Stockholm Attack and Swedish Consiracy

Continuing to catch up on previously current events, let’s focus ah lens on Sweden. The number was up for Stockholm on 7 April 2017 when it was hit with the old (though apparently not yet worn out) Vehicle-Ramming Attack card, this variation featuring an Uzbek terrorist in a hijacked truck on Queen Street barreling into Åhléns department store, killing 5 injuring 15 a span of 5 years 5 months 5 days after the 7/7 London Attacks. Now while there are several more good-lookin spans here, connecting of course to the alphanumeric web of global terror, the real story is to be found in the King of Sweden (Carl XVI Gustaf) and the 1986 assassination of their 26th Prime Minister.

Further confirming the inbred Illuminati bloodlines, King Carl’s mother was of the house Saxe-Coburg and Gotha (now known as the Windsors) and her great-grandmother was none other than Queen Victoria. Here’s a clean one for the coincidence-theorists to chew on: Upon the death of his father, Carl Gustaf Folke Hubertus =100 ascended the throne aged exactly 10,000 days old. Ain’t that some shit.

  • Sweden joined the European Union 1111 weeks 1 day later and his father was born on 11/11. The British Royal Family =111. Saxe-Coburg and Gotha =1110. Donald John Trump =1110. Government Conspiracies =111. Stolen Delivery Truck =111.

Further, King Carl’s daughter & heir-apparent Princess Victoria was born exactly 199 weeks after his 19/9 coronation. He also loves wearing wacky hats, which as pictures from Rothschild balls show, is very Illuminati indeed.

Now in a tall tale that reads suspiciously like Batman’s origin story, Prime Minister Olof Palme & his wife Lisbet were walking home (without security) on 28 February 1986 after a night at the theatre when they were confronted and shot by a lone gunman, killing him & injuring her. To this day the case remains unsolved, though we can only assume their son Mårten (who was at the cinema that night with his parents) grew up to become  a  caped crusader of Stockholm, secretly meting out vigilante justice from the shadows. Palme was assassinated exactly 1162 weeks after the death of JFK and the primary suspect’s name began with Carl Gustaf =162, same as that of the King. Vehicle-Ramming Attack =1162. Stockholm Attack =162 happened exactly 1602 weeks after Stephen King’s Maximum Overdrive premiered (the one where vehicles come to life and start killing people). Kjell Stefan Löfven =162, the current Swedish PM. Carl Gustaf Folke Hubertus =1626. Crown =62/26. Queen =62/26. Queen of the United Kingdom =262. The British Empire =262. 

  • The King =126. Olof =126, the 26th Prime Minister, was the first assassination of a Swedish leader since Gustav III =126/26 in 1792. Palme died 1026 days before the Pan-Am 103 Bombing over Lockerbie, which he is also linked to as one of his aides perished in the attack. Royal Family =126. Queen Sylvia of Sweden =126. Her Majesty the Queen of England =126. Elizabeth II DG Regina =1026, as it reads on the back of Canadian coins.
  • Palme died exactly 12 years 6 months after the hostage crisis that birthed the term Stockholm Syndrome and 1206 days before the premier of Batman =261. The 2017 Sweden Attack =126 (beside [Bruce] Wayne’s Coffee) happened 2610 days after a Simpsons episode featuring the Swedish curling team and 261 days before the Queen of Sweden’s birthday. The United Kingdom =261. It was also 10 months 26 days after Elizabeth May took office in the UK and 62 days before its upcoming Snap Election =126. Brexit =126. 

Palme also died exactly 1612 weeks before Trump took office. Kingdom of Sweden =216. 6x6x6 =216. The beer truck was hijacked from Spendrups =666 and flower memorials were placed on Klarabergsgaten =666. Batman =666.

Stockholm =116. Sweden =1116. Swedish =1106. Royalty =116. Royals =116. Notice in the top crime-scene image the letters YKB =116 written in the dust. It happened 11 weeks 6 days before the Mayor of Stockholm’s birthday. The duration between the Brexit vote & the Snap Election is 11 months 16 days. Palme =116 died on 116 numerology (2+28+86) and Christer Pettersson =116 was the ‘madman’ originally named as Palme’s killer; later acquitted. King Carl was born 1 month 16 days after the birth of Trump; Palme was  born 1010 weeks 6 days before Trump. Palme’s death was the first Swedish assassination since King Gustav III, who died 116 days after Mozart – and Palme died immediately after watching a film called The Mozart Brothers. How’s that for synchronicity. The Swedish Attack happened 911 days after the patsy entered Sweden and the country joined the European Union 911 weeks after the birth of Princess Victoria. King Carl is also obsessed with Porsche 911s…

  • Stockholm Syndrome =1060. We’d be remiss not to mention it, the survival mechanism of hostages developing a psychological alliance with their captors, as it occurs en mass on this prison planet called Earth. Capture Bonding =601. Norrmalmstorg Robbery =106 which is the 1973 hostage crisis (and Sweden’s first televised criminal event) that led to the name. Palme died 600 weeks 1 day before Princess Diana.

Stockholm Sweden =711. Rakhmat =117. Ahlens =117. Bruce Wayne =117. Snap General Election =1170. Vehicle-Ramming Attack =1170.  Royal Family =1017. Monarch =117. England =117. With the end date it’s 11 months 17 days from Brexit to Snap.

The 2010 Stockholm Bombing (also on Queen Street) came 4 years 11 months 1 day before the Paris Attacks. Rakhmat entered the country on 10/10/14, a span of 41 weeks 1 day before Brexit, and confessed at a pre-trial hearing on 4/11. Palme was born 4 years 1 month 14 days before his wife and took office on 10/14. Stolen Delivery Truck =114. Lorry =114. Global Terrorism =1104. The British Empire =1104.

Victoria =33. Brexit =33. Swedish =33. Swedes =33. Wayne’s =33. The current Swedish Prime Minister is the 33rd and the Attack happened exactly 330 weeks after the 2010 Bombing at almost the exact same coordinates. Queen Silvia of Sweden =303.

Olof Palme’s killer was originally identified as Christer Pettersson =330 and was later adjusted to be a 33-Year-Old Man. The robbery in ’73 happened 3 weeks 3 days before the king died and while Palme was  PM. He was re-elected 3310 days after King Carl was throned and was shot after watching a film at The Grand Cinema =333 about Mozart =33, which released 10,133 weeks after the composer died. Amadeus =331. The truck ramming  in Norrmalm =331 happened 10,333 days after the Pan Am Bombing (the deadliest act of terrorism against the  US until Oklahoma City, exactly 330 weeks later). Snap Election =133. Theresa May =133. Bloodlines =133. 

  • Swedish =113. Swedish Police Authority =113. Carl took the throne 3 years 11 months 1 day after Palme took office and Palme was killed 31 years 1 month 11 days before the truck-ramming (and 11 months 3 days before his birthday). The Stockholm Attack occurred 31 weeks 1 day after the Nice Attack and Sweden joined the EU a span of 1110 weeks 3 days after Carl took the throne.

Stockholm Sweden =219. The Stockholm Attack happened 2 months 19 days after a truck ramming in Melbourne and 219 days after the truck ramming in Nice. 12/19 was the truck ramming in Berlin. The Mozart Brothers released 1219 days before Batman. Royal Bloodline =219. Queen St =29. Bloodlines =290. Amadeus Mozart =209. Carl =29. Löfven =29. Truck Attack =129. Uzbek =129. Rakhmat Akilov =209/92. Akilov =92. Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden =92. Sweden =92. Attack happened 9 months 20 days after the King’s 43rd anniversary and he was wed 2 years 9 months after his coronation.

Maximum Overdrive =208/82. The ’73 bank robbery ended on 8/28 and Palme =282 was killed on 28/2, a perfect match with the latest terrorist, Rakhmat Akilov =282 who rammed the Lorry =282 a span of 282 days after the Mayor’s birthday. Queen Silvia =282. Sweden =28. Carl’s coronation was exactly 1128 weeks after Elizabeth  II took the throne. Löfven =821 was 21,810 days old for the Attacks. Carl’s father was born on 11/11/82. Stockholm Syndrome =281. 

Stockholm =44. Sweden =1044.  Lorry Attack =144. Gustaf married Silvia exactly 144 weeks after taking the throne. Gustaf & Palme were born exactly 19 years 3 months apart, the 44th prime. Victoria =193. The 2010 Bombing was exactly 9 years 3 months after 9/11/01.

Now for the Pi coding. The Attack on Queen Street happened 3 months 14 days after Queen Sylvia’s birthday. Lilbet Palme was born on 3/14 and her husband Olof died 172 weeks 2 days before the premier of Batman, the alleged gunman being 2027 weeks old at the time of the shooting. King Carl Gustaf =227. Royal Bloodlines =227. YKB =722. The theatre of course reminds us of Lincoln, whose last full day of life was 4/13 – a perfect mirror-pi span of 40,130 days before Palme died.

  • 227 is the 49th prime. Donald Trump mistakenly cited Swedish terrorism in a speech, 49 days before it happened.
  • The Brexit vote came exactly 1409 weeks after Batman and Palme’s eldest son (the Swedish dark knight) was 10,149 days old when his parents got shot. Queen Sylvia =1149.

Trump was 14,505 days old when Palme died, 4550 days after Carl was enthroned. Palme died 4545 days after his coronation as Carl was 14,550 days old). Carl was born 45 days before the now 45th US President, who was born exactly 10,454 weeks after King Gustav III. Bruce Wayne =45 like his father Thomas Wayne =45. Swedish Police =54. Wikipedia has a photo of Palme with a 54 behind his head. Gustav =45/540. Lorry Attack =45/54. Carl was born 1504 days before his wife’s birth. Their daughter Victoria was exactly 450 weeks old for Palme’s death. 45/54 is all over the Da Vinci Code, which I’m re-reading and will be reporting on soon.

2 thoughts on “Stockholm Attack and Swedish Consiracy

  1. Stockholm, Sweden and Cardiff, Wales have 2 things in common.
    Both cities have recently had a major ‘incident’ on a Queen Street.
    The duration between a double stabbing incident on Queen Street, Cardiff (28 Sept 2016) and the Queen Street, Stockholm ramming is 6m 11d.

    Both cities are also venues for the forthcoming 2 major European club Football/soccer Finals. Stockholm hosts the Europa Final (24 May 2017).
    Cardiff hosts the Champions League Final (3 June 2017), one day after the anniversary of the Queen’s coronation.


  2. Wow interesting connections there.
    Real Madrid will be wearing there away purple kits. Perhaps RM will be sacrificed? The purple also reminding me of Prince, purple rain and the royal connections. Mind you Juventus will be in the famous Masonic colours black&white.✌️️


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