Boko Haram = 82 = Abducted = Schoolgirls

Boko Haram =82 (Kabbalah) and 82 kidnapped Chibok =82/28 Schoolgirls =82 (Kabbalah) have been Freed =28. Girl =28. Kidnap =28. This propaganda tale came the day before the election of Macron =28. France =282. Boko Haram =282. Abducted =28/82.  

  • Chibok Nigeria =666. Eighty Two =666/39. Boko Haram =166/39. Macron is 39 years old.

The 82 girls were released 1119 days after their kidnapping and Macron’s party En Marche! =119 was formed 1 year 1 month 9 days before he takes office. Abduction =119.

  • They were also free a glorious span of 3 years 22 days after their kidnapping, the number of Skull & Bones. Disorder =322. Fascism =322. Judaism =322. Theatre =322. 

The girls were kidnapped on 4/14/14, the anniversary of the Titanic crash and the assassination of Lincoln. 4/14 is also bobsledder Steven Holcomb’s birthday (whom we just covered) and he died the day they were freed. Holcomb =28. 

I’m reminded of my mom’s friend Amanda Lindhout who in 2008 was kidnapped in Somalia (by the numbers) and finally rescued 28 weeks 2 days before her birthday. Abducted =28/82. Chibok =28/82. Boko Haram =282. 

She was held hostage for 460 days. Chibok =46. Kidnapped =46. The main negotiator was arrested 60 weeks 4 days after the Chibok Girls were abducted. Her story is currently being made into a movie with Rooney Mara playing Lindhout; they were born 1406 days apart. (That’s also 3 years 10 months 4 days for the Pi code or 200 weeks 6 days.)

  • Kidnapping Victim =1062. She was taken 2061 days before the Chibok Girls were taken and was freed 1602 days before the Chibok Girls were taken. That’s an interesting mirror duration as she was abducted by Hizbul Islam =262. 
  • Amanda Lindhout =56 and the Schoolgirls =56 were freed on 5/6. Kidnapping =56.

I’ve spoken with her mother at length about the incident and can verify that it’s no fake news, though perhaps she was chosen by forces much higher up the pyramid than Hizbul Islam, with the major dates orchestrated as part of the master plan. Either way, her mother has a book coming out sooner coincide with the trial of the arrested insurgent and the film release, and the story of the Chibok Girls is guaranteed to sell some tickets – while perpetuating the fear of Islamic terrorism and the legitimacy of the planetary police state.

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