End of Days: 9/11 Programming & the Life of Pi

End of Days (1999). A Vatican prophecy foretells the birth of a girl named Christine who is destined to become the bride of Satan before the turn of the millennium, thus giving birth to the Antichrist. Only Arnold Schwarzenegger can save her & the universe. Aside from offering a glimpse into the world of Satanism and the dark occult, End of Days is absolutely stacked with 9/11 predictive programming. Notice the Twin Towers on the poster with vagues 9s & 11s in the letter shadows. As we’ll see, beyond the visual cues in the film (such as fire behind two thin rectangular windows), the coding is quite blatant.

  • End of Days premiered on 11/16, the satanic inversion (which the film explains) of 9/11/01. Schwarzenegger was born 1 year 1 month 16 days after Donald Trump who was born 1 year 1 month 16 days after Hitler died. Antichrist =116. We’re shown that Christine was born on 6/15/79, or 1160 weeks before 9/11. Schwarzenegger and Gabriel Byrne (who plays Satan) were born 1016 days apart. As they say in the film, the hosts are selected according to their birthdays.

The 1999 film set in New York =666 premiered a stunning 666 days before 11 September 2001, and Wikipedia says the film has grossed $66.9 million. There’s an often repeated line from the bible: “The thousand years has ended, the dark angel is loosed from his prison” =666 [Kabbalah]. A Peter Hyams Film =696, the words the film closes with. Christine was born on the 166th day of 1979 which leaves 199 days remaining, another instance of 6-9 reversals. Her coded birthday is also 1066 weeks 6 days before the film’s general release, almost as if they’re trying to tell us something here…

6x6x6 =216. World Trade Center Twin Towers =2106. Arnold Schwarzenegger =216/223. The Synagogue of Satan =223. Manifestation of Will =223, the 48th prime.

  • Six Six Six =48. Evil =48. False Flag =48. New York =48. Nine Eleven =48. Robin Tunney =48 (who plays Christine). END OF DAYS =48/408. Jericho =408 (Arnie’s character). Satan =480. The Antichrist =148. 
  • End of Days =42/87/150/930. Six Six Six =42/87/150/309.

Six Six Six =156. False Flag =156. Christine was born on 15/6 of 1979. That’s date numerology of 119 (15+6+19+79) and the 156th prime is 911. The film is set during Y2K, as many posters remind us, and as Y=7 (+2) and K=11 that’s more code for 9/11.

And as for the almighty Pi connection, remembering that President George Walker Bush =1722 took office 7 months 22 days before 9/11, the Commission Report issued on 7/22The War on Iraq =227. The secret Masonic order trying to murder Christine to prevent the Antichrist’s birth are called the Vatican Knights =314 and the priest charged with protecting her is Thomas Aquinas =314. Schwarzenegger =1314. He became California Governor 2 years 2 months 7 days after 9/11. Devil =227. The Eye of God =227 which is the name of the film’s Vatican prophecy, a comet over the full moon. The film’s producer: Armyan Bernstein =227. Christine was born 22 years 2 months 27 days before 9/11 and Ghostbusters II, noted for having a nearly identical storyline (stopping a demon from impregnating a human by New Years Eve) released 12 years 2 months 27 days before 9/11. End of Days premiered 227 days after the 26th anniversary of the World Trade Center’s grand opening. 

Speaking of Pi and 9/11, the book Life of Pi released on 11 September 2001… both stories of magical realism that demand the suspension of belief and question the relativity of truth. The character Pi Patel is adrift at sea for 227 days with a bengal tiger named Richard Parker. 

As I previously covered, Richard Parker is a cabin boy murdered and eaten by his peers following a shipwreck; the highly publicized trial of 1884 began on September 11th. Forty-six years earlier, Edgar Allen Poe wrote his only complete novel involving shipwrecks, cannibalism and a mutineer named Richard Parker – this time the only one to survive. 

What’s extra-curious is the similarities between Life of Pi and the 1981 Brazilian novel Max and the Cats, about a Jew fleeing Nazi Germany in 1933 – the year of the Reichatag Fire on 2/27 (666 days before World War II). Max flees on a ship filled with zoo animals that is deliberately sunk for insurance fraud… surviving on a lifeboat with a jaguar. 

  • Max =11/16. Pi =11/16. Again that’s the inversion of 9/11/01. The Ang Lee film premiered 11 years 16 days after 9/11. 
  • Pi =49/69. The Ang Lee film opened 4090 days after 9/11/01 and grossed $609 million. Ang Lee =96. And as for Pi =49, the 49th prime is 227, the fraction equivalent of 3.14 – and everything is connected. 

Max Schmidt =156. Pi Patel =156. Richard Parker =156. False Flag =156. Six Six Six =156. The 156th prime number is 911. Life is a wheel and rigged reality repeats by the numbers. 

9 thoughts on “End of Days: 9/11 Programming & the Life of Pi

  1. Wow, BBerg,They are busted! I smell rancid (francis) bacon burning, do you?
    Governor Edmund Gerald BrOWN,Jr. = 322.
    Arnold Schwarzenegger = 223.

    They were born 3401 days apart. (4-7-38 to 7-30-47.)
    Arnold pASSed the CA governor baton to Jerry on 1-3-11.
    9-11-01 to 1-3-11 = 3401 days.

    Water has to break before the birth. I was keeping an eye on Jerry during Oroville Dam event. The evacuation: LuperCALIa Eve: Feb 12…the 43rd day of year, 322 remaining.
    Evacuation Emergency lifted: 3-22.
    From 2-23 to Jerry’s b-day = 43 days. Yale= 43. He just got an AWArd this past October from Yale.
    4-7 (Jerry’s b-day) + 322 days = 2-23. (322 days = 10m 16d.)

    The Los Angeles Unified School District used to be the envy of the world, now it’s a shell of itself. My sister lives there. She told me ‘ After School Satan’ ( ASS ) is now in all schools…the young’ins need a permission slip. I worry about the vulnerable teens. BrOWN also brought satanist chaplins (?) into the prison systems decades ago.

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    • Wow that 3401 connect is gold mate! That’s also 3402. The Elites =342. Jews =342. Humankind =342. Deceived =342. Ordo ab Chao =342. Earth’s axis at 24.3 degree tilt and 2,403 Americans killed at Pearl Harbour

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    • update: Spillway Reconstruction 1st Stage Goal Date 11-1-17 (22w 3d before Brown’s bday) was met on schedule…exactly. 11-1-17 is also 911 days exactly after the eerie goat (resembled ST of CA in shape) illumination, projected on Hoover Dam, on 5-5-15. The recent Jan/2018 official Oroville Dam event report states the first break in spillway occurred at “Station 33.00” @ 11:30am.


  2. […] “An audience of weeping angels watches a play performed by ‘mimes, in the form of God on high’, and controlled by vast formless shapes looming behind the scenes. The mimes chase a ‘Phantom’ which they can never capture, running around in circles. Finally, a monstrous ‘crawling shape’ emerges, and eats the mimes.” – Wikipedia […]


  3. This is quite interesting! “Max Schmidt =156. Pi Patel =156. Richard Parker =156. False Flag =156. Six Six Six =156. The 156th prime number is 911. Life is a wheel and rigged reality repeats by the numbers. ” – not sure if it’s already been mentioned but, on a 12-hour clock, the hour and minute hands form a 156° angle at 9:11.


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