TV Women & the Suppression of the Divine Feminine

Erin Moran, who played Joanie on Happy Days, has died at 56 from complications of cancer originally reported as heroin overdose. She joins two other former female stars of 70s T.V. shows who passed away in the previous year, Mary Tyler Moore & Florence Henderson =45/99, better known as Carol Brady =45/99 who died just over 74 days before Tom Brady and New England =45/99 won the Super Bowl. Patriot =45/99. 

  • Carol Brady =151/171/594/449. New England =151/171/594/449. That’s a six-method synchronization, about as close we get to a perfect alphanumeric anagram.
  • Erin Moran =422 died on 4/22. Twenty-Second of April =244. Erin Marie Moran Fleischmann =244. Florence Henderson =244. Those  numbers fit together like Tetris to make 666. Patriots Super Bowl Fifty-One =1224. NE Patriots Super Bowl Fifty-One =422. 

A crazy synchronicity happened here behind the scenes as I took a break from this decode to compare Holy Grail =422 and its French translation, Sangreal =244. The same sequence. The Da Vinci Code tells us that the holy grail is an allegory for the womb of Mary Magdalene and the bloodline of Christ & King Solomon. Perhaps the sacrifices of these TV women are symbolically related to the ongoing suppression of divine feminine energy. Let’s see if the numbers support the theory.


MAGDALENE =32. HOLY GRAIL =32. SANGREAL =32. Erin Moran =32. Henderson =322. TV Women =32.  Happy Days =32. Brady Bunch =32, which ran exactly 232 weeks. Florence Henderson =232. Mary Magdalene =232. It was originally reported that Moran died in Corydon Indiana =232. And Henderson was born in Indiana =32; more on this momentarily. Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade released 3022 days before the death of Princess Diana and Raiders of the Lost Ark came out 13,022 days before Super Bowl Fifty-One =2023, yet more support for the Colts final that never was – or was postponed a year…

  • The 32nd prime is 131. Erin Marie Moran Fleischmann =131. The Brady Bunch =131. Mother Earth =131. Royal Bloodline =1131. Five Petal Rose =1131, Magdalene’s coded nickname. St Mary =1131.
  • 1301 is the 212th prime. Henderson died 2 months 12 days before the Super Bowl and 21 weeks 2 days before Moran. Henry Indiana Jones Jr =2102. Henry Jones Junior =212.

Mary Magdalene =171. The Divine Feminine =171. Carol Brady =171. Florence Henderson =171. Joanie Loves Chachi =171. Florence Agnes Henderson =107. Joanie Louise Cunningham =107. Erin Moran =107 died 10 weeks 7 days after SB51. The Mary Tyler Moore Show =107. Bloodline of King David =107. Holy Grail =107. Womb =17. Magdala =17. St Mary =701.

  • Mary the Magdalene =71. Vesica Piscis =71. Sacred Feminine =71. Lady Diana =71. Diana Spencer =71. Henderson-Moran =71. Rock Around the Clock =71, the theme song on Happy Days. Henderson was born in Dale Indiana =71 and died on November Twenty-Four =71, a date with 71 numerology. Moran died on Twenty-Second of April =71. Emerald Princess =71. Princess Cruises =71. Harrison Ford =71.

Brady Bunch ran 117 episodes. The Divine Feminine =117. Mary of Magdala =117. Grail =117. Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade released 7 years 11 months 11 days after Raiders of the Lost Ark, films drenched in Masonic allegory.


Ford =43. Moran & Henderson died 4 months 30 days apart. Goddess =43. Virgin =43. Bloodline =43. Diana Spencer =43. Happy Days =43. Erin Marie Moran =43 died on 43 numerology 43 years after Happy Days premiered.

  • Saint Mary Magdalene =304. Florence Agnes Henderson =304 born in ’34. Diana =34. Indiana =34. Grail =34. Feminine =34. Mother =34/403. Born in Dale Indiana =134 , Henderson died 1003 weeks 4 days after the death of Princess Diana.

Moran & Henderson’s connections to Indiana place the emphasis on DIANA, the virgin goddess of women. Indiana is the 19th state, its flag bearing 19 stars. Diana =19. Chaos =19. A Virgin =19. Moran =19. Corydon =19. Cancer =19, as its now said Moran died from instead of Heroin Overdose =109. The three TV Women =190 died 19 years after Princess Diana died. The Mary Tyler Moore Show premiered on the 19th and finished on the 19th. Celebrity Sacrifice =91. Emerald Princess =91.

  • Mary Magdalene =119. Fertility =119. Goddess =116. Florence Agnes Henderson =116. Brady Bunch =1160. Dale Indiana =116. Bloodline of Christ =1116.  Mary Tyler Moore died 10,109 days after The Last Crusade, which released 10,119 days before Super Bowl LI. Moran died 9 years 11 months 10 days after her & Henderson christened the Emerald Princess cruise ship. Henderson died 9 years 6 months 11 days later.

Mary =52. The Goddess =52. Fertility =52. The Great Womb =52. Indiana =52. Indy =52. Indiana Jones =52. Henderson =52. Sacred Feminine =52. Happy Days =52 premiered 52 days before the series finale of The Brady Bunch. Erin Moran Florence Henderson =152. Mary =25. Indy =25. Moran =25. Bloodline =25.

Florence Henderson was born 1050 days or exactly 150 weeks before Mary Tyler Moore and Henderson died 150 days before Moran. The Suppression of the Divine Feminine =150. Mother Nature =150. Fertility =150. Virgin Goddess =150. Brady Bunch =150. Indiana =50. The Holy Grail =50. Artemis =50.

  • Carol Brady =151. Happy Days =115. Mary =511. The Mary Tyler Moore show premiered 51 weeks 1 day after Brady Bunch. Moore =15. St Mary =15. Moran’s middle name was Marie. TV Celebrity Sacrifice =115. Indiana Jones =115. Harrison =51, like Ford (who may very well receive an early retirement this year) and Moran died in Harrison County =1151.

Moran was exactly 20,640 days old at her death, which came 26 weeks 4 days after her birthday. She died 2 months 27 days after Mary Tyler Moore and Mary Magdalene’s feast day is 22/7. Princess Leia aka Carrie Fisher died on 12/27, a span of 12,270 days after Return of the Jedi, and her mother died the very next day.

6 thoughts on “TV Women & the Suppression of the Divine Feminine

  1. ‘Suppression of the divine feminine’?
    No such thing as divine feminine however we are witnessing buddhist hatred of women all around us aka tantric. Instead what we are being given in the pulpit of media is another Jesus, another gospel and another spirit…..
    Erin Moran aka “JC” died in “Harry.Son County In.Diana”
    = “I Am” Harry of Invictus my “Mental Health” – note the MH – anguish over my mother Diana aka Isis aka Catholic version of Mary
    Three days after JC dies Diana has been dead 7177 days and Harry starts his 11911th day of life on a day that is 815 weeks after the events of 911..



    • The Divine or Sacred Feminine is the Mother Earth analogy, which is ultimately a balancing of masculine/feminine energies in the universe as opposed to the anthropomorphized Father figure and the dominant left-brain patriarchy that resulted. Not sure how you’re pigeon-holing Buddhist misogyny when they have nuns just like Christianity and all western religions have been traditionally misogynistic. And tantric means ‘weaving’, as in the union of polarities, all human beings composed of varying degrees of masculine & feminine energy. Either way, the goddess cults are a major part of the mystery school teachings which is what we’re decoding & deciphering here.


  2. Thank you BB. Glad you back. Saint Mary Magdalene=227. The Easter Miracle=722. Holy Trinity=227. Devil=227. Universal Love=227. The Sinner and The Saint=227.

    We got the Solar eclipse in North America this year on 8/21. Solar eclipse of August twenty first, two thousand seventeen=227. Eclipse=314. Christians=314.

    Pres. Trump’s dad had the middle name of Christ and his mom’s name was Mary. To boot Donald Trump born the night of a total lunar eclipse. There is some fuckery afoot.


    • Interestingly, the “Christ” name comes from Trump’s grandmother’s maiden name, and according to wiki she is considered the matriarch of the Trump family. Come to find out, she has a 10/10 birthday (revelation), and just happened to die on 6/6/66. Hidden in plain sight, for anyone who cares to look.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Thanks Sean I did run over to take a look. She was born as: Elisabeth Christ=314(Baconis). Matriarch of the Trump family=2207. Matriarch Elizabeth Christ Trump=223.

        Most women take on their husbands last name. She also changed her first name. When Elisabeth got married she changed to the spelling to: Elizabeth=88. Trump=88. She died 80 years 8 days before the Donald’s birthday (the night of the eclipse). Eclipse=314/192. That’s also 29,227 days. Twenty nine thousand two hundred twenty seven=1920.

        According to the Trump family wiki page the family are decedents from: Johann Philipp Trump=314(Bacon).

        Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil=3104.


  3. From Dan BrOWN’s novel- to- film release on 5-19-06 to Trump’s 71st birthday = 4044 days.
    Maiden Mother Crone = 90/180/279/775/1080/171= Florence Henderson.
    ‘Happy Days’ Marion Ross ( played Erin’s mother ) was born a span of 32,322 days before Erin’s 4-22-17 death. She is 88 years old.

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