Nicki Minaj & the Royal Ritual at Westminster

Nicki Minaj (from Queens, NY) shot a music video for her latest track ‘No Frauds’ featuring Lil Wayne & Drake on London’s Westminster Bridge – THE DAY BEFORE the fraudulent terror attack at the same site. No Frauds =611. The staged vehicle-ramming happened exactly 611 weeks after the 7/7/05 London Attacks & 6 months 11 days after the anniversary of 9/11. Young Money =116. Rap Music =116. Pinkprint =116, Minaj’s last album. Kingdom =116. Britain =116. Royals =116. Royalty =116. Kate =116. The Westminster Attack happened 1 month 16 days after the anniversary of Elizabeth ascending the throne (Westminster Palace built in 1016 CE) and as the Queen was 90 years 11 month 1 day old. As the symbolism reveals – both overtly & subliminally – this is all very much part of royal occult ritual.

No Frauds =44 is a reply to the diss track ShETHER =44 by her rap rival Remy Ma (whose nickname is the Queen of Rap). Nicki =44. Illuminati Hip-Hop =1440. Queen =440. Westminster Attack =440. Westminster Palace =404. Khalid Masood, a Knife-Wielding Terrorist =144 on Westminster Bridge with a Hyundai Tucson =1044 (of course a 4×4) attacking the Parliament at 14:40 with an originally reported 40 injured 4 dead. It’s also 144 days before the birthday of Elwood the hero MP. False Flag =44. Union Jack =44. Elizabeth II =44. Prince Charles =404. London Bridge Is Down =1404, the codename for the death of Queen Elizabeth. Whitehall =44, the London site of the foiled terror attack 36 days later.

  • Nicki Minaj =1062. The fraud at Westminster =162 occurred 261 days before her birthday (Lil Wayne aka Dwayne Michael Carter Jr =126 born 261 days after Kate Middleton =126) and exactly 126 weeks after the fraudulent terrorism at Ottawa’s Parliament Hill. March Twenty-Second =1260. Westminster Bridge =1260/206. Her Majesty the Queen of England =126. Royal Family =126. London England =260. Young Money =206.
  • Carter =26/62. Queen =26/62. Crown =26/62. The Queen of Rap =62. Remy Martin =62. Nicki =26. Masood =26. Union Jack =26. It need not be repeated but Queen Elizabeth was born in ’26, ascended the throne on 2/6 and was coronated on 6/2. Shether dropped 26 days before the Westminster Attack.

Remy Ma Shether =193/309 (released with 309 days remaining in the year). Cash Money Records =939. No Frauds =93/39. Frauds =93/39. Onika Maraj =93/39, the birth name of Nicki Minaj =93. Minaj =93. Illuminati Hip-Hop =93. Masood =93. The Palace of Westminster =93. Elizabeth =930. The Queen =39. The Elite =39. The UK =390. Windsor =39. Big Ben =39. The attack happened on the Twenty-Second of March =309, exactly 39 weeks after Brexit =39. Drake =39. Dwayne Carter =39. Drake + Lil Wayne =39. 

The alphanumeric synchronicities with the Queen continue to mount up exponentially when we sum the two participants of this scripted & fraudulent rap feud: Nicki Minaj + Remy Ma =87/168/264/272/332/1008. Queen Elizabeth II =87/168/264/272/332/1008. That’s a six-method synch, practically a perfect numeric anagram.

The video for No Frauds shows Minaj & Lil Wayne seated in thrones as the king & queen of Illuminati hip-hop. Appropriately, the two rappers were born 2 months 11 days apart (Minaj was also born 333 days after Kate Middleton). Drake + Lil Wayne =211. Royal Bloodline =211. London England =211. Westminster Attack =112. Khalid Massod =112. Khalid Ali =112. Queen Elizabeth the Second Queen By the Grace of God Queen of This Realm and Territories Head of the Commonwealth Defender of the Faith =1120. She was married on 11/20 and coronated 1 month 12 days after her birthday. The Head of the Commonwealth =112. British Parliament =112. The 47th prime is 211.

  • Shether =47. Remy =47. Minaj =47. Onika =47. Aubrey Drake Graham =47. Elizabeth =47. Kate Middleton =47. Middleton =147. The Queen =147. London =147. Rap Battle =147. No Frauds =471. Cash Money Records =174. 

No Frauds Nicki Minaj =1222. Young Money =1222. Drake was born 202 weeks 2 days after Minaj =222. Khalid Masood =222. The Palace of Westminster =2022. British Royal Family =222. Kate =222. Islamist Terrorism =222. The 11/13 Paris Attacks happened 222 years after Louis XVI was guillotined and lasted 222 minutes. Khalid Mohamed Omar Ali =2202, the smirking attempted terrorist at Whitehall.

And for that almighty Pi connection, the 3/22 Westminster Attack happened 3 months 14 days after Minaj’s 34th birthday. Royal Bloodline =1314. Check out more of the video’s dark occult symbolism at Vigilant Citizen

5 thoughts on “Nicki Minaj & the Royal Ritual at Westminster

  1. Excellent decode. It makes me wonder where they plan to take us with Brexit with this ‘snap’ general election called for June 8th. Living here in Wales, UK, even though I tend not to watch the media, it’s been clear they have been playing ‘will we leave, won’t we leave’ mind games for the past year.
    I’m beginning to think that William will be king next, as he has had quite a bit of media exposure over the past few weeks. However, who can be certain of their plan / s?


  2. Love Your Work! ABC is going to do a special feature called “The Last 100 Days Of Diana”. It will be hosted by “Martin Bashir”(He is known for getting Michael Jackson to confess to letting children sleep in his bed). The show will air on “SUNday” May 7, 2017@ 9pm. I’m sure there will be a lot of “Hidden In Plain Sight” info to decode. Michael Jackson had a song called “Dirty Diana” not sure who he was talking about.

    “Princess Diana”-Full Reduction=60(6)
    “Martin Bashir”-Full Reduction=60
    “Camilla Rosemary Shand”-Septenary=60(Real Name of the Second Wife)
    “Michael Jackson”-Jewish Reduced=60
    “ABC”-Full Reduction=6,
    “Sixty”-LCH Kabbalah=48(48TH Prime is “223”)(223/322 for Skull&Bones)
    “The Synagogue Of Satan”-English Ordinal=223
    “Skull And Bones”-Chaldean=49(Like 5/7/2017)(5+7+20+17=49)(49/94)-Octal of “49” is “61”
    “The Last One Hundred Days Of Diana”-Reverse Reduction=149(1×49=49)
    “Three Hundred Twenty-Two”-Chaldean=94
    “Blood Ritual Sacrifice”-Full Reduction&Jewish Reduced=94
    “Synagogue Of Satan”-Septenary=61


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