Edmonton Oilers Stanley Cup: A Song of Ice and Fire

The sacrifice of Sasha ‘The Basha / Pitbull’ Lakovic, Canadian hockey player and former Calgary Flame, is extremely deep-coded with the Stanley Cup fate of their provincial rival Edmonton Oilers – as is the Fort McMurray Wildfire which struck the centre of Canadian oil production on 1 May 2016 (the Satanic festival of Beltane that requires fire by sacrifice), right up the highway from Edmonton. This post was inspired by a Gematria Club newsletter, and I kinda went off the deep-end on it, so buckle in for a long & interesting ride here Truth-Sleuths.

Sasha Lakovic died of “brain cancer” on 25 April 2017, exactly 28 weeks after announcing his diagnosis on opening day of the 16/17 NHL season. Sasha =28. The Basha =28. Lakovic =28. A name perfectly synched with Edmonton Oilers =208. Oilers legend Wayne Gretzky played 208 career playoff games and was traded to Los Angeles 28 years ago. Great One =288. Oilers =288. Sasha =288. Fire =28. Flame =82. Ft McMurray =828. Fort Mac =128. Miracle =128. 

Lakovic had an acting role in the Disney movie Miracle (as Soviet captain Boris Mikhailov) and now the Oilers are playing the Disney-owned Anaheim Ducks, fresh off a sweep of the Flames. There’s a deeper historic connection to the Oilers here, as the first USA-Soviet rematch after the Miracle on Ice game at the 1980 Olympics was held in Edmonton at the Canada Cup. 560 days later.

  • Sasha Lakovic =56 died 5006 days after Coach Brooks =56, USA head coach for The Miracle on Ice =56. Alberta =56. Rogers Place =56. Oil =56. Lakovic was born a perfect 56 days before the Oilers were founded on 11/1/71.

Oilers legend Wayne Gretzky (currently 56 years old) led that ’81 Canada Cup in scoring, and now the kid billed as the next Gretzky, Connor McDavid =56, is looking to take the Oilers to their first Stanley Cup appearance in 11 years (5+6). Edmonton Oilers Two Thousand Seventeen Stanley Cup =560. Will we see another miracle happen in 2017?

2017 is the 306th prime number. Miracle =306. Todd Andrew McLellan =306, Oilers head coach. Fire Sacrifice =306. Lakovic died 360 days after the Fort McMurray Wildfire =361 and it’s been 36 years since the Miracle on Ice game. Great One =36. Oil =36. The Oil =136. Lakovic also died 136 days before his birthday.

  • Sasha Pitbull Lakovic =63. Flame =63. Connor McDavid =63. Wayne Gretzky =63. Fort McMurray =63 is home to The Oil Sands =63 and is accessible via Highway 63 from Edmonton. Fire Sacrifice =163. The Oilers =163. Ice Guardians =163, a hockey documentary that featured Lakovic. Lord Stanley’s Cup =1163. Soviet Union =163. Boris Mikhailov =163. The 2017 playoffs began 1063 weeks after the following incident:

Lakovic gained widespread attention on November 23, 1996 when playing in his first, and only, Battle of Alberta game between the Flames and the Edmonton Oilers. Late in the game, played at Northlands Coliseum in Edmonton, a drunken fan reached over the glass, dumping his drink on the head of Flames assistant coach Guy Lapointe. Lakovic immediately jumped over the glass attempting to get at the fan. Held back from climbing over by his teammates, Lakovic was suspended two games for the incident. – Wikipedia

The playoffs began 20 years 4 months 20 days after this incident. Sasha Lakovic =240. Pitbull =24. NHL =204. National Hockey League =204. Ninety-Ninth =204. The Oil Sands =204. Oilers Two Thousand Seventeen Stanley Cup =204.


Sasha Pitbull Lakovic =114 (Pitbull =114) leapt over the glass in the game between Oilers-Flames =1140 exactly 1014 weeks before the Fort Mac Wildfire. Connor McDavid =1014. Coach McLellan was hired 1 year 11 months 4 days before Oilers made the second round. Oilers Stanley Cup Champions =114. Pitbull =411. 

  • That’s also a clean 7100 days between incidents, Lakovic born in ’71, the same year the Oilers were founded. Wayne Douglas Gretzky =71. Fort McMurray =171. Beltane =117. Alberta =117. Two Thousand Seventeen Stanley Cup =117. Todd Andrew McLellan =1017. McLellan =17. Centennial Season =170.
  • The Fort Mac Wildfire happened as McDavid was exactly 1007 weeks old. Twenty Seventeen Stanley Cup =107. Edmonton Oilers Stanley Cup =107.

The 17th prime is 59. Edmonton Alberta =59. Alberta =59. Beltane =59. Oiler =59. Battle of Alberta =1590. The Miracle on Ice =1590. Fort McMurray =591. Connor McDavid =590. The Fort Mac Wildfire consumed an estimated 590,000 hectares and the provincial state of emergency lasted 59 days.

  • 509 is the 97th prime and McDavid wears #97. Pitbull =97 was born on 9/7. Sasha The Basha Pitbull Lakovic =97. Miracle =97. Edmonton Oilers =79.

Lakovic also appeared in the hockey documentary Ice Guardians =666 and was a stunning 16,666 days old when he died, another perfect match with: The Oilers =666 and the Fort Mac Fire Sacrifice =666 that began on May First =666.

  • (6x6x6) =216. Connor McDavid =216. Oil =216. Ft McMurray =216. Twenty Seventeen =216. Anaheim Ducks =216. Oilers Stanley Cup =216. 

Gretzky =223. Sasha =223 died 13 years 2 months 20 days after Miracle released and 32 weeks 2 days after Ice Guardians. Edmonton Oilers Two Thousand Seventeen Stanley Cup =223. Gretzky has a career record 2,223 assists.

  • Sasha =13 died 13 years after the film and 13 years after the death of Coach Brooks.  McLellan was born on 10/3 and McDavid =301 was born on 1/13 on 130 numerology 13 days before Gretzky’s birthday. Gretzky =103. Twenty Seventeen Stanley Cup Champions =130. Alberta =130. The Stanley Cup Finals =103 and Oilers finished the season with 103 points. Chiarelli =103. Edmonton AB =103. Beltane =103. Lakovic died 103 days after McDavid’s birthday.
  • Basha =31. Edmonton =31. Oiler =31. McDavid =31. Gretzky =31. Anaheim =31. Ducks =31. Fort Mac =31. Disney =31. Lake Placid =31. Miracle =31.Calgary =31. Boris Petrovich Mikhailov =311. Lake Placid NY =113. Rogers Place =113. Fort Mac =113. Fort McMurray Wildfire =113. Cold War =31/113. Soviet Union United States =301/113. 

McDavid =133. Wildfire =1033. Lake Placid =133. Battle of Alberta =133. The Oil =33. Sasha =33 died exactly 33 weeks after his birthday. Mc =33, like McMurray, McDavid & McLellan. Oilers =33. Ice & Fire =330. Blackwater =33, where the wildfire was used in Game of Thrones, the series based on the book ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’. This may be too far a stretch now but let’s play along. 


Ice and Fire =125. Game of Thrones Season Six ended 1 month 25 days after the Fort Mac Wildfire. Lakovic was born on the 125th day, a span of 1 month 25 days before the Oilers were founded and he died on April 25th, the date with 250 days remaining in the year, and a similar 12 weeks 5 days after Gretzky’s birthday. Miracle released exactly 1250 weeks after the Miracle on Ice game. Twenty Seventeen Stanley Cup =125. Edmonton Oilers Stanley Cup =125.

Oilers =25. CCCP =25. Beltane =25. The Basha =215/152. Edmonton Oilers Two Thousand Seventeen Stanley Cup =205. The Game of Thrones episode with the Wildfire aired exactly 205 weeks before the Fort Mac Wildfire.

  • That’s also a span of 3 years 11 months 4 days, the Pi cycle. Edmonton Oilers Stanley Cup =314. Two Thousand Seventeen Edmonton Oilers Stanley Cup =227. Kurt Russell Miracle =227. Song of Ice and Fire =227. Twenty Seventeen Stanley Cup =1227. Blackwater Bay =227, where the wildfire battle took place.

Miracle =34. Team America beat the Soviets 4-3 in Lake Placid =34. Todd McLellan =43/34 was born 4 years 30 days before The Oilers =43 were founded and the playoffs began exactly 1403 weeks after the Oilers last Stanley Cup victory. Mikhailov =143. Pitbull =43. Wayne Gretzky =43. Fire Sacrifice =43. Battle of Alberta =43. Blackwater Bay =43. Ice & Fire =34. Alberta =304. Beltane =304. Oil Sands =304. Twenty Seventeen Stanley Cup =340.


We don’t yet know the dates for the Stanley Cup Finals, but last year’s finished on June 12th. If these wrap on June 13th that will be 1 year 1 month 13 days after the Fort Mac Wildfire and 4 months 30 days after McDavid’s birthday, 216 days / 30 weeks 6 days before his next. The Oilers franchise will also be a smooth 16661 days old.

  • That’d also be exactly 108 weeks after Todd Andrew McLellan =1080 was hired as head coach. The Basha =108. McDavid =108. Wayne Gretzky =1080. Herbert Paul Brooks Jr =108. Lake Placid =108. Ice & Fire =108. Fire Sacrifice =108. 

And one last run for good measure. Pit Bull =144 died 1404 weeks after the last Oilers Stanley Cup in 1990 with Wayne Gretzky =144. McLellan =144. Herbert Paul Brooks Jr =1404. Ice and Fire =144. Fire Sacrifice =1440. Two Thousand Seventeen Stanley Cup =144. Stanley Cup Champions =1404. Twenty Seventeen Stanley Cup Champions =144. The regular season began 44 years 11 months 11 days after the Oilers were founded. Fort McMurray =44 is located 440 km NE of Edmonton’s Roger’s Place =44. Lakovic =44. 

7 thoughts on “Edmonton Oilers Stanley Cup: A Song of Ice and Fire

  1. I feel good, I picked the Oilers from my decodes before the play-offs started and both Ballygobackwards and now yourself (and apparently the illustrious gematria club) are going with them as well 🙂

    Edmonton = 37, 100
    This is their 37th season.
    Stanley Cup = 37, it has been 100 years since NHL started.
    2017 = 20 + 17 = 37
    Connor McDavid = 37 (Septenary)
    Connor McDavid is league point leader this season with 100 points
    Born 1/13 in ’97 wears #97 (97th NFL just finished)
    (131 champion code)
    Oilers = 33, 84, they won in ’84, 33 years ago This season they got 47 wins, the most they’ve got since ’84 Todd McLellan was born 10/3, they scored 103 points this season


  2. Fire & Ice =46. Truth Sleuth =46. I dig both those terms.

    This blog entry makes me feel great about the Oilers going to the Stanley Cup. Major Sacrifice with all kinds of undertones. NHL is going to make McDavid a SuperStar, & these Playoffs will be his coming out party.

    Shout out to Lenny C – I loved that Oilers =33, 84 & they won in ’84, 33yrs ago 🙂


    • Important to note that this year is the 150th anniversary for Canada, on 7/1.
      Ottawa is the Capital of Canada.
      Ottawa = 17.

      Remember Zach talked about how important 24 is (Canadian team last won 24 years ago)? Senators are in their 24th season.

      I’m not confident enough to bet but maybe Ottawa wins their first title, right before the Canada Day celebrations.


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