The Twin Miracle Sacrifices: Oilers Stanley Cup Part II

Shit’s gettin real crazy, truth-sleuths. We just covered the death of former hockey player & Miracle actor Sasha ‘Pitbull’ Lakovic — only to discover that Michael Mantenuto, another former hockey player & Miracle actor, died THE DAY EARLIER. That’s right: two actors from the 2004 Disney movie died within 24 hours of each other, in the break before the Edmonton Oilers’ 2nd round against the Disney-founded Anaheim Ducks. Simply mind-blowing. Both men died of head injuries (Lakovic from brain cancer & Mantenuto from a self-inflicted gunshot wound) and each acted in only three films. Now let’s crunch these new numbers and see how they fit the ongoing pattern. Warning: this story is STACKED.

MIRACLE =87. MICHAEL MANTENUTO =87. SASHA PITBULL LAKOVIC =87. Pitbull =87. Pitbull Lakovic =87. Lord Stanley =870. Coach Todd McLellan =870. Coach Herbert Brooks =87. Herbert Paul Brooks =78. Oilers =78. The Great One =708. Darryl Katz =708, Oilers owner like their GM Peter Chiarelli =78, their goalie Cam Talbot =87, & alternate captain Ryan Nugent-Hopkins =87. Viktor Tikhonov, the Russian coach from the The Miracle on Ice Game =87, died 870 days before the 16/17 Stanley Cup Playoffs began & his son died a year before him on 8/7 – accidentally falling out a window. Connor “the Next Gretzky” McDavid, was born 807 days before Gretzky retired and Mantenuto died 807 days after an ESPN 30 for 30 documentary about the Miracle game. Oilers clinched the playoffs on the 87th day. Looks like we’re off to a solid start here.

  • Michael Mantenuto =63 was born 63 weeks after the Miracle on Ice game and ‘Mantenuto’ is Italian for Maintained =63. Sasha Pitbull Lakovic =63. Connor McDavid =63. Wayne Gretzky =63. Roger =63 (Oilers’ brand new arena, Roger’s Place). Fort McMurray =63 is home to The Oil Sands =63 and is accessible via the notoriously dangerous Highway 63 from Edmonton. Twenty Seventeen =63. Soviet Union =163. Boris Mikhailov =163, the Soviet captain played by Lakovic who died 163 days before Mikhailov’s birthday. Nineteen Eighty Winter Olympics =163. The Oilers =163.

The Great One =55. Oil Country =55. Mantenuto & Lakovic were born 505 weeks apart and Mantenuto died (in his car) 5005 days after the death of 1980 Team USA Coach Herb Brooks (in a 2003 car wreck when he was director of player personnel for the Penguins). Cam Talbot & Coach McLellan signed 5 weeks 5 days apart. Jordan Eberle =55. Darryl Katz =55 is currently 55. Chiarelli =155. Coach Bombay =550. 

There’s a major connection here between the Disney movies Miracle and The Mighty Ducks. The 1980 US Olympic hockey squad was the youngest team in American history and the youngest at the games, a ragtag group of kids taking on & miraculously defeating the supreme powerhouse Soviet Union. The Mighty Ducks tells the exact same David & Goliath story (especially D2). It’s even set in Minnesota where Coach Brooks was born & died; Twin Cities & the Twin Miracle Sacrifices of Lukovic & Mantenuto. Similarly, the Edmonton Oilers are the youngest team left in the playoffs (8th youngest in the NHL), their captain Connor McDavid just 21 years old, the average age of the 1980 USA Team. Current champions Pittsburgh Penguins, with the Herb Brooks connection, are the oldest.

In the previous post we discuss the importance of 13, both actors dying 13 years after Miracle and the 1980 Olympics were the 13th Winter Games. Katz =13. Mantenuto was 13,130 days old at death and Coach Tikhonov died 11 years 3 months 13 days after the death of rival Coach Brooks. Roger’s Place opened 131 weeks 3 days after its ground-breaking ceremony and Miracle released 13 years 3 months 13 days before the 33rd anniversary of Gretzky’s first Stanley Cup victory. Mantenuto =33 born on the 133rd day. McDavid =133. Lucic =33. Great One =33. Walt Disney =33. Rogers Communications =303. Keystone =33. TransCanada =33. Stanley =33. Oilers =33. 

  • Rogers Place =113 on the 113th meridian broke ground 3 years 1 month 10 days before the 2016/2017 playoffs and exactly 113 weeks before the Fort McMurray Wildfire =113 started. The ESPN 30 for 30 documentary premiered 11 years 3 days after the premier of Miracle. Mighty Ducks of Anaheim =113. Wayne ‘The Great One’ Gretzky =1103. Mantenuto was born 1103 days before Gretzky’s first cup and 113 days after Gretzky’s Team Canada faced the 1980 Team America in Edmonton. The Miracle on Ice game at Lake Placid NY =113 won with head coach Herb Brooks =113. The Keystone Pipeline =311.

The Miracle game happened 1 month 31 days after the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Brooks died 1003 weeks 1 day after Gretzky’s first Stanley Cup and the Great One =131 retired 10,031 days after the Oilers were originally established. Roger’s Place had its grand opening 131 days after the Fort Mac Wildfire. Gordon Bombay =131. Championship =131. McDavid born on 13/1 (3 years 11 months 30 days after Gary Bettman became NHL Commissioner) and Mantenuto died 13 weeks 1 day after the birthday of O’Callahan, the player he played in Miracle. The playoffs began 10 months 31 days after Mantenuto’s final birthday.

Michael Mantenuto =66 as John O’Callahan =66 who came back from injury for the big game – just like Mighty Ducks player Adam Banks =66. Herbert Paul Brooks =66 (Coach Brooks =660) died age 66 and Kurt Russell =166 is currently 66. Walt Disney died in ’66. The Edmonton Oilers =66. Twenty Seventeen =66. Talbot =66. Chiarelli =166. Emilio Estevez =66. McDavid was born 660 weeks after Gretzky’s first Stanley Cup. Miracle released 661 weeks before the 2016 season began with the tagline, “If You Believe Anything Can Happen =1066.

  • Roger’s Place opened 216 days before the current playoffs & Gretzky was 1216 weeks old when he won his first Stanley Cup, 12,016 days before these playoffs. Connor McDavid =216. Oil =216. Twenty Seventeen =216. 6x6x6 =216. And the other classic connection to the year the season began: 666+666+666+6+6+6 =2016. 
  • It was 666 days between Cam Talbot’s acquisition and Mantenuto’s death. Lakovic lived 16,666 days and {get this…} Coach Brooks died age 66 years 6 days. The Oilers =666

Stanley Cup =919 and McDavid was born exactly 919 weeks after the Oilers franchise was established. It’s the 99th season and #99 retired in ’99 a span of 999 weeks after the Miracle on Ice game. Herbert Paul Brooks Jr =99/1523 and 523 is the 99th prime. Lakovic =99/523. Pitbull Lakovic =990. Todd Andrew McLellan =99. Walt Disney Pictures =99. Oil =99. 

  • Oiler =69. Sasha Pitbull Lakovic =69. Herbert Paul Brooks Jr =69. Todd McLellan =690. Mantenuto was born 690 days before the Edmonton Oilers joined the NHL. Lakovic and O’Callahan both played for the New Jersey Devils =69. Might this be a clue? As always, Pi =69 will reveal the truth.

Oilers traded Devils for Adam Larsson 3 months 14 days before the season began. Coach Tikhonov died 11 years 3 months 14 days after Coach Brooks. Roger’s Place opened 131 weeks 4 days after its 3/3/14 ground breaking ceremony and Coach Todd McLellan =314 became the winningest coach in Sharks history on 3/14. Edmonton Oilers Stanley Cup =314.

  • Twenty Seventeen Stanley Cup =1227. Kurt Russell Miracle =227. Coach Brooks died 7022 days after Gretzky won his first Stanley Cup (5/19/84), which came 2 months 27 days after the 4-year anniversary of the Miracle on Ice game, 7202 days before Miracle premiered, and 12,027 days before the Oilers made it to the 2nd round, the day before Mantenuto blew his brains out in Des Moines =227. 

Cameron Solomon Talbot =227, Oilers goalie with the King Solomon middle name. Coach Viktor Vasilyevich Tikhonov =227 & Coach Brooks were born 7 years 2 months 2 days apart, born to be perfect Pi rivals. Oilers joined the NHL 7 months 22 days after the 7-year anniversary of their original franchise establishment. Two Thousand Seventeen Edmonton Oilers Stanley Cup =227. Commissioner Bettman =227. Al Michaels =227, whose career launched after his play-by-play in the Miracle game.

NHL =112. Michaels was born on 11/12 and Larsson was born on 11/12. Mantenuto died 11 months 12 days after his birthday and was born 1 year 10 months 20 days before The Edmonton Oilers =211 were founded & 1012 days before Gretzky won his first cup; this season opening on 10/12 in the wake of all the other 112 coding we’ve seen in pro sports this past year. Gretzky =112/1012. Chiarelli was hired as GM 1 year 11 months 20 days before the playoffs. Coach Brooks was killed outside Forest Lake =112. XIII Olympic Winter Games Lake Placid =112. The Miracle game happened 12 years 11 months 10 days before Bettman became Commissioner & the playoffs began 2 months 11 days after his 24th anniversary in office. The Keystone Pipeline =112 was approved 11 weeks 2 days before the playoffs.

  • Adam Larsson =117. Eberle =117. Mantenuto was born in Holliston =117 and played hockey for the University of Maine =117. Herbert Paul Brooks Jr =117. Todd Andrew McLellan =1107. Tikhonov died 1 year 10 months 17 days before the season began. Alberta =117. Two Thousand Seventeen Stanley Cup =117. Edward S Rogers =1170 of Rogers Communications died 7 years 10 10 days before season start.
  • The Miracle on Ice game at the 1980 Olympics was played on 2/22. Mantenuto was born 1 year 2 months 22 days later and played the role of John J Jack O’Callahan =2022. Brooks died near Forest Lake Minnesota =222. Bettman was exactly 2122 weeks old when he became Commissioner.

The ’80 Olympics closing ceremony was on 2/23. Lakovic died 3220 days after Katz purchased the team, 13 years 2 months 20 days after Miracle released and 32 weeks 2 days after his appearance in Ice Guardians. McDavid was born 223 weeks after The Mighty Ducks premiered; Gretzky =223 was traded to the LA Kings 220 weeks 3 days after winning his first cup and retired 2 months 23 days after his birthday. Lucic =223. Eberle was born 10 years 2 months 23 days after the Miracle game. Edmonton Oilers Two Thousand Seventeen Stanley Cup =223.

If You Believe Anything Can Happen =440. The Mighty Ducks released 11 years 4 months 4 days (4144 days) before Miracle premiered & Gretzky’s mother died when Wayne was 44 years old, 11 years 4 months 4 days (4144 days) before the death of Mantenuto. The regular season began the reverse duration of 44 years 11 months 11 days after the Oilers were originally founded. Wayne Gretzky =144. McLellan =144. Herbert Paul Brooks Jr =1404. Michael Mantenuto =1044. Pit Bull =144. GM Chiarelli was hired exactly 3 years before the death of Mantenuto, or 104 weeks 4 days. Alternate captain Jordan Eberle was exactly 1404 weeks old for the start of the playoffs. Two Thousand Seventeen Stanley Cup =144. Stanley Cup Champions =1404. Twenty Seventeen Stanley Cup Champions =144.

  • The NHL centennial logo gives us another clue: 100+2017+1917 =4034. If You Believe In Yourself Anything Can Happen =434 as the movie’s full tagline reads. Suicide =43/34. Larsson =343. McDavid was born exactly 343 weeks before Coach Brooks died. The third Mighty Ducks movie came out 4 years 3 days after the first one & Todd McLellan =43 was born 4 years 30 days before the Oilers franchise was first established. Charlie Conway =43. McDavid =43. Coach Bombay =43. Eberle =34. Wayne Gretzky =43. Centennial =43. Hundred =34. Miracle =34. Champion =43. USA beat Soviet Union 4-3 in Lake Placid =43. The Oilers =43.

Walt Disney died exactly 2600 weeks before the regular season began and exactly 2626 weeks before the playoffs. NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman =126 was 10,126 days old for the Miracle on Ice game and Gretzky was born on 1/26. Seventeen Stanley Cup Finals =126. 

6 thoughts on “The Twin Miracle Sacrifices: Oilers Stanley Cup Part II

  1. Wow that’s some awesome stuff. I need to learn more about Hockey some day. In connection to my post with Houston, it makes me think of the Houston Oilers. They left Houston and became the Tennessee Titans and we also had the Tennessee wild fires in 2016. Do you remember my video of how CNN had the story about the Canadian Wildfire smoke reaching Iowa? It had the lady named “Godelive Ohelo. God A Live. “Des Moines”, Washington where Mantenuto dies, Des Moines the capital of Iowa as well. Who knows just reminds me of that video as CNN could’ve talked about many other states but they singled out Iowa in the headline.


  2. Here’s some more crazy…Egyptian (old serpent) sun god RE or “RA” in “MiRAcle” movie poster. “If You Believe Anything Can Happen.”

    The ‘MiRAcle of the Sun’ 100th anniversary is 10-13-17. ‘Our Lady of Fatima’ made her first of six apparitions to three children on 5-13-1917. She promised them she would reveal her identity and perform a miracle on Oct. 13th, “So That All May Believe.”
    (May-Oct dates = 21w 6d or 220,320 minutes.)

    Apparition = 119 / 113.
    Prior post tie-in: Erin mARie MoRAn died 4-22-17. From Fatima 5-13-1917 to her death = 99y 11m 9d.
    cARol bRAdy/ FloREnce HendERson..mARy TylER MooRE..mARion Ross (Erin’s tv mom)…
    Madonna and Child(ren).
    Marilyn Manson told David Letterman in an interview that Lucifer lived in a freezer hell. The Lake of Fire wasn’t his area…Fire and Ice…all the fires and fridges this past year…


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