Union =64. Metro =64. Nail Bomb =64. Akbarjon Djalilov =64. Dubkrova Theater =64. Putin is currently 64 and there were 64 non-fatal injuries in the blast.

Russian False Flag =666. Illusion =666. Witchcraft =666. Greek Alphabet =666. Calculation =666. To Invoke =666. Karma Cycles =666. Zodiac Wheel =666. 

We also discovered some beauties on the history of emergency dial codes. The Reichstag Fire happened 4 years 4 months 4 days before the world’s first emergency dialing service (999) was introduced in London. That was 30 June 1937, 2 years 2 months 2 days before World War II.

  • The first ever 9-1-1 call is said to have been placed on 16 February 1968. That’s 11190 days after 999 was unveiled and 1144 days before the World Trade Center opened on 4/4 of ’71. Seventy-One =144.

That’s also 3 years 1 month 19 days from the first 9-1-1 call to the WTC grand opening. 9/11/01 happened 3119 days after the ’93 WTC Bombing and 9/11/2001 reduces to 9/11/3. USSR =3119. 

2 thoughts on “Saint Petersburg Bombing

  1. A lot of Russian/Putin/Chaos ‘164’ in your connections. I can’t help but recall The Economist 2015/Jan cover. Two orange clown-fish (Gemini-Trump) lurk beside the ‘Pied Piper of Hamelin,’ who appears to be playing his magic flute right into Putin’s hand. It is said he “represents either massive death by plague or catastrophe, or a movement of massive immigration.”
    Pied Piper of Hamelin = 461 (J), the inverse of ‘164’.


  2. BB do you remember the Russian comedian from the 80’s Yakoc Smirnoff? The Yak got his big break 33 years ago in a Robin William’s movie called. Moscow on the Hudson=96.

    This Russian bombing happened 9 weeks 6 days after the Yak’s birthday. Yakov Naumovich Pokhis=96(birth name). Pokhis=227. Two thousand seventeen Saint Petersburg Metro bombing=227. Yakov’s last performance was Dec. 3 ’15. A span of 3 years 1 day 4 months before this bombing. “I go to New York and I saw a big sign saying ‘America Loves Smirnoff’ and I said to myself, what a country!”=413.
    America’s Heart=413. America, What a country=1314.

    “America’s Heart” was a painting that Yakov had made into a mural after 9/11. America’s Heart=119. Part of the PSYOP of this painting is Yakov didn’t sign it with his name. He signed it. “The human spirit is not measured by the size of the act, but by the size of the heart”=314. This phrase also equals 3119 in Satanic.

    I wonder if Yakov is taking the early retirement soon? He’s 66. Yakov Smirnoff=66.


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