Firing of FBI Director Comey

FBI Director Comey =192 [Kabbalah] was fired exactly 192 weeks into office, and 2 months 27 days (Trump-Russia =227, Senate Intel Committee =227, Pi cycle) after the 192nd episode of Trump’s old reality show, The Apprentice =192 (which aired the very day Gen. Flynn =192 was forced to resign as National Security Advisor). Hacked =192. Russian Espionage =192. Homeland Security =192. 

He was hired as Attorney General on 12/9 and fired here on the 129th day, a span of 9 years 2 days after Putin became PM. Trump-Russia Investigation =129. Treason =29/92. President Donald Trump =292. Michael T Flynn =902. Intelligence =209. Senate Intel Committee =92. Comey was succeeded by Andrew McCabe =92 who was appointed by James B Comey =219 on 1/29.  Espionage =912. Trump Impeached =912. Impeachment =291. 

  • James Brien Comey =162. McCabe =162/26. FBI Director Comey =62/262. Vladimir Putin =1262. General Michael Flynn =262. Russian Counter-Intelligence =126/621. The Russian Government =1602. The Apprentice =62. Celebrity Apprentice =206. J Edgar Hoover =206. The FBI =260. President Trump =260. Flynn =26.

Jim Comey =26 was fired exactly 26 weeks after Trump’s election and 10 months 26 days after Trump’s birthday. You’re Fired =126. Spy =126. Comey was exactly 20,600 days old {I mean c’mon…} for his firing, 20 weeks 6 days after his birthday & 261 weeks after Putin =26 became president.

Defense Intelligence Agency =406. Espionage =406/46. Impeached =46. General Flynn =46. Comey was born exactly 14 years 6 months after Trump’s 14/6 birth in ‘46. James Comey =46/149 aka Jim Comey Jr =49 was fired exactly 4900 days after taking office as Deputy Attorney General under Bush Jr. Trump-Russia =49. Donald J Trump =49. Putin =409.

  • James Comey =1214 was born 12/14. He was fired 21 weeks 4 days before Putin’s birthday and 214 days after Putin’s birthday, the day Homeland Security stated that Russia hacked the Democratic Party and leaked emails to WikiLeaks. Michael Thomas Flynn =214 was Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency for 2 years 14 days. 

Russian Hackers =218. FBI Director James Comey =218. He was born 2 years 11 months 8 days before JFK’s assassination. President Donald John Trump =2118. 

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